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Sep 27, 2016 3:47 PM ET


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Little Artista -  an art history book for children







Not Just an Art History Book

Little Artista is not a book that covers only the information that anyone can find online. It focuses on the inspirational elements of each artists’ life. That’s why we have a school counselor in our team to make sure that the stories are written in a perfect form for children.

In addition to the top class paper and colorful design, hardcover book is huge with dimensions of 6.4 x 9.2 inches.

Little Artista will be funded with Kickstarter.com in a week. (22-23/09)

Art Does Not Belong to a Group!

Everybody knows Da Vinci but what about Mary Cassatt? Are you really familiar with the great female artists? This is the main reason behind Little Artista; Equality! And children should grow knowing that the art is not a thing that is only created by man or in Europe or America but also in Sahara Desert.

Being unique is not only related to the content. Supporting Little Artista will give your kid, your little artista, an opportunity to publish her/his art. An additional collection to the second volume, will cover the art pieces you send.

This is how the interior will look like; different color for each artist’s page.

Join The Crowd And Have A Chance To Get It Free!!

“Creating art is a fine way for children to make choices and solve problems. Every step involves making a decision: what color to use, how to make a line, what size to make something. With every choice the object becomes more and more their own.”*

Teach Your Children Well: A Teacher’s Advice for Parents.

Frasuli Books is a fresh team aiming to contribute the future. We believe that art is the greatest way to teach our kids to respect and love! We are two art historian, one historian and one school councelor and we are committed to Little Artista! Future needs you to get involved in this promising project. 

 Aliekber POLAT

He studied History of Art in Trakya University. Following his graduation he began his master degree in the same university. Studying on “Hasan Yucel Period Plastic Arts” he was able to improve himself by making research on such specific topic . He currently works in Usak Archaeology Museum as an art historian.

Gülnur İlk

Gülnur Ilk was born in Istanbul on 4th August in 1988. She graduated with a degree from Istanbul University, Faculty of Education, Departments of Guidance and Councelling and Social Sciences Education in 2009. She worked as the Faculty student assistant. She completed her MA study at the Institute of Educational Sciences in Istanbul University in 2014. She still works as the school counsellor at Başakşehir Anatolian High School in İstanbul. She also continues her higher level psychotherapy education in Birey Aile Çocuk Terapileri Enstitüsü(BAÇTE) while at the same time she gives psychological guidance and counselling services.

Zeynep Yazicioglu

She was born in Istanbul in 1988. Following her graduation from Istanbul University, History Department she began her master degree in the same university. Plus, she graduated from Istanbul Aydin University, Applied Translation in Spanish in 2015.

Seccad Yazicioglu

Seccad was born in 1988 in Ankara. Having a great interest in fine arts he improved his drawing skills. Seccad studied Archaeology and History of Art in Bilkent University and he continues his education on Roman Art in Yildirim Beyazit University while working in Usak Archaeology Museum as an art historian. Seccad and Zeynep are married and waiting for their first kid!


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