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Sep 30, 2016 6:18 PM ET

Archived: The Yabo: a network for any music lover: One of a kind website where you can discover unknown music and keep track of new talents.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 30, 2016

The Yabo: a network for any music lover

One of a kind website where you can discover unknown music and keep track of new talents. Interested?

About this project

The Yabo is where music resides. We’re a community open to anyone who has something to do with music. 

Do you play covers? Do you perform around your town? Do you write and play your own originals? Do you teach music and have some tips that you’d like to share? Maybe you’re not even a musician but you’re always listening to new music and you enjoy discovering new talent, or you’re just about to throw a party and you’d like to find an artist to hire. Does this sound like you? 

Welcome home.



We’re two university students and one way or another we’ve always been around music. We’ve also started a band ages ago but luckily internet wasn’t so popular when we met so traces are gone forever… ANYWAY, we felt that there was something that the world of music was missing and years later we finally came up with a solution: The Yabo.

We wanted to create a community where every musician (from amateur to pro) could share their work. What we missed during our high school years was a way to connect with other people sharing our same passion, an uncluttered place where we could share ideas and receive feedbacks from people that only cared about music like we did.

So, years later we took action. We managed to create an online crib where you can upload videos and audios like you do all the time in the internet, sure thing, and amongst other things you can bond with someone to start a band or get contacted for a gig in your neighbourhood. Not looking for a job? Fair enough, you can just post something for your own amusement or just look around until you find what suits you the most: from original content, to covers and tutorials, which will help you to raise your game!

We are really passionate about this project which is meant to promote the things we care the most about: music, creativity and the importance for every author to have their art protected.

At the moment we’re online in an open public beta version where everybody can join us and give us precious feedback. We see The Yabo as a seed waiting to flourish into something unique. 

Why Kickstarter?

According to Italian bank laws to be in the position to obtain funds to start a business you have to have loads of money or solid monthly entries (and sadly, we failed at both). The last resort was to self-finance our project (mob loan included)(JK).  We had so many expenses which took out ’till the very last penny. Not only the monthly server costs and website maintenance, but most of all, we strongly believe on the importance of Intellectual Property. This led us to subscribe a contract with a collecting society (SIAE) in order to provide artists with the rightful compensation for their registered pieces.

Now, we need your help.

We set our raising to 40000€ in order to: 

1. Rebuild our website from zero (design enhancements, localization, check-in, profile security improvement) being the actual version a beta. 
2. Enhance whole website security: we care mostly about security to keep your data private and safe. 
3. Add networking features to allow users to be more “social” and a smart search. 
4. Introduce monetization for users. 
5. To let teachers share their lessons and tips through a dedicated e-learning system meant to provide them with the freedom to customize their teaching methods and prices. 
6. Add an utterly innovative concept of competition meant to push artists to show what they can do and get better and better at what they do: monthly contests related to specific topics, completely interactive and rightfully rewarded. 
7. Introduce and/or enhance minor features (hashtags; IM; notifications; social login).
8. Last but not least, we’d like to include some well deserved badges because you know, everyone deserves a badge.

In addition to all of this, we’ve got some monthly bills we cannot avoid: legal expenses coming from our SIAE duties; server maintenance; marketing

Finally we have to consider Kickstarter fee.

We have already set a shortlist of developers who will be charged with this project. According to who we’ll pick we may not be able to fulfill all of the tasks enlisted keeping in mind that our final target is to provide our users with the best experience available. 

Of course, if we ever happen to exceed our pledge we’ll be able to deliver a website with superpowers.

We have lots of other things cooking. All it takes is a leap of faith from your side to see the magic happen.

Risks and challenges

The main risk for our website is not gaining the desired favour among people.
We also stretched out as much as we could our future expenses and we might not be able to achieve all the objectives listed in this project. If that occurs we will focus on the main features and then proceed one step at the time. This means The Yabo is not exactly the way we planned it to be yet, but we think we will be able to manage our finances in order to give our users all they’re looking for, and even a bit more.


Contact Information:

The Yabo

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