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Oct 3, 2016 8:02 AM ET

Dlodlo V1 | Opening A New World of VR: The world’s most portable VR Glasses:: Dlodlo V1

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 3, 2016

Dlodlo V1 | Opening A New World of VR

About this project

Break through the boundaries with virtual reality and gesture control technology to create a new world with unlimited possibilities. These are the first glasses of their kind. With Dlodlo technology, you’ll be free to move without the weight of heavy goggles or the limitations of desktop wires.




Here’s a throwback to our first prototype concept trailer: 

 project video thumbnail

And another throwback to our second prototype concept trailer:  

 project video thumbnail

30 seconds of your time could make the difference in growing our Dlodlo community. Hit one of the buttons below and tag a friend or coworker who you want to take with you into virtual reality!






Unlike other VR solutions, Dlodlo has created the world’s thinnest, lightest, most advanced portable VR Glasses, along with the D1, which looks like a smartphone but it’s actually a power pocket sized computer. 


Fold and place them in your glasses case, handbags, or even in your pocket. You can enjoy the immersive experience whether you are on business trips, parties, bars, gyms, or restaurants.

Just like the human eye, Dlodlo V1 achieves a 105 degree field of view, allowing a fully immersive virtual reality experience! Incredible low latency and high refresh rate with built-in head tracking system and motion prediction. Enter your new and exciting world with a custom 2K+ resolution and an over 800 pixels per inch display! 



To completely eliminate dizziness or vertigo often associated with VR, Dlodlo utilizes 9-axis sensor combined with a predictive algorithm for head movements, achieving a refresh rate at 90Hz. 




Without cable obstacles and peripheral requirements, Dlodlo V1 Glasses are easy to operate and comfortable to wear just like wearing a pair of sunglasses.



V1 could be used in various ways, such as education, medical training, traveling, and more! Play VR Games or watch 3D-panoramic videos and movies from any angle in the comfort of your own home or wherever you roam!

The Dlodlo will come with awesome, pre-installed, VR experiences and more experiences will be available for download.

Why we need Kickstarter

As an innovative company in Virtual Reality, Dlodlo has to develop costly software systems and algorithms in order to improve the quality and performance of V1. These funds will ensure high quality manufacturing conditions and state of the art technology.



Backed by an amazing team of top ranked developers, engineers, designers, and consultants in the USA and China. Our product has been an ongoing development for over 3 years.





Risks and challenges

When Dlodlo came up with the idea of creating V1 Glasses, there weren’t very many similar concept or prototype productions out there. We began from zero, taking very high risks as a smaller company and we continue to take financial risks by making necessary improvements to our products.

That said, backers of our campaign can rest assured that because we take all risk upon ourselves, that they will recieve their DloDlo quickly after our campaign ends. In essence, we just need to receive our funding and press GO!

Contact Information:

Dlodlo Technology Company

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