Moving Water Uphill - The Legacy of Babylon: Quantum Tech DIY! Ancient ‘water engine’ will change how we view energy. Join us as we improve our neighbors lives around the planet. - iCrowdNewswire

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Sep 27, 2016 7:44 PM ET

Moving Water Uphill – The Legacy of Babylon: Quantum Tech DIY! Ancient ‘water engine’ will change how we view energy. Join us as we improve our neighbors lives around the planet.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 27, 2016

Moving Water Uphill – The Legacy of Babylon

by Anthony Scotti / Subtle Energy Paradigms


Quantum Tech DIY! Ancient ‘water engine’ will change how we view energy. Join us as we improve our neighbors lives around the planet.

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About this project

Transformative Technology Technology that inspires change or causes a shift in viewpoint. 

Get ready to be part of something historic! Your support and Kickstarter will help spread this legacy knowledge around the planet, improving the lives of millions of individuals and communities. As a caring individual you can help raise global awareness and ease our neighbors daily struggles. As a member of the human race feel free to help yourself to a slice of humble pie. I’ve already had mine, thanks. (Just think about the difference this will make for people while you do – it’ll make it taste pretty good!). It almost makes up the thousands of years we’ve not benefitted from this process because of our constant headlong rush for new technology without even fully understanding the ramifications of the old. Who knows how much sooner quantum mechanics might have been theorized had we not missed this along the way?

Daily water duties
Daily water duties

 What would you do if you could make water go uphill? Sounds crazy – right? It goes against everything experience led us to believe for 3,000 years (fertile ground for planting hubris). It’s exactly the sort of thing a farmer might need, but think about all the other things you might be able to do with that water. You could use it to heat or cool, generate electricity or even drive gears in machinery. How many other uses might there be?

Imagine a 3,000 or even 5,000 year old process as simple and beautiful as the quantum energy revealed in the transient hydraulic surge pictured below. When the natural kinetic and potential energies of air,water and gravity meet that little halo splash of energy, magic still happens. With an hours time and a few dollars invested in PVC and tubing you can harness the quantum energy field just like the trillion dollar big-boy fusion reactors and even better, your pledge will benefit others.

A Silhouette of Subtle Energy
A Silhouette of Subtle Energy

The process combines three elements as understood by ancient peoples – earth, air and water. Babylonian irrigation technology was legendary, yet only referenced as ‘water engines’ in the Greek historian Herodotus’ otherwise detailed description of Babylon, suggesting proprietary knowledge of the process was jealously guarded and known by few, which would make the preservation of that knowledge uncertain in light of wars, pestilence or famine. The world moved on without looking back and the quest for this arcane process became the domain of ‘crackpots and dreamers’. It certainly was not considered serious research by academics but I predict that’s about to change.

In many parts of the world people must spend hours every day just to get drinking water. Second only to electricity, a water supply to a village is the easiest way to increase that village’s production potential as a means to a better life. Compound this with agricultural benefits and you exponentially increase those means.

Village Water Run
Village Water Run

Water is so critical for life that societies have always expended significant amounts of their resources to insure it’s availability. The Babylonians, Greeks, Turks, Etruscans and Romans all had a hand in developing many hydraulic devices like the standpipes and siphons that our water supply systems still use today. The possibility one of these people had knowledge or capabilities beyond ours seems remote, as we picture them working in mediums of mud bricks, wood or stone. If accomplished, they could only have done it in a simple, straight-forward manner. 

1st Century Roman Aqueduct - Segovia, Spain
1st Century Roman Aqueduct – Segovia, Spain

 It was! 

When I finally stumbled onto the process after 4 years of research and experiments, I was shocked. While pressure testing a new chamber design for leaks, the “eureka” moment literally hit me in the eye. I felt wet, vindicated and embarrassed all at the same time. Not only was the process simple but well within the grasp of people 3,000 or perhaps even 5,000 years ago!

Yet it has eluded modern man for the past 3,000 years?!

Sometimes it’s important to look back.

 Subtle Energy

If you’ve heard of it, most likely you’re thinking about the subtle energy of the human consciousness that people are exploring. It’s a quantifiable force, but an even more interesting aspect of it is that it’s something we organics share with non organic matter. It flows from the quantum energy field and imbues everything and everybody with their own natural state energies. Think of it as the quantum vibration that gives all matter an individual energy signature even at a resting state. It might even be part of what makes us all look different even though we’re basically the same (theoretical physicists tell us there’s nothing but particles). 

Harnessing Natural State Energy

Physics class tells you energy cannot be destroyed only transformed (conservation of energy). That’s what’s going on here and it all begins with natural state energies which according to the Periodic Table of Elements are defined by the elements atomic structure. Nuclear reactors use the natural state energies of elements brought to critical mass, producing energy in the form of heat caused by the atomic decay of those elements. The heat energy produced to drive the steam turbines generating electricity is rather small compared to the ‘leftovers’, a huge amount of energy that will be with us for thousands of years in the deadly form of  spent radioactive fuel. Nuclear reactors are very much like a fireplace burning logs, they have to break down elements to release the quantum energy – but not just any elements – the rarest and most dangerous ones! That’s why radiation is an inevitable byproduct of the process. I’m not picking on Nuclear, we have got to stop the fossil fuel debacle that’s strangling our planet and in comparison, the nuclear solution may be the lesser of the evils.

Fukushima Reactor
Fukushima Reactor

Quantum Reality Check

An obviously safer and more efficient process is one where the natural state energies of common elements are combined to produce energy without destroying the elements or even dissipating their natural energies. At this point it might occur to you that if all the natural energy going into the apparatus is coming out the other end, where does the energy to move the water come from? Good question – you’ve been paying attention so you can probably guess where this is going. Air’s natural state energy makes it buoyant while water’s natural state energy gives water molecules a very strong but elastic molecular bond. Imagine what a process harnessing these energies might be like, one that taps the quantum field, but unlike it’s demented nuclear cousin smashing molecular bonds apart to transform them into heat energy, this incredibly simple process merely stretches water molecule bonds like rubber bands, transforming the bonds resultant quantum flux into energy that helps move water for extended distances and more than 33 feet high by means of a continuous hydro-kinetic cycle.

 What contrivance applied to this elemental force of the universe as we understand it, could possibly turn it to Man’s advantage?

Babylon's Hanging Gardens
Babylon’s Hanging Gardens

I believe 3000 years ago, people were doing it. Archeologists today are painfully aware the ancients possessed certain skills we’ve yet to acquire.

– One less now.

I believe that 90% of you reading this could rummage through your workshop, shed or basement and build your own by dinnertime because the simplicity of the design is ironic testimony to our collective hubris in neglecting the ‘water moving uphill’ riddle for so long. If they accomplished this, Babylonians were the last recorded civilization to use the process in their hanging gardens, the only one of the ancient ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ whose location has never been verified, and their legacy has waited 3,000 years for us to catch up. This quantum energy process might just set a record for being the lowest tech possible, affordable for the poorest to build for themselves and potentially life-changing for millions of people.

Woman with child collecting water
Woman with child collecting water


 project video thumbnail


The next time someone tells you something “- can’t be done!”, what will you say now that you’ve seen water moving uphill?

A 3-part harmony of air, water and gravity, their natural state energies remaining undiminished, propagates a continuous hydro-kinetic cycle producing usable work…energy.




Backer's Certificate
Backer’s Certificate


6" Founding Backer Sticker
6″ Founding Backer Sticker



SEP T-Shirt
SEP T-Shirt







Risks and challenges

This is a fluid handling process that has never been publicly recorded. It might evident a new chapter of Fluid Dynamics or a new paradigm for conservation of energy. Although patent searches have shown no existing patent records for this process, I am still pending. The reason for the extended dates for drawings and pump modules promised for backers is they cannot be mailed until the USPTO approves the patent as confidentiality must be maintained until then as per USPTO guidelines. A fulfillment center has already been negotiated and is standing by.

The decision to undertake a Kickstarter round was not an easy one since my patent has not yet been awarded and I am exposing my invention beforehand – even though I’m not revealing any proprietary details of the process – this is too important and the world needs it right now. This will empower millions of impoverished people around the globe to transform their daily lives simply and inexpensively. Your support and Kickstarter will help spread this legacy knowledge worldwide to benefit everyone.

Kickstarter funds raised will be used to fulfill rewards, file international patents and initiate the commercial licensing and marketing process. Qualified 501c3 humanitarian water initiatives will receive priority licensing. First order of business, a white paper on the energy conservation value of the process must be written,verified and published. Scientific validation requiring the skills of a Doctorate in Fluid Mechanics is key to valuation of the process for commercial licensing. Is there a Doctor in the house?

In addition to providing a life changing opportunity for less fortunate individuals and communities, the process, having applications in innumerable fields, will enable existing facilities to produce in a significantly more energy efficient manner while newer facilities designed around the technology will benefit from an even greater level of efficiency. Once the conservation of energy numbers are verified and published in a professional physics publication, government grants and industry demand will be addressed.


Contact Information:

Anthony Scotti / Subtle Energy Paradigms

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