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Sep 28, 2016 6:44 EST

Virtual Communications Corporation: The #1 Rated Virtual Receptionist for Live Visitor and Lobby Management

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 28, 2016

Virtual Communications Corporation

Virtual Communications Corporation

The #1 Rated Virtual Receptionist for Live Visitor and Lobby Management.



VCC has hired Merit Harbor Group, an investment bank out of Seattle, WA to represent VCC as its exclusive adviser and investment banker. Unlike many of the other early-stage growth companies and small businesses raising capital on Crowdfunder, VCC has experience dealing with a team of investment bankers on its side. This is a huge advantage for VCC and should give investors great confidence that the capital they provide to VCC will be handled in the most professional manner.

Virtual Communications Corporation is a privately held technology company that develops technology solutions that enable businesses to improve their customer interaction experience. Delivering products based on its patented ALICE technology, the company’s line of products and services provide on-demand, live agent interaction via two-way, one-way, and audio-only communications.

World events are heightening building security awareness, causing facilities personnel to seriously review their visitor management policies in order to protect their most valuable assets: people. VCC is pioneering a fully developed virtual platform that enhances building security and awareness and introduces the capability to eliminate the need for on-site security/reception while offering back-office support and data capture. This exciting new technology is expected to rapidly deploy as commercial building managers strive to expand security, increase efficiencies for managing visitor traffic, and reestablish an engaging environment for visitors. Since its inception, VCC has built a client base of 207 customers worldwide earning repeat business and several notable industry awards.

VCC has specifically designed ALICE to fulfill the demand for building security managing visitor traffic, and restoring some of the high touch human interaction in a cost effective manager. The company’s flagship product is an automated receptionist software application. The technology method for live two-way video communications between visitors and remote business representatives integrates what traditionally have been two separate issues: visitor management and building security. In addition to enhancing and/or eliminating traditional security duties, the product provides an added layer of security for commercial buildings. The product also comes equipped with multiple features such as two-way video calling, visitor admittance/management technology and lobby awareness.







“We love our ALICE Receptionist! By adding the Virtual Receptionist to our team we have increased the flexibility of our administrative staff, saved money, and have great looking signage in our lobby. It was easy to setup and implement.”
Senior ConsultantMcKonly & Asbury LLP
Senior Consultant
“We are looked upon as being a technology company so putting new cutting edge tech like ALICE Receptionist in our front office really impresses our clients even when our main goal was the cost benefits. Our clients like working with ALICE and she has quickly become the center of attention in our lobby!”
President/CEOCornerstone Merchant Services, Inc.
“The system was up and running in 30 minutes and has been problem free for over 1 year. Our visitors have been impressed with the system and we don’t need to worry about visitors not being attended by someone.”
Cirector of ITOCULAR LCD
Cirector of IT
“Alice was a great addition to our office. She is easy to use and makes it simple for our visitors to easily find who they’re looking for.”
Development OfficerBig Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada
Development Officer
“ALICE is saving Nevada Dental Benefits an estimated $40,000 to $45,000 a year… It was a significant cost savings for us, and for the most part, it’s been well-received“.
PresidentNevada Dental Benefits


Mike Yoder

Mike Yoder

Technology Officer

Mike Yoder serves as the Company’s Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. He is responsible for product vision and development.


Vern Rodriguez

Vern Rodriguez

Chief Financial Officer

Vernon Rodriguez is the Company’s Chief Financial Officer. He has a background in sales, marketing and accounting strategies and systems for financial services.


Craig Dickens

Craig Dickens

Investment Banker

Contact Information:

Mike Yoder

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