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Sep 30, 2016 12:47 EST

Leading Hologram System with Multiple Patents: VNTANA has created the world’s first scalable, affordable, and interactive hologram system

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 30, 2016



Leading Hologram System with Multiple Patents



VNTANA has created the world’s first scalable, affordable, and interactive hologram system. From fully-controllable life size avatars to simultaneous global performances by the world’s top artists, VNTANA’s technology creates the most engaging and realistic holographic experiences in the world.

Through the use of our patented hardware, we have been able to realize a 90% cost-reduction in an industry that has not seen significant cost-reduction in 25+ years. In addition to hardware, VNTANA has developed interactive software ranging from automated avatar control to real-time holographic capture.




VNTANA has worked with major brands including Microsoft, Kia and Nokia providing unique product launches with hologram performances by top artists like Nicky Romero and Paul Oakenfold. VNTANA’s other customers include Pepsi, the National Science Center in Seoul and advertising giant 72&Sunny.

Currently there are only two other major competitors in the space: Musion and Hologram USA. Both of these companies use the same cumbersome technology which is generally 5 to 10 times as expensive, a hardware profile that is 10 times larger and takes 1-3 days to setup compared to VNTANA’s 4 hour setup.

VNTANA has done over $450K in organic revenue over the past 10 months and currently has 3 issued patents and 19 patents pending. VNTANA is also a Microsoft Early Developer and part of the Microsoft Biz Spark Plus program.

Our roots are in brands and entertainment, but our future is in education, business communication and retail.





3 issued patents + 19 patents pending on hardware and software

JULY, 2015

VNTANA is the only hologram company with interactive software

JULY, 2015

Realized a 90% cost reduction against the industry standard

JULY, 2015


Bright team that continually evolves its technology to stay ahead of the curve.
Shamin RostamiPartner at Tylt Lab
Shamin Rostami
We are advising VNTANA because they represent a brave and refreshing new approach to the hologram market, which can only be executed by their truly remarkable team.
Rob VickeryCEO at Dave Stuart Entertainment
Rob Vickery
VNTANA’s expertise and dedication to excellence is truly second to none. They outperformed companies who wanted ten times the fee.
Mike RayburnMotivational Speaker Client at VNTANA
Mike Rayburn
We are very excited about VNTANA and the future of their hologram offerings. VNTANA uniquely lies at the perfect intersection of entertainment and technology and are a prototype of the ever emerging opportunities for brands, entertainers and consumers in the constantly changing world of first class entertainment based technologies.
Lawrence AntoineEVP Business Development at Paradigm
Lawrence Antoine



Benjamin Conway

Benjamin Conway


Ben Conway builds hologram systems and uses them to connect people and experiences across the globe. Conway has run a profitable start-up and been a top salesman at a Fortune 250 Company. He uses his experience to lead VNTANA’s strategy and business development. Conway’s focus has been bridging the gap between the US entertainment industry and the exploding Asian market. He has traveled Asia extensively throughout this and past ventures leading VNTANA to expand into Korea and China. Conway is using technology to create unforgettable experiences that can be shared globally and in-person instead of behind your phone screen.
Troy Senkiewicz
Troy Senkiewicz has nearly 20 years of industry experience. He has held positions at MTV, DreamWorks Studios, Digital Domain, and Tribune Studios. While at DreamWorks, Senkiewicz managed daily operations for their headquarters at Universal Studios. As Unit Production Manager at Tribune Studios, he was responsible for managing 9 sound stages and supporting hundreds of television shows. In 1998, Senkiewicz founded DigiMax Productions, LLC. Under DigiMax, he has design technology solutions and provided production services for dozens of industry leaders. Clients include, Paramount Pictures, MLBAM, Boeing, The NRO, DARPA, The 2011 World Series, Fraunhofer HHI, DreamWorks Studios, Amblin Entertainment and Steven Spielberg. As COO of VNTANA, Senkiewicz oversees operations, physical production, post production, software development and R&D. His diverse knowledge base and skill set is utilized on a daily basis, advancing VNTANA’s hologram technology.


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Whitestone Capital


Market capitalization under $50 million with strong growth prospects, East Coast based.
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Paradigm Talent Agency


Paradigm Talent Agency
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Vectr Ventures


Early Stage VC and Innovation Studio
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Tylt Lab


Inclined To Invest
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Scott May

Creative Director

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Michael Borke

Software Developer


Contact Information:

Benjamin Conway - Co-Founder/CRO

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