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Sep 29, 2016 12:17 PM ET

Crowdability: Maternova – Zika-Protective Apparel

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 29, 2016



Zika-Protective Apparel





Clothing & Accessories, eCommerce


Providence, RI

Maternova is an e-commerce platform offering solutions in reproductive, maternal and newborn health.

Its latest solution is Zika-protective apparel.

Using a patented nanotechnology-enhanced textile that repels the mosquitos that carry Zika, it is manufacturing stylish but affordable garments.

For the Zika project, it will sell its maternity line at retail prices so that higher-income women have access to stylish apparel that protects against Zika. Part of the proceeds will be used to subsidize a line of protective apparel for low-income women in the countries hardest hit by Zika. It will also market and sell to governments and humanitarian organizations, already its customers.

It already distributes medical technologies around the world. It works with governments, hospitals, humanitarian organizations and clinicians. In other words, it already has the customers and the distribution system in place.

But anti-mosquito apparel will be just part of what is a large and growing medical device market for the company.

The company has already received a grant from Grand Challenges Canada for the Zika protective apparel, but now it’s raising more capital to help it move faster.

As Dr. Kristian Olsen from Massachusetts General Hospital wrote, “Maternove has added a degree of stability to what can otherwise be a very fragmented world of maternal and newborn relevant technologies.”


Allyson Cote – COO and Co-Founder

Allyson brings start-up experience, marketing, and design skills to the management team.

Prior to Maternova, she was founding Vice President of Shape Up, as well as COO for Alessandra Gold, Inc, a designer.

She earned her BA in Sociology from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and her Masters in Advocacy & Policy from Humane Society University.

Meg Wirth – CEO and Co-Founder

Meg started her career as an Analyst for the Senate Ways and Means Committee in Massachusetts.

She then worked in a variety of roles related to health care policy, including at the Rockefeller Foundation, the UN Millenium Project, and Mothercare Indonesia.

Later, she worked in strategy and consulting for the Commons Global Health Fund, the first venture fund to focus exclusively on global health technologies.

She earned her BA from Harvard University, and her MPA in international development from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School.

Ron Corriveau – VP of Strategy

Ron develops partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, and strategizes about sales channels and distribution.


Macarthur Foundation

A $6.5 billion foundation that supports creative people, effective institutions, and influential networks building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. MacArthur is placing a few big bets that truly significant progress is possible on some of the world’s most pressing social challenges.


Contact Information:

Allyson Cote - COO and Co-Founder

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