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Sep 29, 2016 10:26 AM ET

Archived: Flixpress LLC develops and implements revolutionary media automation technologies that we believe will revolutionize video production and video-based marketing in the future

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 29, 2016

Flixpress LLC Logo

Flixpress LLC

Davenport, IA 52807, US
Web Service Software

Flixpress LLC develops and implements revolutionary media automation technologies that we believe will revolutionize video production and video-based marketing in the future.

After years of R&D, fine tuning and creative boosting, we created the most effective, user-friendly way of bridging the gap between web, media production, and automation technologies. Flixpress presents the most advanced, efficient, and flexible digital video customization technology available to date.

Flixpress is a groundbreaking service/technology that empowers unskilled users to produce high-end video content in minutes using only a web-browser. Flixpress gives you the freedom to make the production as simple, or as complex as you desire.

The first generic deployment of our technology – flixpress.com has virally grown to 600,000 global users who already created over 2,000,000 videos up to date.

Our video personalization technology is set to revolutionize email and mobile video marketing, and has already been used by world class clients such as Mark Cuban & Dallas Mavericks and Philadelphia Flyers.

Flixpress has a full-scale production capacity serving a wide variety of clients by producing high-end Ads, Visual Effects & Animated Content, TV Shows, and marketing promotions.

Your equity investment will help us grow and service a larger scale of global users, add content, and promote our marketing efforts, and develop niche applications of our technology, which will help us harness maximum potential revenue from our technology implementations.

Products / Services


Flixpress.com allows users to create short-form high-end videos/ads/slide shows, outfitted with high-end visual effects, 3d text, live talent and animation. Users can purchase bulk credit and spend it on video customization online. It’s simple, inexpensive, and intuitive.

Flixpress Pro

Flixpress Pro is currently the most advanced online media creation/customization platform in the world. Our innovative layout-based approach allows users to create high-end video presentations and ads with tools and content that were previously available only to professionals – all as a browser-based application. For more information, visit – http://www.flixpress.com/GoPro.aspx

Flixpress Video Personalization

Flixpress Video Personalization is a revolutionary service that allows companies to create tens of thousands personalized videos for their clients, and deploy these personalized campaigns via email or mobile.

Our personalization technology was already used by high-profile clients such as Mark Cuban and Dallas Mavericks, and Philadelphia Flyers.

Flixpress Custom Production

Flixpress is a full-scale production/development house capable of handling all scale of video and media production. Flixpress has produced media in form of high-end Ads, Promotions, Video Communications, for a wide variety of local and global clients.

Flixpress Ads

Flixpress empowers advertisers to engage the audience via interactive customization of the ad content. The viewer can become a part of the ad by uploading their own photo, and answering few simple questions. A custom ad generated just for them, calling them by name, and showcasing their photo. The viewer can then share and showcase the ad on social media or by downloading it.



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Eleanor Arkhipova


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2 years, 10 months5Multimedia & Graphics Software


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Andrey Arkhipov

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