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Sep 26, 2016 8:34 PM ET

Archived: tweenly: swimwear that makes tween girls feel confident. Cute, modest swimwear for tween girls so they can be themselves – confident and beautiful – because they are more precious than jewels.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 26, 2016

tweenly: swimwear that makes tween girls feel confident

Cute, modest swimwear for tween girls so they can be themselves – confident and beautiful – because they are more precious than jewels.

About this project

When my daughter was about 10 years old, we went shopping for a bathing suit and I was appalled at the fact that many of the bathing suits were highly sexualized. Really? At this age? We could not find a cute, modest bathing suit for her. Why are girls being forced to grow up so fast? Why aren’t there more modest options for girls without the styles being so boring? Girls shouldn’t have to choose from two extremes – sexy or boyish. 

After looking at hundreds of bathing suits and finding nothing that was appropriate for my tween daughter, I decided to make my own. After hearing from many moms that they faced the same challenge, I knew that a company focused on stylish but modest bathing suits was a good thing.  

What Makes tweenly Different?

tweenly swimwear gives girls the confidence to be themselves without worrying about showing too much. There are a number of features on tweenly bathing suits girls will love:

  • full lining for modesty
  • adjustable straps for a better fit
  • longer tankini tops to cover the midriff
  • shorts and a skirt (not available for this campaign, unless our funding exceeds our goal) rather than a bikini bottom 
  • a rash guard with a shelf bra so you don’t have to buy another bathing suit to wear underneath

We need backers who believe strongly that girls need more options for swimwear that don’t flaunt it all. In order to go to production with the first bathing suit, we need your support! We’ve designed and created sample bathing suits (shown on the video), which required us to source for the fabric, hire a pattern maker, obtain a garment manufacturing license, work out all the intricacies of the bathing suit design and find a garment manufacturer. This project is ready to go into production. Will you partner with us?












Risks and challenges

While there are always risks and challenges that come with completing a project, we have made sure that we have a contingency plan for obstacles we may face. The biggest risk we see is production delays. We are relying on the manufacturer to produce the bathing suits; therefore, if there is an influx of workload from other companies at the same time, there may be delays on the part of the manufacturer. However, we have built in some extra time in the delivery date to account for possible delays as well as have a reputable, back-up manufacturer.

Contact Information:

Kathy Kwon

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