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Sep 26, 2016 9:21 AM ET

Archived: Vesta Holdings North America provides commercial warehousing, strategic stocking, transportation and distribution services throughout the United States and Canada

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 26, 2016

Vesta Holdings North America LLC Logo

Vesta Holdings North America LLC

Dallas, TX 75201-5808, US
Transportation & Distribution

Vesta Holdings North America provides commercial warehousing, strategic stocking, transportation and distribution services throughout the United States and Canada. Vesta Home Delivery (Vesta), a subsidiary of Vesta Holdings North America, specializes in building customized home delivery and in-home assembly applications.

Vesta’s vision is to be recognized in North America as home delivery and in-home assembly experts who provide a delightful service experience while contributing to environmental sustainability.

Vesta was the Roman goddess of hearth and home and the name was chosen with a purpose; to recognize the emotion and critical touch points involved with service to and inside someone’s home. This is the cornerstone of the strategy; focus on the consumer and invest in unique processes and controls so the company consistently delights. When that goal is attained, the customer is happy, the retailer is happy, the investors are happy and so are the owners and employees. The singularity in focus allows the entire company to wrap itself around achieving the vision of becoming home delivery and in-home assembly experts. By design, the focus on just these two service types offered to customers needing these Vesta business-to-consumer services will create the market leader position of competency and aligned service.

Our mission, to be recognized by customers and employees as a fantastic service company aligned with it’s people, customers and strategic partners. Vesta is a business-to-consumer (B2C) transportation company offering Home Delivery and in – home assembly with a focus on the engagement experience.

Products / Services

In Home Assembly and Delivery Transportation

Provide In Home assembly and delivery services to IKEA.

Store Replenishment

Provide store replenishment, distribution and strategic stocking services for major retailers particularly in the apparel business.

Medical Equipment – Durable Medical Goods

Provide “in home” medical equipment setup and calibration, deliver durable medical goods.

Sports and Fitness

Provide “in home” fitness equipment setup and calibration.



Senior Vice President Operations
John Warren

J. Pete Warren has enjoyed success in the transportation industry as a manager, strategist and leader for the past 22 years. After beginning his career in 1990 as Operations Manager for Memphis Backstreet Couriers, Pete found a home with Texas based Dynamex Inc., North America’s leader in in same-day delivery, freight distribution, transportation and logistics. Starting out as Assistant Business Center Manager at the Dallas branch, Pete advanced through several regional and corporate roles, the mot recent being Director of Sales Planning and Support.

During his tenure o those various roles, Pete honed honed his abilities and widened his skill set in all areas of the corporation by tackling projects from operating system integration, territory management design and implementation, creation of revenue management and pricing team, to being instrumental in redesigning Dynamex’s brand, sales strategy and organizational structure.

Senior Vice President Sales
Cecil Rials

Cecil Rials is a respected executive with over 23 years experience in the transportation and logistics industry with a focus in operational excellence, legacy and non-legacy sales growth. Cecil has held various executive and VP level roles in the industry within both sales and operations with responsibilities across all of North America.

While playing key roles in operations Cecil focused on operational and financial performance, executing the companies growth strategy, leadership development and profit growth which led to the construction of a proprietary land transport network between the US, Mexico and Canada.

Cecil’s sales experience consists of supporting the business in National and Global account management roles at Stagecoach Cartage and Distribution and Schenker Logisitics. While at Dynamex Cecil was responsible for the growth strategy of the companies second largest customer, IKEA, which included the development-deployment of the in-home assembly offering.


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4 years, 1 month90Other Transportation & Distribution


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Cecil E. Rials

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