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Oct 2, 2016 4:29 PM ET

Archived: The Formidable Compact Multi-Tool – GRIPsher is a robust and unique multitool offering unparalleled functionality and a program to give it to military members for free!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 2, 2016

GRIPsher – The Formidable Compact Multi-Tool

by Outsmarting Technologies LLC


GRIPsher is a robust and unique multitool offering unparalleled functionality and a program to give it to military members for free!


About this project

Meet GRIPsher. GRIPsher is a compact style multitool that packs functionality into a small, light, and robust size. It was dreamt up by an Army Veteran, refined by an MIT engineer, and brought to life with common sense.

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GRIPsher is not like the other compact multitools you own.  While many other tools claim useless functions, stretch the imagination of possibilites, or simply have tools that do not work well, GRIPsher means business.  It is over engineered to provide unparalleled functionality and utilization. 

GRIPsher is a natural extension of your hand.  It is designed to replace all the times you use your finger tips to pinch a hex bolt, your finger nail to screw in a flat head, or pinch a wire to strip it.

GRIPsher is packed with real and true functionality.  Features and tools included were carefully thought out and refined based on actual user feedback. We wasted no time trying to stick in another ‘nail scraper’ or a ‘can opener.’ Instead, we observed which functions on a multi tool users actually use and optimized these tools to be readily accessible and functional using asingle hand.  This is no ordinary addition to your Everyday Carry (EDC).

It is a sophisticated tool that can accomplish a wide variety of functions. Whether it’s on your keychain, belt loop, or bag, there is a spot for GRIPsher everywhere!  It is easy to carry in a variety of ways and spaces making it quickly accessible when needed.


GRIPsher looks like a cool tool, but what is so special about it?


GRIPsher is packed with rich and unique functions.  The design mimics an extension of the hand with the benefit of increased functionality. The placement and design of the tool was carefully thought out based on which tools are used most often.





GRIPsher has a lot of cool functions, some more hidden than others. Below is a breakdown of all of the cool features you can perform using a GRIPsher and where they are located on the tool.

Some of you may be wondering, why the odd looking green jaws on bottom?  The HEXGRIP System allows an easy and fully adjustable way to secure hex screw bits in one cutout and hex bolts and nuts in the other cutout, which is at a 20 degree angle for easy use. The below graphic explains the ease and wide range of applications and how to use the system:


Help us reach our first stretch goal of $120,000 and get a free Spyder case!
Help us reach our first stretch goal of $120,000 and get a free Spyder case!

GRIPsher is packed with useful features and nifty functions.  We highlighted some of them below:


The Jaws also glow-in-the-dark to make it easy to find and see at night.
The Jaws also glow-in-the-dark to make it easy to find and see at night.




While GRIPsher is built by MIT Engineering, it is certainly forged with military experience. The Tools For Troops program aims to help troops serving around the globe in the US Military get something nice.  The way the program works is simple.  When making a selection of what item to support, simply select the GRIPsher black model.  When they are ready, you will receive a GRIPsher black with Green Jaws.  A service member will receive a GRIPsher Black with black jaws.  This is the only way to get a GRIPsher Black.


When production has commenced and we have units to ship, a corresponding unit for every GRIPsher Black sold will be delivered to an American woman or man in uniform across the globe.  We cannot take specific requests for service members you may know, at this time.


NOTE: This project is not endorsed, sponsored, or supported by the Department of Defense, its subsidiaries, or any affiliated United States Government Agencies. This is a program run by Outsmarting Technologies LLC, a for profit company, looking to help do something nice for service members who rarely get cool things given to them for free. 


There are several great rewards to choose from!  In addition, we have several stretch goals.  If the funding for our campaign reaches the indicated levels, the reward indicated will be given for free with every GRIPsher unit purchase!


GRIPsher is a precision crafted multitool that has been designed an optimized to deal with a large array of tough conditions.

  • 17-4 Stainless Steel was chosen for the body for its stiffness, corrosion resistance, and surface toughness.  It is used in countless military, medical, and aviation applications.
  • The weight and thicknesses were carefully analyzed and modified to over engineer this tool to ensure optimal performance in harsh conditions.  
  • The jaws are made of Nylon ensuring they have the stiffness, impact strength, and wear resistance to endure very harsh conditions.
  • We made and tested more than 50 designs to ensure GRIPsher could endure a variety of conditions and use cases.  
  • GRIPsher units were subjected to a series of drop, wear, temperature, and durability testing to ensure they can survive the most rigurous field conditions.  



While on deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, the original idea for GRIPsher was dreamt up by a soldier.  Since then, and more than 50 revisions later, we have GRIPsher as it is today.  We prototyped it out of stainless steel (the same material as the production units) to ensure they will perform properly under even the harshest of conditions.  Our manufacturer is already up to speed and organized to begin manufacturing GRIPshers as soon as our campaign is successfully completed.





Thanks for checking out our page.  What started out as a cardboard cutout I made thousands of mile from home turned into a real product has been quite a journey.  A share on the social media platform of your choice would be a great help to us!

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Risks and challenges

Many Kickstarter’s will claim for there to be ‘no real reason for delays.’ This is, almost always, outright wrong. Manufacturing is not easy and requires seasoned industry veterans to successfully accomplish.

Having a background in engineering combined with having a relationship with our manufacturer, we hope to mitigate as many risks as possible.
However time delays and other unforeseen circumstances are always a possibility. Below we have listed the risks and mitigation measures implemented to reduce the risk of any surprises or unexpected delays.

– We made sure to make and test several fully functional prototype with the same exact quality and materials that will accurately represent what you should expect to receive.

– We have been in communication with our manufacturer and discussed the processes that will be used to make each component and ensure a rigorous Quality Control plan will be followed during part assembly.

– We have left ample room in our delivery dates to ensure that an accurate time of arrival has been given. However, we will give priority to quality over speed if the difference can be measured in weeks.

In any event, we make the commitment to keep in communication, at minimum once a week, with all of our backers in a timely and appropriate manner.

Contact Information:

Outsmarting Technologies LLC

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