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Sep 29, 2016 9:32 AM ET

Peeke Media – Stream all content – including live concerts – on one affordable platform

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 29, 2016

Peeke Media

Stream all content – including live concerts – on one affordable platform.


Since we can’t follow bands around like we did in college, there’s Peeke Media – our new live concert streaming platform.

At Peeke, we’re positioning ourselves as the “Netflix” for live concerts with the added incredible appeal of virtual reality.  Our use of VR puts fans right in the middle of the action – bringing all the excitement of a sold-out show right into their living room.  Concerts aren’t all we’re about, either; we’re also in the process of bringing consolidation to the streaming world by including movies, TV shows, and other content types into our platform.  Join us for a “Peeke” into the future of streaming entertainment!


We all remember Napster – a musical jackpot for the everyday consumer, but a nightmare for record companies and musicians.  Though short lived, the presence of Napster and other P2P file-sharing services would forever alter the business landscape of music.  Most all music content produced is now available digitally in one place or another; and because of it, the artists’ hard work is going largely unrewarded.  

With bottom lines bottoming out, there’s a huge push in the industry to find new revenue streams that get results.  Most record companies have turned back to tours and concerts as their main profit driver – and though the mosh pits continue to form, they need to be supplemented by something else.  One direction they’re looking towards is streaming media – through services like Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.  Streaming music sales are actually going in the opposite direction from physical music sales, growing by 30% in 2013 alone.

Subscription-based streaming of all content types is up 52% between 2006-2015.  Despite this uprising, the streaming market is still immature.  The average consumer is forced to purchase multiple services to satisfy their entertainment desires – a Netflix for movies, HBO GO for TV series, and Spotify for music, for example.  The $25+ monthly price tag and 200+ MBs of data usage is too much to bear for many, leaving the potential of the market untapped and record companies scratching their heads.  The question for the music industry remains: how can record companies leverage their existing content to optimize the streaming opportunity?


Industry veterans ourselves, we’re passionate about music and about helping artists uncover lucrative supplementary revenue streams.  Our streaming media platform does just that – allowing for the monetization of existing assets by making their concerts available to infinitely more fans.  But unlike existing concert video production services, we don’t just show up with a camera and start filming.  We control the entire production process at Peeke Media – negotiating with the artist, booking the venue, and sending out a specifically skilled team of videographers to record the show.  This gives us (and the artists) exclusive rights to the show’s video content – which is then hosted on our fully integrated streaming social network and accessed by our users.

But letting fans rock out to their favorite musicians isn’t all we do.  Having noticed a need for consolidation in the streamed content market, we’ve crafted our platform to ultimately serve as a single unifying body for all types of streaming media.  Users will have everything they need under one umbrella – including movies, TV shows, TV series, music, and of course live concerts – for one vastly more economical price.  On top of this, we’ll provide users with an interactive social network where they can connect and interact with like-minded fans.  Soon enough, we’ll be the only place fans will need to go for all of their digital entertainment!


Our exclusive live concert content is quite the different experience than just pulling up a YouTube video.  After securing our ideal venues and locking up the type of talent we’re after, we turn our professional videographers loose with nothing but the best equipment to capture the act in all its glory.  Then, it’s all about making it a fully immersive, fan-to-artist experience.

Peeke’s ultimate, long-term appeal is its ability to offer the entire spectrum of streamed media content within one app.  Check out some details on the other 3 main components for a view of how the platform will look once it’s complete:

1. Music streaming – This component will have the feel of a SoundCloud in nature, while also giving budding artists the ability to upload original content to their profile pages and collect royalties.

2. Movie and video streaming – We’re combining the movie and documentary aptitude of Netflix with the TV power of Hulu to create an one-stop video content experience.

3. Social media – This is how we tie all of our services together.  Users can simultaneously share real-time experiences on their own timelines while also streaming content.  They’ll also have the ability to connect with their favorite artists and celebrities, and even get content suggestions.


Our duo of seasoned music execs know the industry like the back of their hands.  They’ve got the versatile experience to handle anything the business world throws their way – while also giving us an early leg up through established industry relationships.  Oh, and did we mention they’re proven entrepreneurs?  Let’s meet the pair tasked with executing Peeke Media’s vision!

Marvin D. Taylor, Sr., CEO
Our founding visionary’s got 20+ years of elite-level music industry experience under his belt – including consulting, management, and writing roles for a variety of successful artists.  Troy Mitchell, Ace 21, and Deonte Singleton head the list of his management credits, while also honing his entrepreneurial abilities as Owner of Taylor Music Group and MDT Music Group.  As our CEO, Marvin uses his artist development, distribution, and contract negotiation expertise to maintain full control of our day-to-day operations.

Deon C. Upshaw, COO
During his stint as Managing Partner of Definitive Concepts, Deon was directly responsible for fundraising for musician Prince’s 50-city tour and helped secure total project funds of over $150 million. His experience in the startup sector – including Co-Owner of Def Con One Entertainment and Innermix, LLC – makes him a great fit for our team.  Deon serves as the executive in charge of sales and marketing, while acting as the CEO’s right hand.

Dr. Lynda Smith, Vice President
A proven human resources professional who’s helped build culture-oriented work environments for organizations including the US Army and VA Healthcare. Lynda holds a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership, and will use this valuable skill set to craft an equally-effective culture here at Peeke.



We are also supported by a savvy Board of Advisors, available to assist us with key business decisions.  The Board was intentionally crafted to be well-rounded and versatile – and consists of these individuals:

  • Christopher Mooty, Broadcast and streaming specialist;
  • Floyd Kaylor, Technology and software specialist;
  • Frederick Johnson, Music industry expert
  • Rakesh David, Tech and Infrastructure
  • Njeri Mathu, Marketing


Contact Information:

Marvin D. Taylor Sr.- CEO

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