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Oct 3, 2016 3:53 PM ET

Archived: Crowdability: Xtend Release™ – Patented nutrient-delivery technology

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 3, 2016

Xtend Release™


Patented nutrient-delivery technology





Drug Delivery, Health & Wellness (non-internet/mobile)


Centennial, CO

Many studies have proven that caffeine improves athletic performance, yet consuming caffeine usually comes with an immediate jolt of energy followed by rapidly diminishing effects or a “crash.”

To avoid the “caffeine crash,” Xtend Release™ invented a time-­release delivery system that eliminates the spike and crash commonly experienced with caffeinated or energy drinks.

Active ingredients such as caffeine, vitamins and electrolytes are encapsulated in micro-beads, which are customized for a desired release profile according to the pH level in the stomach. The controlled release of active ingredients extends the performance effects of supplements and beverages by improving nutrient absorption. The size of the micro-beads can be customized, allowing manufacturers to choose whether they want the micro-beads to be visible in a beverage or nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Compared to traditional encapsulation technologies, Xtend Release™ developed a pre-coated ion matrix process that delivers a more exacting release of ingredients and remains more stable in ready-to-drink beverages.

The process received validation based on a study performed by third-party analytical testing lab Acceleration Laboratories, a specialist in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical research. Eight different lots of micro-beaded ingredients were analyzed in triplicate during this dissolution study that mimicked pH levels of the digestive system. The study showed less than 3% active leakage.

Xtend Release™ was recently granted three patents for the time-release delivery platform in a beverage. The patents cover the manufacturing process and usage of the beads in a beverage.

This time-release delivery system is currently utilized by Eternal EnergyTM 10 Hour Time Release shots and Züm XR natural energy drink. Athletes report better performance and recovery rates post-activity after consuming Züm products compared to competing products.

Xtend Release™ reported revenues of $519,000 and a growth rate of 115% in the last twelve months. Contractual revenues in 2015 are estimated to be $1.1 million.

Looking towards the future, Xtend Release™ is developing the smartTab, an ingestible electronic pill that releases pharmaceutical ingredients in the body via a wireless device.

As David Marley, a Managing Director at IBM and investor in Xtend Release has said, “Failure is not an option for these guys. They have the passion and tenacity to execute flawlessly and the IP to change the face of nutrient delivery.”


Robert Niichel – Founder and CEO

Bob spent over 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry with Upsher Smith developing various time-release delivery systems.

He founded Xtend Release™ in the summer of 2009 with the idea of bringing time-release technology from his work in the pharmaceutical industry to the food and beverage industries.

Bob is passionate about building strategic relationships and getting Xtend Release™ technology into industry leading consumer products.

Bob completed his undergraduate degree in Finance and Economics at Iowa State University, and also holds a masters degree in Biochemistry from the University of Colorado.

Michael McCarthy – Co-Founder & VP of Marketing

Michael joined in 2011 to help launch the brand. He has extensive experiences in consumer packaged goods marketing and a passion for corporate strategy.

Michael has held various brand and product management positions with Nestle, PharMerica and Horizon Organic Dairy.

Michael holds degrees from Marquette University, and has an MBA from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Dan Finkbiner – Lead Development Scientist

Dan has 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical and nutritional ingredient encapsulation with experience managing development teams in pharmaceutical and beverage applications.

Brett Waxler – Co-Founder & Sales Director

Brett joined Xtend Release™ in August 2012. He enjoys building relationships and getting Xtend Release™ beads into the hands of people everywhere.

Prior to XR, Brett has previously held sales and product management positions with Envestnet, Morgan Stanley, and Goldstein Munger.

Contact Information:

Robert Niichel - Founder and CEO

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