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Sep 26, 2016 4:36 PM ET

Archived: Laauw | Dutch Leather Bags: Laauw is a young Dutch brand that created a collection of leather bags that meets the needs of today’s life in the city.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 26, 2016

Laauw | Dutch Leather Bags

Laauw is a young Dutch brand that created a collection of leather bags that meets the needs of today’s life in the city.

About this project

Introducing Laauw

First of all, thank you for taking time to check out our campaign!

Laauw is a Dutch fashion brand founded by three young friends with their roots in the south of the Netherlands. Inspired by the rich history of the leather industry in this region, we try to continue the honour of crafting leather products, like our grandfathers did. Therefore, leather is the starting point of all our collections.

After the successful first collection inspired by our capital Amsterdam, the new collection is inspired by a capital with a bit more sunshine, Madrid. This decision was made easy due to the fact that one of our team members is living in the center of Madrid. Together with our backers we would like to make this collection reality! As we are a young brand, we would like to learn from you in any possible way. All kind of suggestions, critiques or encouragements are more than welcome. For all the backers we offer free worldwide shipping, a favourable discount compared to the retail price and you’ll receive your bag before the official launch hits the shops!

The MAD Collection

Madrid is characterized by its trendy districts like Chueca and Malaseña. Despite the fact that Madrid is constantly evolving with the times, these districts have kept their own identity. This identity combined with the historical buildings, the culture, and the Madrileños themselves have led to a great inspiration for our new collection. The designs of the bags are the result of combining the trendy aspects of Madrid with the down to earth and relatable identity of Laauw. The name of each bag is linked to a Metro Stop in Madrid that brings you to a district that is indicative to the use of its bag. 

Each product of Laauw tells a unique story. When used, the leather bag will become more beautiful; the characteristics of the leather like wrinkles and shades become more intense. Basically, the more you use the bag, the better it will look. All these beautiful details make each bag of Laauw totally unique.

We would now like to present the seven models of the MAD collection! All of them are available in 2 colour combinations:








About Laauw 

The home base of Laauw is Waalwijk (a city in the south of the Netherlands) and is known as the heart of the Dutch leather industry. This region is full of craftsmen who are raised with the passion and love for leather. It seems somewhat fitting that all of our grandfathers had their job in the leather industry. Laauw is privileged to continue this honour and puts this love and passion for leather first in every collection. All products of Laauw are designed in the Netherlands and each collection of Laauw is themed by a major city. Laauw aims to grow into a global brand by combining the Dutch down to earth mentality with the unique characteristics of various major cities around the world.

Meet the team

Three friends who are passionate about the leather craftsmanship of their hometown Waalwijk and have become inspired by the differences in cultures and characteristics of major cities – all of this resulting in a love for simple yet effective designs.

Rob van Ravenstein: Before Laauw was founded, Rob gained several years of experience in the high-end leather and interior industries. During the last 5 years Rob has become a true leather expert and effectively uses his knowledge to help create the collections of Laauw. He spent his time searching high and low for the perfect kind of leather for this collection. He felt the urge to select quality leather while keeping it at an affordable price.

Dorus Leenaarts: The globetrotter of Laauw. During his studies in Amsterdam, Dorus got inspired by the city life. Dorus also experienced living in cities in Scandinavia and is currently living in Madrid. Furthermore, in his many travels he experienced the needs of living in big cities like New York, Singapore and Bangkok. In short, Dorus knows the drill of living in a big city. Due to the fast-paced and busy lifestyle in a city, he realized the need for products that make living in a city both more comfortable and stylish.

Joep Janssen: His unprejudiced character and his passion for simple yet relaxed only became stronger during his journey through Asia. Once back home in The Netherlands he gave the finishing touch to the collection by keeping the designs simple yet unique. Following much research the typical base of each bag which features in most of the models is an idea introduced by Joep.

Simple, relaxed, yet stylish. That is Laauw









Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone that made this project possible so far. Ana Hurtado Gil & Jimmy Jansen that were our models in the shoot, Bea Hohenleiter the photographer of our shoot, Daan Bullock for the video, Wieske Leenaarts for the product photos, Maria Cabanes for arranging everything around the shoot and Joep Klerx as a friend of our brand from day one!

Thank you!

Risks and challenges

Laauw exclusively uses genuine leather. The charm of natural products like leather are the natural characteristics like scarves and colour shades. Therefore, we tried to show as best as possible the colour of our products on the pictures, but a little colour difference is always possible. Exactly these beautiful details makes each bag of Laauw unique. In fact, not a single piece of leather is the same.

We will send out a survey as soon as the project ends. Here you can state your preferences regarding colour, and you can let us know the exact address you want to get your reward shipped to. The goal is to ship all the rewards in January 2017, so they will be at your doorstep latest in February 2017! It can depend on your location when you exactly receive the reward, but you can expect it before the end of February 2017.

Contact Information:


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