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Sep 28, 2016 3:00 EST

Apps360x MEDICAL MARIJUANA SMART APP FOR IPHONE: Developing an iPhone Smart APP to provide the correct Dose for the Metabolism of Cannabis by Genotype utilising a gaming software interface

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 28, 2016



Developing an iPhone Smart APP to provide the correct Dose for the Metabolism of Cannabis by Genotype utilising a gaming software interface.



It is compelling that the CYP450 test can provide so many health benefits when combining information on the holistic profile of the patient that includes herbals for the consumption of Cannabis.

The CYP450 polymorphism profile is linked with orthodox medication selection and dosage and offers the patient with the information required to safely consume cannabis based on their genotype.

Based on this commercial research, it is clear that providing the herbal and drug interaction at the GP, Clinic, and Pharmacy level, would provide the health care professional with the Holy Grail in health. However, the approach as documented here, to put the information in the patient’s hands, leapfrogs all others currently providing the CYP450 test.

To provide a straightforward mobile application that takes all available research and funnels it down to educating the patient.

This could be about the Cannabis regime combined with drug dosage, drug alternatives, herbal alternatives and complement herbals, plus more. The key is that we are in the self-testing market with an app that has the CYP450 worldwide research, combined with the genotype and the patient profile, available as a question app on a mobile device to provide the safe consumption of Cannabis.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please email us at [email protected] with your questions.

Q1. What could my return be on a $5000 investment if the company was successful?

A1. Please have a look at the confidential documents. The business modelling indicates that the $5000 investment today could be worth more $240,000 by December 2018.Q2. What is my money going to be used for?A2. To continue with the research into Cannabis Metabolism, continue to develop the iPhone and iPad Smart app, marketing, Company Infrastructure, Legal Fees for Registration of Intellectual Property.Q3. Why is this a significant opportunity?Q3. Global growing Market as the Consumers take control of understandingtheir own Health with personalised medicine and the understanding of Genetics.

Q4. Why should people care about genetics and Cannabis Dose?

A4. Different people take the same dose but do not experience the same effects. There is a critical need for Medical Practitioners to be educated inCannabis usage. Cannabis Dose 4 you is globally the first application to access the research on Prescription and Over the Counter Medication, Herbals and Herbals. Medication on the combined effects on the Liver and it’s ability to Metabolise.

Q5. Does this business have room for growth outside Cannabis?

A5. Yes this approach that uses Genetics to test the patients ability to metabolise drugs, herbal medicine and food is going to be one of the top BIOTECH sectors in the next 20 years.

Q6. How big is the Medical Marijuana business in the US?

A6. Medical Marijuana Business could grow to 35 Billion by 2020, 24 US States Medical Marijuana is Legal. On the ballot in California in November.

Q7. Does apple approve of Cannabis applications on the iPhone?

A7. Yes, Apple has announced that they will allow Marijuana apps to be available on the App Store.Q8. Who is your Head Scientist?A8. Dr. Ian Spence, PHD in Pharmacology with over 79 papers produced World Wide.

Visualising drug effects

When different people take the same dose of the same drug they do not all experience the same effects. There are many reasons for these differences but we will focus on two:

  • genetic differences between individuals
  • the effects of herbs/foods taken at the same time as the drug

CYP450 Test – Self Test

The test for the Cannabis Patient is a saliva test utilising DNA Genotek’s saliva collection device. The kit preserves the sample for up to three months. The saliva test is as accurate as blood for the CYP450 Test. DNA Genotek is a subsidiary of Orasure Technologies in the USA. Orasure has Lab in Atlanta Georgia that will process the CYP450 Test.

It is important that the focus on the following components:

  • The data base of research has value as a first mover
  • Customer base has value to additional services
  • We know the customer – this is retailers biggest challenge
  • Process that is easily replicated in a global model
  • Our business provides real value to the patient
  • Transaction pricing is low – whilst offering a high value service
  • Complementary to the medical profession where possible
  • Giving back to the community where possible – become a global citizen
  • Our standard is the Platinum Service
  • Annuity Revenue needs to be assured

To create a really great app, the logic and database are well hidden, with the user able to focus on the outcome without the need for technical knowledge and only basic experience using a mobile device. The app will be accessible by all potential patients/users, including the elderly, the handicapped, patients in care and others that may issues with sight the ability to interact with technology. The app will be developed on the IOS (iPad/iPhone) .

The database and logic will be in the ‘Cloud’, with the user down loading the app from Apple. The app can be down loaded by anyone world wide, but can only be activated either by purchasing a subscription or purchasing a test. The app without a purchase will function as marketing vehicle the user has made a purchase. In the marketing vehicle mode, the patient can opt in to receive news from us, they can allow location services to identify where there in the world and then can ask questions or seek additional clarification on the offering.

It is proposed that three phases or subsets of products are provided.

  • Free Down Load from the app stores. This app allows the client to add their specific profile. Ask questions, such as based on my profile should I take this drug or herb. The response will include having the CYP450 test will help answer this question with accuracy.
  • Subscription Model. Provided the client has already had the CYP450 test, then the Client can sign up for a monthly fee to access the database.
  • Order the Test on-line with the DNA collection device sent to you. Pick up a DNA collection device from the Pharmacy or Retailer, down load the app, pay for the test and post the sample to the Lab.


Sherry Canfield


Sherry has over 20 years experience in developing technology solutions with a background in Pharmacy Retail to understand the patients needs.


Dr. Ian Spence

Head Scientist

Ian Spence – Head of Scientific Research PHD Monash University Pharmacologist Consultant 

Contact Information:

Sherry Canfield

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