TRADESHOW: The World’s First Virtual Conventions and Trade Shows -Tradeshow allows fans to attend and exhibit at the most exciting conventions and expos from wherever they’re located in the world - iCrowdNewswire

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Sep 29, 2016 8:18 AM ET

TRADESHOW: The World’s First Virtual Conventions and Trade Shows -Tradeshow allows fans to attend and exhibit at the most exciting conventions and expos from wherever they’re located in the world

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 29, 2016


The World’s First Virtual Conventions and Trade Shows

Tradeshow allows fans to attend and exhibit at the most exciting conventions and expos from wherever they’re located in the world. Until now, conventions like Comic-Con have been reserved for select fans who can afford to travel and attend in person. Now, with Tradeshow fans everywhere can experience all the exciting things they love about the shows. We’re already partnered with many of the biggest brands including Stan Lee to create some of the largest conventions ever held.


Solomon Engel



We started by building a community of hundreds of thousands of collectors on our platform, Boxes. Now we’re redefining the convention scene by creating the largest and first-ever virtual shows that can reach millions of attendees from around the world for a single event. 150,000 people attended Comic-Con last year—imagine how many more would attend and exhibit when all they need is an internet connection. Fans now have a chance to own a piece of these shows and be part of entertainment history.


  • Signed contracts with big brands and celebrities such as Stan Lee to put on over 64 shows in 2017
  • Generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in contract revenue in the last 45 days
  • Raised over $1.4M from accredited investors and now opening up the opportunity to everyone, especially the fans!
  • Ground floor opportunity to invest at a low seed stage valuation
  • Founders already built a successful product and community at their company Boxes
  • Patented the concept and technology for the virtual trade show


Fans give comics their true power. A fan-owned company bringing comics and shows to everyone in the world is truly something we should all be excited about.

That’s why I’m excited to be working with the fantastic people from Boxes and Tradeshow to create the world’s first virtual comic book convention, Amaze Con! It’s going to be a spectacular experience for all the fans and collectors around the world.

Tradeshow will make entertainment history and I believe it’s the future of the convention scene.

Stan Lee


Tradeshow is bringing all the fun and excitement from Alamo City Comic Con to people all over the world. Everyone couldn’t be more excited and can’t wait until our first virtual convention to begin. The future of conventions is here!

Apple de la Fuente

CEO & Founder of Alamo City Comic Con
Tradeshow is literally putting the excitement and diversity of conventions to into the hands of the everyday collector.  Although physically attending conferences and fairs has its benefits, very often it’s just not practical.  That’s no longer an issue – Tradeshow is changing the game and the way collectors will interact.

Keith Salvata

Investor & SVP at Ziff Brothers Investments
What is Tradeshow?


Tradeshow is the world’s first virtual trade shows platform that’s built from the ground up and owned by the fans! You can now be part of entertainment history. Not only can you enjoy being present at the shows no matter where you’re located, but you can now own a piece of the success that comes from building the platform and be a part of entertainment history.

Boxes on CNN

“Tradeshow is operating within a massive addressable market, and literally flipping it on its head with innovation. They’re truly pioneers—and have made incredible partnerships with a mutual/aligned interest in its success. I’m thrilled to be an investor and be part of trade show history!”

– David Alvarado
Investor and Associate at Goldman Sachs


When you invest in us, you’re getting stock in Boxes, the everyday social collector community platform, and the parent company and owner of Tradeshow. Essentially, your investment and ownership is in both the community (Boxes) and the shows (Tradeshow).


Tradeshow partners with the biggest brands, vendors, artists, writers, and celebrities to create exciting shows that provide all sorts of ways to make money. We get to leverage the size, marketing power, and credibility from all our partners – to produce these incredibly large shows that can generate sizable income.

We’re using many of the same proven business models that the most successful convention and trade show employ to make millions of dollars per show. We make money on each item signing, each celebrity meet and greet, virtual photo ops, premium ticket badges (VIP Access), exclusive item sales, sponsorships, vendor and artist booth sales, items sold at the show by exhibitors, and more. Over time we will continue to add new streams of revenue as we build out the shows further.

Our virtual shows will have significantly larger profit margins than in-person shows since we don’t need to spend money on the monstrosities such as renting out giant exhibitor halls, paying for in-person security, and many other large expenses. This means more profit for us and more value for your investment.


As with any investment, it’s impossible to say what will happen in the future, but we can tell you what we hope to achieve. From the information we gathered, we believe our market to be a $369 billion industry. Tradeshow can disrupt where money gets spent by moving business over to our virtual shows and on to our daily social collector’s platform, Boxes. In addition, Boxes can be the place where brands, vendors, and collectors keep their items inventoried. A combination of both worlds can provide a deep footprint in the market and return lots of value to investors.

You’re buying in at a $12 million valuation. We’re building a business that has the potential to be valued similarly to the in-person trade show mammoths (Reed Exhibitors, Informa) and the collector/fan entertainment companies (Marvel, DC, etc) that are worth in the billions of dollars. If we’re successful, the upside can be MASSIVE.

We’re aiming for a return of 10x – 100x or higher for our investors. And while no one can guarantee success, we’re doing everything in our power to make this the best investment you’ve ever made.




When you invest you become a part of this company and its success. You’ll be an influence on our journey to build the largest shows in the world and becoming the leading destination for the fans and collectors worldwide.

Your investment plays a role in setting the course for entertainment history. Most great companies are formed by entrepreneurs and investors that pushed innovation to the limit and were crazy enough to do something that had never been done before.

We finally have the opportunity to let our fans own a piece of our community and shows. We want to build something that is revolutionary and if you share our vision, then join us in bringing this to life!


A Message form Stan Lee

When you invest in us, you’re getting stock in Boxes, the everyday social collector community platform, and the parent company and owner of Tradeshow. Essentially, your investment and ownership is in both the community (Boxes) and the shows (Tradeshow).

Learn more about Boxes by watching this cool video we put together.


Tradeshow has already scheduled over 64 shows for the 2017 calendar year across 8 show brands. We’re currently working together with the largest brands to announce even more incredibly exciting shows soon.


Stan Lee’s first and only virtual convention, Amaze Con assembles the most exciting innovation across pop-culture to bring you everything you love about the Stan Lee Universe and trade show scene.


With over 100,000 attendees, vendors and artists, as well as hundreds of celebrity guests expected to be in-person in 2016, and even more in 2017, Alamo City Comic Con is taking its pop-culture success in Texas to the worldwide stage with its first and only virtual shows.


Fun Pop Con will be the largest gathering in history of Pop collectors, fans and vendors to show their collections and celebrate the Funko toy phenomenon we all love.


From the best brands and rarest collectibles, to the largest collectors and pro athlete guests, World Sports Con is set to become the largest sports collector fan festival to ever exist. If you’re a sports collector and fan, you can’t miss it!


From fans to collectors to the players, Video Game Expo is an all-encompassing gathering of everything you love about the video game world and will be the largest video game show in history.


Bringing together the biggest brands, fans, artists and collectors across the entire global universe, United Comic Con is set to be the world’s first multi-national pop-culture convention.


All the latest and futuristic toys from the biggest and best brands combined with the largest crowd of toy enthusiasts and collectors in history, World’s Toy Fair is the largest toy event to ever step foot on this earth.


For years Big Apple Comic Con has been bringing the best of comics and pop-culture to New York, and now with a plan to dominate the tri-state area, they’re about to bring the best of NY to the global stage with their first and only virtual trade shows.


For over four and a half years we’ve been working diligently to build the best collector community at our company Boxes. And now with Tradeshow, we’re uniting fans from around the globe to experience their favorite shows from wherever they are.

Our community has always been like family to us and we couldn’t be more excited to be able to allow fans to invest in our seed round. Now with the new securities laws, just about anyone can be part owner of our community and our shows.

You have an opportunity to help spark an exciting new revolution in conventions and the collector world, but also be part owner in our success. We look forward to having you join us. – Solomon & Aaron



Together, Tradeshow and Boxes cofounders have founded and sold 3 startups, raised millions in funding, and created a premier destination for collectors. We’ve got a long road ahead, but we’ve got the team to make it happen.

Solomon Engel

Founder/CEO Boxes, Founder/CEO, Founder/CEO ResumeSponge, Passionate Entrepreneur, Sports and Comic Collector

Aaron Anderson

Art Director
Award Winning Designer, Founder/Art Director Boxes, Founder/Art Director Advise.Me, Passionate Mobile Designer, Avid Star Wars Collector
Contact Information:

Solomon Engel

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