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Sep 30, 2016 4:25 EST

Your Active World developed the most socially integrated, intuitive and cost efficient Registration and Event Management platform.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 30, 2016

Your Active World LLC

Your Active World LLC

Your Active World developed the most socially integrated, intuitive and cost efficient Registration and Event Management platform.




Your Active World (“YAW”) has developed the most socially integrated, intuitive and cost efficient Registration and Event Management program.

Our gross revenues in 2014 was $70k; 2015-$300,000; 2016-proj @ $600,000+. Funding required for sales and marketing!

YAW has integrated conventional Online Registration & Event Management with a Town Hall and Community calendaring technology (both patent pending) that is our blueprint for achieving $100,000,000+ in revenues within 5 years. We will be the go-­to source to find any type of Event, offered by anyone in the Community and surrounding areas. It will be used by locals and travelers alike. YAW will be the Meta Search (like Kayak.com) and online community for all activities and events within specific geographic areas, which we have the flexibility to define.

Find any event, anywhere, any time and it drives revenues to YAW in the process; providing a registration platform that engages the Registrant (more time spent on the site); intuitive & user friendly for Client’s staff; patent pending Community Calendar and Master/Client Event Management (this is unique to YAW); Town Hall page that ties the Community together; data management…

We provide a fully integrated platform, cloud based and redundant, for Online Registration/Event Management; Facility/Staff Management; rentals/permits; Scheduler/League Manager; and our patent pending technologies for Calendaring, Town Hall & Master/Client Community Events

Minimal new market requirements for success. All we need is one anchor tenant in a market (size not critical, we simply need a foot-hold and over time earn the majority of Event Management business in that market). Generating significant $ within 6 months.

Market- any entity offering Events requiring registration. We have a flow chart and projections to build local sales and separately a national sales staff. Talents of each group are different. Our biz plan for each group varies. Numbers and logic fully support our business model and it’s a conservative approach.

Recurring revenue model comprised of:

1. monthly/annual fee

2. CC transactions

3. Affiliate programs

4. Sponsorships

5. Digital ad content

Chairman and CEO have extensive track record of success. Chairman has invested over $550,000; CEO was in similar business related to travel and plans to duplicate her success in this vertical. President has earned great respect from our Clients as noted from our testimonials, she provides the glue to our relationships.

Many competitive advantages but most unique: ease of use for Client & Registrant; integrated platform not just for online registration but the other modules listed above; focus on accounting, financial & marketing reports; Town Hall; Master/Client technology… Our pricing is competitive but we do not use pricing as a reason to buy, anyone can match pricing. We focus on our technology to stand us apart.

Barriers to entry: people like what they are use to, IF it meets their objectives with excellent customer support (Vermont is our toughest competitor re: support; not so much Active, other competitors vary but we excel on technology comparisons); our revenue share program; most significantly integration into a community (we understand we may be replaced with a certain client but if we have other clients in a community, then having it all integrated into our master Calendar makes us very difficult to replace and even more so to replicate).

Competitors will come to recognize us as a Compliment to their business, no longer a competitor! Thus, our model creates multiple strong exit strategies. Your Active World’s revenues grew from $57,000 to $300,000 in 2 years with no full time sales personnel. YAW’s software platform makes Online Registration & Event Management intuitive and less expensive for our Clients while providing them an incremental revenue stream.


Registrant: we engage the Registrant with our patent pending technologies, which drives business. Registrants can view & manage their events; add Personal events to their Event Calendar; share pictures, videos and comments through My Scrapbook; invite friends to Events; fund raise and more.

Advertisers love our demographics! We are a well-defined network of people living an active lifestyle and/or friends/families following people who live an active lifestyle.

Client testimonials are available, below are a few selected quotes!

“You’re Active World has provided unlimited administrative support to our agency, not only during our transition period, but in the weeks and months that followed. The team is professional, reliable, and very easy to work with.”. Rich Ehnow, Marple Newtown Recreation Center

“Support, enhancements, they are the best. They have made our registrations and accounting so much easier!!!” Rick Bushnell LBI Foundation of the Arts and Sciences, NJ


“We had no online registration system and within 12 months our Community loves it!” Jessica Lezcano City of Passaic, NJ

“Great program, intuitive and most importantly, easy to use” Jim Wioland Lacey Twp, NJ


“I love their Rental module, as well as, ability to create teams. Simple to use with a very short learning curve. Always there when I have a question” Thaddeus Dickey II Lee County, SC


Competitive Advantage & Barriers to Entry are referenced above. In addition, within the next few years, Competitors today will view us as Compliments to their business. Currently, we go head to head with our competitors on technology, customer support, and the evolutionary aspects of our product. Competitors in the event management industry do not offer the full package that Your Active World does. The combined power of addressing user needs, providing user/administrator interaction, offering Cloud support, and providing endless useful Registrant features are only delivered by YAW. Our Town Hall and Master/Client Calendar ties it all together.

Unlike competitors, YAW ‘s focus is on engaging the Registrant (end user).That is the reason we integrated conventional Online Registration & Event Management with a Town Hall and Community calendaring technology. We will be the go-­to source for people to register to find any type of Event, offered by anyone in the Community and surrounding areas.


YAW has great social capabilities that deliver ongoing value to clients. Most notably, our Town Hall Page engages the entire community to post news and information, and to search for jobs and advertise. This is the kind of value add that will be crucial to growing the YAW brand for years to come.



2014 Revenues were $67,000 2015 Revenues were $300,000





They were able to provide a low cost solution to a small department to solve a large need within our community which was to have one central location where recreation programs can be displayed, advertised, registered for, and shared. We are very excited about this new arena of social content and the ability to make it easier for our residents to register and pay for programs.
Jim WiolandLacey Twp- Park & Rec Director
Jim Wioland
To whom it may concern, The LBI Foundation for the Arts and Sciences implemented YAW in time for our 2015 summer season. Things have been going quite well. The system has performed exactly as promised and YAW has made some enhancements that have been very useful in managing our activities and classes. I am also happy to say that YAW provided practical and very useful training for our staff and has been extremely responsive to our questions.
Rick BushnellLBI Foundation of Arts & Sciences: Managing D
Rick Bushnell
The City of St Pete Beach Recreation Department began working with Your Active World in 2013 to handle our online registration. We are a small department but felt it necessary to stay with the times and offer online registration for our participants. We started the registrations in early 2014 and have had success with the process both by the participants and with our organization. Elizabeth and John are very easy to work with and very responsive to our request and needs. They are professional and knowledgea
Jennifer McMahonCity of St Pete Beach: Recreation Director
Jennifer McMahon
For the past year Your Active World, LLC has provided the Marple Newtown Joint Recreation Commission with a secure on-line registration site that allows our clientele to enroll for programs and activities from the comfort of their own computer. We are very pleased with this growing partnership! The site is user friendly and easy to navigate. During the past 12 months, we have definitely experienced a noticeable shift from traditional registration methods (mail, phone, walk-in, etc.) to the on-line process.
Rich EhnowMarple Newtown Recreation Center: Director
Rich Ehnow


John Bambach

John Bambach

Entrepreneur & Certified Turnaround Professional for last 15

Elizabeth Bambach

Elizabeth Bambach


Elizabeth held management positions with Phillies & Tampa Bay Bucs; served as CFO for UT’s Graduate Organization; oversees YAW’s strategy, creativity & support


Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee

SpaGypsies, Chief Spa Gypsy

Senior executive with strong, business development, sales and marketing and technology solutions experience, focused on business and consumer services to organizations in multiple industry verticals. Extensive relationship marketing and business development focus, selling and supporting Fortune 500 clients.IT Consulting, Solutions Sales, Wireless. Industry experience: Wireless, Travel, Hospitality, Consumer Products/Retail, e-Commerce. A proven record in both executive management of start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Ability to build market value and drive revenue growth within highly competitive markets. Expertise in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors. Strong negotiation, communication, team building and leadership skills. Ability to respond and direct staff in an environment of rapidly shifting markets conditions, evolving consumer/client needs and ever changing competitive environments.



Team Member Name

Nils Stuart


Team Member Name

Jim Damm

Lead Everything

Team Member Name

Lokesh Bansal

Sr. Developer and manager

Contact Information:

Elizabeth Bambach - President

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