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Oct 2, 2016 10:28 AM ET

Archived: Suck the Scare out of Accounting: Accounting ≠ Fear and Resistance. In 21 days, I can change your world – Entrepreneurs AFLOAT is a 21 day, mentored online learning program.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 2, 2016

Suck the Scare out of Accounting

My name is Liz Jarvis. I am a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years of industry experience and a dream to educate small business owners on the fundamentals of accountancy they need to confidently manage cashflow, reporting, and accountancy in business.

Through my experience I have found that 

many business owners have a level of insecurity when it comes to accounting 


– they prefer to leave it in the hands of professionals or hide from it entirely. 

Often, they never gain a true understanding of the processes involved, missing the opportunity to tap into their own business insights and consequently losing out on potential profits. Each entrepreneur has their own kind of fear in the area of accounting; fear of numbers, fear of the tax man, fear of asking questions. They often fail to stay on top of their book work and fall behind.


I am determined to change that by ensuring


Accounting ≠ Fear and Resistance.


In 21 days, I can change your world. 


I will impart 30 years of accounting knowledge, tricks, tips and advice so that you can better run your business.

I want you to understand your numbers, because they are the heart beat of your business.

You will learn key strategies to minimise tax, how to effectively read and write financial statements and how to strategically communicate with accountants and financial advisors. This is all knowledge you can apply for immediate benefit – not just around tax time.


Entrepreneurs AFLOAT is a 21 day, mentored online learning program.


It gives entrepreneurs the knowledge and confidence they need to take control of their business accounting procedures and know their numbers. The course will be delivered in a modern online learning environment, adaptable to the busy lives of business owners and will cover the fundamentals, practical tools and key industry insights which usually only come with years of experience in the business accounting game.



Learning Outcomes:


On completion of the Entrepreneurs AFLOAT program you will have gained the knowledge to:

• Confidently read your financial statements (P&L, Income Statement, Cashflow Statement, Balance Sheet)

• Understand accounting terms and know your entitlements

• Forecast your next 3, 6 or 12 months, set a budget and plan your expenditure

• Communicate with accountants and financial advisors to extract or share vital information

• Minimise tax by understanding the variety of tax rates paid by business owners

• Discover the tax deductions relevant for your business and how to use them

• Take advantage of Superannuation as a tax minimisation strategy

• Discover “Australia’s legal on-shore tax haven”

• Identify and eliminate any false economies in your business

• Compare pros and cons of different accounting software like excel, MYOB and Xero

It’s not only about doing your own bookkeeping or learning to use accounting software – it’s about making a decision to gain the confidence and understanding required to help your business grow.

Course Delivery Method


Entrepreneurs AFLOAT will be delivered as an all-inclusive online experience through:


• Engaging video content

• Interactive learning exercises

• Application of real life case studies to your business

• One on one mentoring and guidance through the program

• Weekly group discussions

• Industry tools to collate and store information and learnings

• Downloadable infographics, cheat sheets and ‘tricks of the trade’ materials

• Lifetime access to the Entrepreneurs AFLOAT alumni community



“Empowering entrepreneurs to achieve functional accounting literacy.”


By pledging to this campaign you are taking a step towards improving your business and building solid financial foundations for your future ventures. You can personally be part of this exciting pilot program by contributing $1,500 or you can help others participate by contributing smaller amounts – every $5, $50 or $500 truly helps.


Thank you on behalf of Entrepreneurs AFLOAT and thank you for helping me move closer to my goal of widespread functional literacy around accounting for all business owners, 





How The Funds Will Be Used

My passion to empower entrepreneurs to understand and embrace accounting is massive.

Doing  it on the cheap has been quite tempting…..BUT 


In order to deliver that empowerment I must ensure that the content is delivered professionally and well enough that the entrepreneurs can approach the learning motivated, confident, and ready to tackle the task.


Although I have written content, made slides and completed a speaking program, I respect my potential students too much to self prepare it all.  I will be using the self prepared content for the pilot programs to ensure it is on target but then if funds permit I will be using professional services to achieve the right environment for the learning needed to take place.

I also need to attract good students for the group portions of the program to work well.

As the program grows I will need to categorise new students and group accordingly so I will need an appropriate CRM. 

We need to ensure everyone is protected appropriately so legal assessment of T’s & C’s and guarantees will be attended to.  


As with all new businesses there are many incremental improvements to be made and early capital injection allows many to be made at once saving the precious time that is often wasted moving from cheap solutions to best fit solutions over time.


My target of $15,000 will raise enough for me to do it myself with these over heads

My Stretch target of $45,000 will allow me to deliver far more professionally with the addition of professional editing and delivery services

The Challenges

Like any new business venture there will be the typical challenges – I will need lashings of time and enthusiasim and cashflow makes that so much more achievable.  

The next challenge will be in delivering  the pilot, testing the workings of technology for the groups and marketing to keep funds coming in to cover the setup phase.

Current technology presents many options in how to record and deliver – more money brings greater quality and certainty in the technology used.  In turn that wastes less time and allows more income.


If you’re interested, my main challenge to date has been articulating my vision and finding the confidence to push through with it. The development has taken a lot longer than I hoped so keeping on top financially has been risky and scary.

The teachings and guidance of The Entourage & Laura’s Speakers Little Secret combined with lashings of  reading, coaching and self development have helped me get to a position where I believe I have something to offer that is truely valuable to our entrepreneurial community.   There have been many late nights and doubts creeping in too.  Ironically all this  brings me closer to those I want to help because I have felt the pain and frustration that they feel.


Thank you on behalf of all the entrepreneurs that will benefit through just raising awareness of the importance of accounting.

Thank you from me for helping me to deliver my vision of helping many more businesses to thrive and make their difference.


Contact Information:

Liz Jarvis

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