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Sep 28, 2016 2:14 PM ET

Archived: SketchyNotebook Series: Creative’s All-In-One Notebook: Minimalist notebook and sketchbook made for creatives. New and improved SketchyNotebook is a designer’s must-have tool.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 28, 2016

SketchyNotebook Series: Creative’s All-In-One Notebook

Minimalist notebook and sketchbook made for creatives. New and improved SketchyNotebook is a designer’s must-have tool.

About this project

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We even had the privilege to make a custom SketchyNotebook for our favorite company, Dropbox.
We even had the privilege to make a custom SketchyNotebook for our favorite company, Dropbox.



By Kai Ng, Concept Artist / LiK Studios

By Kai Ng, Concept Artist / LiK Studios
By Kai Ng, Concept Artist / LiK Studios
By Kai Ng, Concept Artist / LiK Studios
By Min Chi, CoMaker
By Min Chi, CoMaker


SketchyNotebook is designed to be a minimalist notebook. It has all the little details that make for a quality notebook, with the addition unique template designs stored in the expandable back pocket if you need them.  

Like most artists, when I have an idea I just want to quickly put it down on paper so I won’t forget it. Sometimes I just want to doodle, sometimes I want to do mockups for websites, and other times I want to sketch up iPhone apps or just write down ideas.

Sure, there are preprinted template notebooks out there with grids, dots and lines, but all the printed lines and grids distract me and make it difficult to get my idea down exactly as I envision it. Preprinted lines or templates on the page inhibit my freedom and my creativity, so I can’t use those as an everyday notebook.

Bottom line is this: I just love blank page paper but I also like having guidelines for structure.What if I can just take the qualities that I need from both worlds and get rid of everything else?

180° Flat When Open

Designed to open flat no matter what page you’re on. 

Premium Paper

A full 240 pages of 80 gsm acid-free blank paper. We have narrowed down from hundreds of different types of paper to bring you the best results. You can use ink pens, fountain pens, color markers, and permanent markers with no bleed through.

Removable Pages

Ready to share your sketches? You can tear off any page – perfect for pinning an idea on a wall or brainstorming with co-workers! 

Expandable Smart Pocket

The easy storage pocket in the back of the notebook allows you to store your templates right in the notebook. It’s also expandable to fit all types of flat items. Store what you need — whether it’s the included templates, business cards, or loose leaf notes.

Hard Cover

Each of our notebooks is hardcover with a faux leather finish (choice of black or white). An elastic band holds the notebook closed when not in use.

Quality Templates

All templates are double-sided and waterproof, made out of PVC with UV print on top . Durable and easy to clean, each template is only 0.35mm thick and it fits perfectly underneath the notebook page.

Professional Templates

The idea behind SketchyNotebook is to keep a blank canvas open for creativity, but still have the guidelines there on paper when you need it. Each SketchyNotebook comes with Basic Template Pack (Narrow / Wide Lined & Grid /Isometric Grid).  The PRO version offers more detail and more template designs for hard-core designers like you!


What’s New and Improved?

After getting feedback and continually making improvements over the past SketchyNotebook, we now have the New SketchyNotebook Series with a total of 3 notebook sizes and a wider template selection.

  • Total of 3 notebook sizes: A6, A5 and Letter
  • Improved built-in expandable pocket to store templates with more storage
  • Templates are 30% thinner with the same durability 
  • Improved quality of binding for pages
  • Wider selection of templates
  • Thicker elastic band to hold the notebook closed 
  • All templates sized to fit notebook better
  • Rounded corners to protect the notebook and improve durability

Basic Pack

  • Grid / Isometric

  • Narrow Lined / Wide Lined

Every SketchyNotebook will come with the Basic Pack templates.  This is great for graphic designers and journalist to draw technical drawings or just writings. The lined now offers 2 different heights depending on your hand-writing style.

Creative Pack

  • Perspective Grid 

  • Calligraphy Grid

  • Storyboard

The storyboard template can also be used as sketching for Keynote or Powerpoint presentation.  The Perspective Grid is extremely useful for any spatial design.  With Calligraphy Grid, your calligraphy will look stunning once you remove the template behind it.

Startup Pack

  • iPhone Mockup 

  • Responsive Web Design Grid 

  • Smart Wearable Mockup

The Responsive Web Grid offers the most commonly used grid style, so you can quickly sketch the mockup with web view, tablet view and mobile view.

Fashion Pack 

  • Men Figure

  • Women Figure

  • Shoe Mockup

For you fashion designers out there, you can start sketching instantly without worrying about the proportion. The poses are all different, so you can choose which ever you prefer.  This is also great if you want to make your model disproportional depending on your drawing style.





Special Thanks

We would love to thank our family, friends, and everyone who has helped along the journey. Their feedback, support, and positive encouragement has been incredibly inspiring.

Do you want to give a product review too?

We’re always happy to work with fellow creatives. If you’re a blogger or designer who wants to give us a try, please contact us below:


You can also find us here:




Why Kickstarter?  

Kickstarter is where it all started. I really want to thank all my previous supporters for turning my idea of SketchyNotebook into a reality! Now after getting additional feedback and making improvements, I need your help to launch the second production run. It will cover the costs of manufacturing and production for the improved SketchyNotebook Series. Our goal is to help creatives increase productivity and inspire others.  Kickstarter is the perfect platform to make it all happen.



Risks and challenges

There are always challenges and unforeseen obstacles that arise when trying to bring a product to life. There are so many moving parts that must be managed. However with this being our second product launch, we can confidently say that we are experienced in this process and have developed systems and processes to mitigate the risks that arise in this process. We will work hard to ensure that we deliver what we promise and to go the extra mile whenever it is possible.

All we ask in advance is for patience and that backers respond to the information survey as quickly as possible after this Kickstarter ends so we can get your SketchyNotebook in your hands ASAP. Thank you for believing in us!

Contact Information:

Tim Tu

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