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Sep 29, 2016 6:20 PM ET

Archived: HopsFromVirginia.com: The Resurgence of Hop Growing in Virginia! Craft brewer and farmer seeking to supply the exploding craft brewery market in the Mid-Atlantic area with locally grown hops.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 29, 2016

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Strasburg, VA 22657, US
Consumer Products

The Resurgence of Hop Growing in Virginia! Craft brewer and farmer seeking to supply the exploding craft brewery market in the Mid-Atlantic area with locally grown hops. There are over 500 breweries in the Mid-Atlantic area with more being started every day. These breweries produced over 2.6 million barrels of beer in 2013. This requires over 2.4 million pounds of hops annually.

These breweries need hops and they want locally grown, fresh hops for their distinctive brews. HopsFromVirginia.com’s output will be 150,000-200,000 pounds of dried hops annually with a retail value of $1.5-2 million.. This is less than 7% of the Mid-Atlantic States demand and less than 1% nationally. HopsFromVirginia.com seeks to start a hop farm to sell into this market with rising demand and strong projected growth.

There is significant opportunity to make a strong entry into the east coast hop growing industry and to garner the lions share of the available market. The international funding organization known as AGFunders http://www.agfunders.com has expressed interest in syndicating the project to its investors. Initial startup funds are needed(soft circle) to entice investor interest. Significant opportunities also exist to obtain grant funding and to develop new technologies and varities to further the growth of the industry.

There are a number of small growers in Virginia near the planned base of operations. Additional revenue can be derived from contracting with growers and processing the hops produced by independent growers.

Everything fits, it all works together. It can be huge. It needs longer term, patient investors who place value alongside of profits. Valuation 2x- 3x in 5 years with cash income of $200,000-$500,000. Exit in 5 years.

Member of the Virginia Hops Growers Co-operative. Consultant to start-up hop farmers.

Presented in two business plans: Androas – Batros Farms, LLC grower and HopsFromVirginia.com subsidiary and marketing arm.

Products / Services

Whole Leaf Hops, Pelletized Hops, Rhizomes

Hop products used in brewing beer and rhizomes that produce new plants.



President Executive Officer
Robert B. Andrews

Robert B. Andrews has been growing hops for his own brewing pleasure and selling hops and rhizomes to local brewers for 10 years and serves as a paid consultant to small hop growers in Virginia. Member of the Virginia Hops Growers Co-operative and officer candidate.

In the past, Mr. Andrews operated RBA Internet Services, Inc., a software design business
and is a founder and Board Member of Preservation Northern Shenandoah Valley, founder and board member of the Col. James Wood, II Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, and Vice-President at Bank of America as a member of the Planning, Leadership and Navigation Team(PLAN). For the past 20 years he has been employed as a project manager and software engineer, managing and creating systems for the US Coast Guard (LRIT), the US Military Joint Special Operations Command(CLSI) and America Online among others. He holds a BS Degree in Computer Information Systems and is an honors graduate of Strayer University in Washington, DC











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Robert B. Andrews

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