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Sep 30, 2016 9:56 AM ET

Archived: PiOmniTV is a live online multi-channel monthly television subscription service, offering over 130+ channels of quality entertainment.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 30, 2016

Pi Omni Media, LLC

Falls Church, VA 22043, US

Pi Omni Media, LLC, is a diverse multimedia company, providing quality multicultural media services and entertainment to audiences throughout America’s rural and under-served communities through our online monthly TV subscription service, PiOmniTV.

PiOmniTV is a live online multi-channel monthly television subscription service, offering over 130+ channels of quality entertainment. Live streaming television is exploding in the market as new technology is making in-roads for TV everywhere. Television “as we know it” is gone. The “per-user-cast” method of delivery grants opportunities for exact matching of user experiences allowing smarter campaign targeting and distribution, leading to greater Return on Investment.

In this rapidly changing marketplace, customers demand for TV and video services anywhere & anytime is driving an industry change. No longer is the home experience, the most utilized. Television on the Internet is natural and convenient. Through our established broadcast partnerships, PiOmniTV provide subscribers with the highest quality in online TV entertainment. We target a growing diverse, rural and under-served America through our monthly multi-channel Internet TV subscription service. The Company is poised to shape the future of television; one viewer, and one online experience at a time. We ensure a quality experience is enhanced through our established geo-fencing and geo-mapping technologies. We are able to provide live-local broadcasts of all network channels, giving subscribers their local programming across multiple mediums, wherever they roam. PiOmniTV also provides subscribers with an a la carte menu of premium sports, movies (HBO, Showtime, etc.) & lifestyle programming for an attractive monthly fee. To ensure subscriber growth, the company is working with one of the nation’s premiere subscription aggregators to obtain and retain monthly subscribers.

Through content owners such as ABC, Bloomberg TV, CBS, CBS Sports Network, ESPN, NBC, NFL Network, HBO, Showtime and others, we bring a full array of live-local and top tier programming to our subscribers. The results: the best quality programming from which to choose through PiOmniTV’s monthly Internet subscription television service.

Products / Services

Packages and Services provided by PiOmniTV:

* Live Multi-channel Lineup. 130+ live networks & channels.
* Live-Local Broadcast. Local-live network affiliates through geo-fencing.
* Select Basic Channels Package. Packages from $15.99 & up.
* Select Lifestyle Packages. Packages from $15.99 & up.
* Premium Select Packages. Packages from $59.99 & up depending on selection.
* Premium Sports Select Packages. Sports channels for $10+ more a month – NBA-TV, NFL, MLB, ESPN & CBS Sports.
* Premium Select Movie Packages. For $15+ a month more. Get premium movie channels like HBO, etc.
* Pay-Per-View Event Packages. Add PPV & specials as they come available.
* Social Media Connectivity. Communicate via social media during your favorite programs over multiple devices.
* Hosting & Lease Channel Space to Independent Producers. Independent Producers can lease space & be airing in a short period of time.

* Our own set-top-box
* Leased Wi-Fi / broadband connectivity
* Gaming (Device and game)
* Virtual Reality



Chief Executive Officer
Richard Scott

Richard Scott, Pi Omni Media’s CEO is no stranger to establishing, growing new media & television companies. A consummate professional, he has over 25 years in the business, as a TV executive and manager responsible for daily revenue growth and shaping management. He leads by example. He is tireless & detailed-oriented and believes in rolling up his sleeves and getting the job done. Mr. Scott has been a part of the founding team of multiple networks and network divisions, a few of which have sold for multiple billions of dollars. His most recent accomplishment while in the initial stages of building PiOmniTV, was to build a channel for a non-profit, airing to over 35 million US households.

Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer - Richard Scott

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