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Sep 28, 2016 6:35 AM ET

Archived: Eye Shooter Smartphone Holder Mount and Stabilizer: Smart Design – Multi-function Cell Phone Holder, Tripod Mount, Hand Held Stabilizer and Dash Mount

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 28, 2016

Eye Shooter Smartphone Holder Mount and Stabilizer

Smart Design – Multi-function Cell Phone Holder, Tripod Mount, Hand Held Stabilizer and Dash Mount,

The Eye Shooter is the Ultimate Smartphone Holder/Mount that works with any size smartphone. The Eye Shooter Pro Smartphone Holder, Headband, Tripod Mount, Hand Held Stabilizer comes with the Dash Cam GPS Mount Clip and Line of Sight / LED Fill Light for use in the car, at home, work and at play. Now you can use your smartphone hands free like a GoPro. Record anything your heart desires. It’s way cool hand held too.

Presenting, The Eye Shooter Headband & Smartphone Mount  The Ultimate Smartphone Accessory. Multifuntional By Design. 

Thank you for viewing. I seek your support bringing to market my latest invention, The Eye Shooter!

Turns any good photo video shooter into a Steven Spielberg by helping them capture photos and videos much more creatively. Your head / body can be a natural stabilizer when using the Eye Shooter, especially in hands free headband mode.

More than a headband, it was designed for steady hand held photo-video recording using 3 point stabilization. Smartphone cameras are getting better and better technically, but are not designed for holding. The Eye Shooter was designed to hold your phone/camera, you hold the Eye Shooter. This opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities for millions of smartphone users and photo video enthusiasts worldwide. What’s possible? See for yourself in this live as it was shot answer to the question “will my phone fall off?”

 I met Walter Murcia, an amazing high wire artist from the Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean.    I asked him to shoot his high wire performance with the eye shooter headband.

Tom the Doc and Walter. He and his  troupe were into it, so they set up a special performance just for us to record. We shot it all in one take. I was handheld A cam and Walter B cam headband. This is the complete as it was recorded footage 2 cam edited.                    Run time aprox 10 minutes.


When smartphone video went HD, as a pro photo videographer, I became more interested in them. The new cameras surpassed my pro SD video cameras. But alas, less than ideal to hold, let alone get creative with. What good is shaky 4k quality video? With the exception of common shots, holding a phone’s camera is not like using a DSLR or video camera. Only high end phones have optical image stabilization. Forget about zooming in without shake. So all kinds of gadgets, holders, and sticks came about, all are 1 trick ponies. Hmmmm! 

You can do better Tom. Think outside the box!

The Eureka moment!!!  Wouldn’t it be cool if I could use my phone/camera like a GoPro? What if I could somehow make a smartphone holder to replace all those gadgets. A stabilizer / mount / holder / stand / dash mount /multi tool / for any size smartphone. I could use it in the car, at home, at work and at play. I could reel in that whopper fish hands free. Then, unlike the others, my smartphone is a Computer / HD Camera. I can view, edit, and upload my footage quickly and easily, or download for creative editing. I even live streamed at the fair.

This is one of the first clay cardboard mock ups.

My Mission… Design and Create an affordable multi function smartphone holder for everyday applications, steady photo videography and just for having fun! How much fun? See the playlist of what we captured at the Altamont Fair in upstate NY.  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfteGwlH  Everybody had a big smile on, just like IE my mascot/logo, got to love IE and that smile. What do you think of IE? Keep him or what. Please Comment, should I include a IE T Shirt as a perk?

My friends call me the doc,  a lifelong sometimes wacky inventor, a lot like the doc from Back to the Future. I am the Inventor of The Quad Pod Video Camera Stabilizer, The Aero Pod Grow Systems and the Chip Sliders Roulette stackers and trackers. The Prapala, a self propelled fishing lure. and the Aqua Web hand swim fins, ( coming soon if when this campaign succeeds) just to name a few. So I did my thing. Pondered. Created a few drawings. Made clay models and then a few prototypes for proof of concept. All you inventors out there never give up, keep on inventing until you get there. I failed so many times and came close but no cigar, to not even trying anymore. Naaaaaaaa. One more time…….so

I hired a great cad designer, Dorian from Catz Design now in Colorado, Thanks my friend. Together we successfully developed the amazing final designs. I rarely fail at going from napkin to prototype, and then on to production. Then run out of money and my Product never takes off.

This was the final design and we have since went on to complete the tooling of injection molds and make a small run, and in production. 

We need the funding for next scale of production runs and bring it to market. The hardest part and with your help, we will not fail due to lack of proper funding.

Please, I don’t want to go on shark tank, IE says “Mr Wonderful will put me in a martini or something. Mark Cuban will use me as a basketball. Barbera will want to set me up in her NYC penthouse….as a pet. Laury will endlessly parade me on QVC and Robert will turns his kids on me.” I will ask IE what he thinks about those guys out in Texas!


One of my best inventions is the Quad Pod Pro video camera stabilizer. I created the Eye Shooter based on the 3-4 point stabilization principles and benefits of the Quad Pods. My model here, Chelsie, went on to Playboy.

That experience led me to develope: 

The EYE SHOOTER Smartphone Holder and HEADBAND Mount and it’s no 1 trick pony.

DASH MOUNTABLE  with a stick-on dash mounting clip. Mount it anywhere on your Dashboard. It’s great for hands free talking, using GPS or as a Dash Cam. I use it everyday.















TRIPOD MOUNTABLE. The main eye ball Socket easily mounts to monopods, tripods, and any tripod adaptors with standard 1/4″ 20 thread. Really came in handy setting up stationary shots.

DO FACIES and MIRIES  (just look at people or into any mirror when using selfie viewcam) the selfish stick is a one trick pony, long live the FACIE!

Built in Holder for Led Light. Used to adjust Line of Sight and extra fill light for filming at night. I would like to develope a laser pointer that has a on off button. Very few have. It would be perfect for the eye shooter. I have the experience and you can help make it happen.


The headband features a neoprene pad so lite and comfortable Mr Sheep forgot he had it on. Ask my new friend here how it adjusts to fit all, from a child’s head to pumpkin size. We even mounted them on a Pony, Elvis the Horse and my new friend here, Mr Sheep.

The innovative strap design doubles as a headband and a neck strap so you can use your smartphone just like a camera. It’s not a bulky 2 part velcro but a special stick to itself material. It’s lite and comfortable and needs no buckles. 

The creative product development process has been very successfully completed.  For most new product makers, that’s the hardest part. For me, it’s always been challenging but still the easy part. It’s what I do well. My proof of concept testing is done. Cad design and 3D prototypes made, tested, and improved upon. Final tooling of steel injection molds completed.

I own the tooling and all the eye shooters will be made in the USA. Our first small run is complete and I have limited inventory to fulfill delivery to early contributors. 

We have completed the test market phase having introduced the Eye Shooters at a few NY State County fairs. The response was totally positive. Everyone that had a chance to see and shoot with it were impressed with its multi-function capabilities and low price point.

Now comes the next run of production and letting the world know it exists. It’s one thing to invent a great product ready for sales but now I need to raise funds to produce it and bring it to market.

As a contributor to my campaign I am offering a number of perks which include getting complimentary Eye Shooters at certain levels.  I know you will agree that an inexpensive alternative to GoPro type cameras and 1 trick pony gadgets would be very well received.

There are billions of smartphones worldwide. The eye shooter works with  most of them. And it makes people smile ala facies, we need a lot more of those in this world.

The Eye Shooter project has satisfied and surpasseds all my design goals and expectations. Now, after many revisions and improvements, it’s ready, and I Love it!!!!! You will too.  I guarantee it.  

Thank you for your support my friends. 

Tom the doc Barrera

Contact Information:

Tom Barrera

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