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Sep 27, 2016 3:35 PM ET

Crowdability : Zootly LLC – Uber for moving

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 27, 2016

Zootly LLC

Uber for moving




Automotive Services


New York, New York

Zootly is changing how the world moves. Whether you’re an artist moving your work to a show across town, a student moving an apartment or a contractor moving materials to a new job, Zootly is your on-demand cost-effective moving solution. Choose where and when to move your goods.

Zootly makes it simple, immediate and easy. Create and follow your move on your smartphone. Identify the pickup location and destination and your move is under way. Zootly is working with trusted and reliable partners from the moving and transportation industry. All Zootly partners are licensed and insured. Download the Zootly app today!

Competitive Advantage

First mover advantage in the NYC market provides Zootly with the opportunity to become the default on-demand movement solution establishing the brand in one of the greatest cities on earth.

Certification – Zootly is picky when it comes to our partner network. There are strict guidelines and an in-depth vetting process to become “Zootly Certified”. Zootly accreditation is an ongoing review process to ensure consumers and our brand are protected.

Brand – Zootly is building a consumer brand based on trust and best practices with in the moving industry. User experience related to our applications and the experience with our moving network is considered in the design of our solutions and processes.

Partner Network – Zootly is focused on promoting the best of the industry while letting the less than reputable slowly fade away. Our partners and the human and physical assets they bring to bare are a huge differentiator for Zootly. We may be asset light but we are partner rich!
Technology – Zootly’s primary focus has been on the provision of rock solid scalable technology. Our business architects and development team have built a solid solution platform that can grow as fast as our business.

Compliance – Zootly is engaged in disrupting the inefficiency of the moving and last mile logistics industry but not its foundation. Zootly believes that working with existing industry professionals and adhering to existing regulations that protect consumers is the best for the company and our consumer.

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Zootly LLC

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