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Sep 28, 2016 8:06 AM ET

Archived: Wolflo: The First Social Mediator – All The Social Networks In One App

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 28, 2016


The First Social Mediator – All The Social Networks In One App



Wolflo is a free and simple way to discover content related to your favorite topics and keep up with your social networks – to interact instantly with posts from your favorite applications and navigate through your personal networks with the click of a button.

Say goodbye to creating new accounts when you want to read an article or watch a video someplace online you haven’t visited before, say goodbye to life scattered across many applications. No matter where content came from, it’s all on Wolflo.

Wolflo is convenient, personal, and it will allow you to explore social media like never before.


The use of mobile apps has grown commonplace. On average according to aNielson study,  U.S. smartphone users accessed 26.7 apps per month and spent 37 hours and 28 minutes using apps per month, in the last quarter of 2014.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube… You probably don’t think twice about seeing these tools in a list together, because the chances are good that you use at least some of them on a regular basis. (They’ve all been downloaded upwards of a billion times.) You’ve created accounts, downloaded the apps for your smartphone, and you use them to find information, entertainment, and to interact with a variety of people and brands.

Along with the explosion of mobile use, our social media needs have evolved as well. We consume, we track, and we follow so many different topics, people and segments. We have so many different platforms on which we can retrieve the information we’re seeking.

Establishing accounts and logging in to each one separately is inconvenient. Finding information has become irritatingly complex. We miss content. As the numbers of platforms and content continue to rocket, the problems are only getting worse.

At Wolflo, we wondered why it was necessary to travel between platforms and why you couldn’t have everything in one place.

All your social needs covered. All of your preferred channels brought together in one location. The ability to search, save, and interact with content easily without necessarily having an account.

This is the mobile experience we craved, and that’s why we built Wolflo.



Wolflo provides a one-stop solution for all your social media needs.

What does that mean exactly? Here’s a rundown of what the Wolflo experience entails:

Find Content Easily
Our efficient aggregation engine consolidates content from 17 social networks and millions of websites. This makes Wolflo an incredibly convenient hub for information. Users can follow celebrities, athletes, or brands that they like. They can browse content by category (News, Sports, Technology, Politics, etc).

Wolflo enables users to find content from anywhere, as they prefer to encounter it – by search or through personally selected channels – which makes Wolfo an efficient means to source content. Wolflo also leverages the wisdom of the crowd to help further push the most valuable content to the surface.

Save Time
Being able to find content from multiple platforms on one screen saves time. Wolflo doubles down on the time-saving factor by eliminating duplicate content. You might not notice this feature when using Wolflo, but it represents a tremendous leap forward in the social media experience. Posting on multiple platforms has become routine for those looking to maximize their reach, but this practice is a nuisance for those who are bombarded with the same media through multiple channels. With Wolflo, you only see a photo, video, etc. just once.

Keep Things Simple
Why should you need a Vine account that you must first login to in order to view a Vine on occasion? You shouldn’t, and with Wolflo you don’t need separate social media accounts. After you’ve first signed in to Wolflo through Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, you have full access to everything. It’s really that simple.

Engage Directly
You may not have to login to separate accounts on Wolflo, but that doesn’t mean you’re kept out of the conversation. On the contrary, you can share, comment, email, text, interact with posts freely. Wolflo gives you the power to interact with content however you like, immediately.

Your Networks connected
Traditionally, it has taken up considerable time to check social media sites. Opening each one is tedious. Not to mention, there hasn’t been a reliable way to avoid missing content. Notifications prove more distracting than useful.

With Wolflo, you can go back and forth between your social media accounts with a push of the button. You can switch seamlessly between the likes of Facebook and Instagram, because they’re all in one place. This saves time and your smartphone battery life.

Wolflo connects all your sites into a personal feed that makes it easier to follow and comprehend content, decreasing the risk that you miss anything. Your homepage keeps content organized and reflects your priorities – a mix of whatever you’re following (maybe CNN, the Los Angeles Clippers, Pearl Jam on SoundCloud, Twitter and Pinterest…)

Wolflo streamlines and simplifies your follow.


Wolflo pre-launched mid 2015 and quickly racked up 30,000 users.

Spurred by the enthusiastic reception, we continued refining our trailblazing technology that powers the application. Our back-end algorithm is now capable of millions of daily scans across hundreds of thousands of networks and websites, consolidating content from multiple sources, eliminating duplicated content across platforms, and prioritizing content based on crowd wisdom.

Wolflo has since gone on to release the iOS 2.0 and Android 1.0 versions of the application.

We’ve been featured in the KSBY News segment “There’s an app for that.”

Interested partners are lining up or already taking advantage of Wolfo, including marketing firms and both sports and modeling management teams that use Wolflo to follow their talent.

It won’t be long before Wolflo reaches critical mass and becomes the next huge social media star.

To learn more about where Wolflo is going and how you can be a part of it, request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile, and let’s talk!


The creators of Wolflo, being huge sports fans and avid tech consumers, were trying to follow the NBA online but they went crashing about like players diving after a loose ball. There was simply too much content sprawled out over too many platforms. Their efforts felt in vain, and they decided there had to be a better solution for both media consumers and producers. And so the reimagining of follow (and the anagram “Wolflo”) were born.

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