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Sep 27, 2016 4:38 PM ET

Influx – INFLUX boosts WiFi signal by over 1.5X. Get max range, speed. Simply.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 27, 2016


INFLUX boosts WiFi signal by over 1.5X. Get max range, speed. Simply.


There is an immediate multi-million dollar business opportunity in the wireless market created by the rapidly changing needs of millions of WiFi users.

INFLUX improves wireless connections by boosting signals and filtering background noise from competing networks. This helps users get maximum speed, range, and connectivity from their devices.

This INFLUX team has the experience, skillset, and is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this opportunity today.


Problem: Weak WiFi and Cellular Signals

Do you have that one room in your house where you…can’t…quite…stream Netflix smoothly? Have you experienced lag and buffering?

You are not alone. We have too! So we designed a range of products to address this universal problem. Our products provide better connectivity for wireless devices so you can get the best possible connection at all times.

WiFi usage and the number of WiFi networks are increasing every day. Yet, frequently our experience with these networks is frustrating due to spotty or slow WiFi performance caused by background noise (interference) from surrounding WiFi networks. These competing wireless signals make it harder and harder for our devices to connect smoothly. Many new WiFi routers try to solve this by “shouting” louder, but that just adds to the growing problem of WiFi signal interference.



Solution: Improved Connectivity

INFLUX has designed simple WiFi accessories that cancel out the background noise and immediately boost signal strength by at least 1.5X. These new products create cleaner, stronger signals and require no electricity, set-up, or software to run. INFLUX products improve the performance of virtually all WiFi routers.


Our patented technology also increases the wireless sensitivity of mobile phones and tablets giving users better signal and range.

The INFLUX team has developed four categories of connectivity products, including (1) router or access point signal boosters, (2) mobile phone signal boosters, (3) tablet cases, and (4) mobile accessories specifically made for OtterBox Products.

Our flagship product is our simple yet effective WiFi Maximizing Router Dock. Our WiFi Maximizing Router Dock turns your router into a peak performer by cancelling out noise and boosting signal (up to 50%) giving you maximum gaming performance, maximum streaming speeds, and maximum range from your router.

Our Router Dock is not only effective – it’s also easy to use. Simply place it under your router and go. There’s no software and no setup necessary. Best of all, it works with virtually any router.

INFLUX will begin selling our products on our website in August 2016. We plan to offer our products online on a variety of ecommerce sites and in store at large retailers.


The INFLUX WiFi maximizing router dock is a cavity resonance absorber (reducing unwanted noise and interference) and a high powered reflector (redirecting the WiFi signal by modifying the radiation pattern of the WiFi antenna).

Acting like a high-powered WiFi reflector, its patented seven layers of advanced composite technology increase home WiFi signal strength up to 50% by focusing and directing the WiFi signal where it is needed most. It amplifies the performance of virtually any router while reducing buffering time and eliminating the halting hiccups of streaming content.


This revolutionary technology was developed to overcome connectivity challenges while running experiments in challenging wireless environments. These breakthroughs in connectivity performance are embedded into every INFLUX product. 


INFLUX has accomplished a great deal in just a little over a year. We founded INFLUX in March 2015. Then, we developed the prototype of our router dock in August 2015. We introduced our products at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in January 2016 where INFLUX was named “BEST OF CES” in Wireless/WiFi/Router Product.

We launched the WiFi Maximizing Router Dock on our website in August, we launched on Amazon in September and we continue to launch  other major websites within the next 60 days. Our team already launched our products internationally in June 2016.

INFLUX has already had a great deal of success. Imagine what we can do going forward.

Request access to the business plan tab of this profile to see where INFLUX is going and how you can help us get there.


Ben Richardson, CEO and Founder
In his role as CEO and Founder, Ben focuses on corporate oversight, product design, commercialization, and market strategy. He is a globally recognized industrial designer with experience working for Yakima, Black Diamond, Hewlett Packard, and Nike. Ben is also an entrepreneur and his first startup reached $1 million in sales in the first year. Now, he is revolutionizing the wireless connectivity industry with INFLUX. 


John Danielson, COO
As COO, John’s primary role is to maximize the operational effectiveness of commercialization, production, and service processes. In a similar role at Nike, he was a member of the executive team who launched the Nike Equipment division, growing it to $250 million in 2 years.  Throughout his career at Nike, Adidas, Nautilus, and his consulting company, John has worked to develop effective business plans, strategically integrate external partners, lead process improvement, and deliver exceptional service to customers – all with an infectious enthusiasm.

Contact Information:

Ben Richardson, CEO and Founder

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