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Sep 28, 2016 12:58 PM ET

Archived: Three Peaks: Odorless Men’s Basics Made With Silver: The world’s first smartwear subscription service. Men’s basics: shirts, boxers, and socks infused with pure silver. Get yours!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 28, 2016

Three Peaks: Odorless Men’s Basics Made With Silver

The world’s first smartwear subscription service. Men’s basics: shirts, boxers, and socks infused with pure silver. Get yours!

About this project






  Why you’ll Love It:  



We’ve taken the world’s leading and best features of activewear to create a line of men’s basics that work for You. Our shirts, boxers and socks stay fresh all day long, beating odor and sweat, keeping you comfortable and looking good.

The Products: 

Socks – Available in low-cut and mid-rise – Colors: Black


When we designed our line of men’s basics we wanted to start from the ground up. What we came up with was our AirKnit socks. Using a unique blend of Merino Wool and combining it withpure silver we’ve created a sock that is ideal for any situation from the great outdoors, to your office, to the gym and back relaxing at home. This sock does it all and stays fresh too.

Part of our leading design philosophy is that different parts of your body have different demands. It’s why we’ve chosen Merino Wool as the base for our socks. This super light material naturally regulates body temperature, feels incredibly soft against the skin and wicks away moisture to keep you comfortably cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Using cutting edge textile methods we combine this with pure silver and styling that works effortlessly to eliminate odor.


Underwear – Available in boxer briefs – Colors: Black

A great look and a comfortable fit. Specially designed using our custom blend of modal and silver these boxers look great and eliminate odor. Our AirKnit boxers are a culmination of some of the most desired features for men’s underwear. We’ve included an easy access fly on the right side of our underwear, a covered modal waistband and a comfortable tagless designthat includes our screen printed logo and sizing on the inside back. All of this insures a seamless fit and amazing experience. Additionally our newly developed anti-ride up technology works by using thin bands of silicon on the inside legs of our Airknit boxers, it gently hugs your thigh and keeps your underwear from riding up.

Shirts – Available crew-neck – Colors: Black,Gray and White 

Lastly our AirKnit shirts complete our basic collection. Ideal for any situation, our silver and modal blend creates a comfortable T-shirt that keeps you dry and fresh. Our shirts are specifically designed for performance and durability. Additionally these shirts are spun using pure silver fibers permanently infusing these shirts with anti-bacterial and anti-odortechnology. Unlike other activewear brands who only spray silver on, after a dozen washes this features washes right out.

In keeping with the rest of the AirKnit collection these shirts are designed to look great and this means a tag-less design and a shirt free of logos, piping and other unnecessarly sporty accents that would keep you from wearing an otherwise great shirt anywhere but the gym.

How It Works :

By using pure silver blended into the fabric this advance technology, used in space and premium sportswear, completely removes odor. The way it works is… sweat doesn’t smell but helps to produce bacteria that do. Silver has natural properties that neutralize these odors and keeps our clothing smelling fresh. Within the past decade silver has been used in activewear for its antibacterial and anti-odor properties. But why should this feature be limited to the gym or your morning run? This is technology that would be easily welcome throughout your entire day, in your most worn basics. And that is why silver is permanently infused in all of our men’s essentials.

Modal is a synthetic fiber made from sustainably harvested Beechwood trees. It has twice the strength of cotton, twice the softness, is 50 percent more absorbent, and doesn’t fade or shrink. These qualities combine to create a fabric that’s perfect for men’s shirts and underwear. When our team designed our line of basics they looked at several different fabrics over the course of the year and blending this amazing fabric with silver became the obvious choice when creating our proprietary one of kind fabric. We noticed that several manufacturers and companies decided to pair cotton with silver. However, Modal is often called the softest fabricin the world and when compared directly with cotton it is the clear winner.

Stretch Goals:

 We’re excited to start the Three Peaks story here on Kickstarter. Initially. we are limited in what we can offer, but with your support we hope to release more colors and styles and send them straight to you. That’s why it’s so important to get the word out and let your friends and family know about Three Peaks and this project. We want to be transparent with our backers and provide the best products. So we’ve worked diligently with our factory and manufacture to provide you with the best and most realistic stretch goals possible. We’re so excited about this, but we can’t do this without you.

Our Story

Three Peaks and the Airknit line are the result of more than a year’s worth of work and dedication, sourcing the best fabrics and manufactures to design and create a superior and unique line of men’s basic wear that has been thoroughly tested. 

Meet The Team

 We thought it was time you meet the team behind Three Peaks. We’re Devon and Zach Coyl, two brothers who’ve traveled, taught and lived around the world. We’ve been working on this project for the last. Everything from sourcing the materials, and factories, to trying out and testing prototypes we’ve done it all to bring you a line a men’s basics we’re really proud of …and yes, we’re twins. 

The Problem

Our company wouldn’t have put the work and effort forward to create these products if we didn’t see a problem with what is currently available in men’s basic wear and how men are often forced to settle. The world expects a lot from modern men so why can’t we expect a lot out from our clothes? The typical cotton t-shirts, underwear, and socks of yesterday can’t keep up or maintain their quality over time. Most socks, boxers, and tee-shirts are designed be replaced every 3 to 4 months, but most men hold on to their basics well past their expiration dates until they’re riddled with holes. Sadly, high-end men’s basic wear is often too expensive and too sporty for everyday wear and unaffordable for many men. Lack of convenience and cost are typical reasons why some men don’t replace or update these items more regularly.


The Solution

Our solution is to offer superior products and a convenient subscription service. It’s great that you can find the Three Peaks’ “Perfect T-shirt”, boxers and socks on this Kickstarter, but what about in a year from now? We aren’t just offering our AirKnit men’s line during this time-limited Kickstarter. This project is the first step to bring you the ideal basic collection, step two is rolling out our easy to use subscription service, that keeps our products continually available. And we are extending to our backers the savings you receive through our initial campaign that will carry through to your online subscription service for as long as you’re a member. We want to reward you over and over for being the first to try our product line and enjoy its benefits.

 Disclaimer: During this Kickstarter we are offering you special savings of up to 50% off the retail value of our amazing shirts, boxers and socks. For all backers who pledge $100 or more you will have the opportunity to continue saving on our line of men’s basics. After you receive your order starting in January you will have the chance to subscribe and continue to save, up to 30%, on all future orders.

Measurement Guides:




What’s Next – Shipping / Delivery Schedule

 International Backers:

Free shipping WORLD-WIDE on orders $ 100 or more.

We love that our company is an international one and we wish to ship our line of AirKnit basics all over the world. Currently shipping for the USA is included with your pledge. If you are not located in this area we would still love your support and to get you your rewards in a timely manner.


Please include an additional $25 for shipping if your order is under the $100 mark. We hope you understand the difficulties in shipping world-wide. In appreciation for your extra effort we will send a free pair of our AirKnit boxers with your order.




Risks and challenges

Timely fulfillment of rewards is very important to us.

With that said, the manufacturing process for our line of men’s wear is more complicated than that of regular clothing. We do not expect delays in our production process. Though it is a possibility and we will stop production until the issue is fixed. The last thing we want is to deliver a product you won’t love.

What we need now more than anything is your support. So please give us the opportunity to reward you with an experience that is intelligently designed, expertly crafted and soon to be sent straight to you. The basics done right.

We’re Three Peaks, thanks for watching, reading, sharing, and supporting us.

Contact Information:

Three Peaks

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