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Archived: Help us build LINE the pavilion! Earlier this year, 21 lucky architecture students from the University of Western Australia gained the experience of a lifetime.

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Help us build LINE the pavilion!

The story…


Earlier this year, 21 lucky architecture students from the University of Western Australia gained the experience of a lifetime.


Lisbon based firm EMBAIXADA Arquitectura invited students from UWA to participate in a 6-week intensive studio, an associate project of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, with the final output being a pavilion to be constructed for the Triennale’s 4th edition.


Out of 5 proposals, our project, LINE the pavilion, has been selected to be built, but we need your help to turn this extraordinary opportunity into a reality.

About LINE the pavilion



Radical architecture isn’t about form making. It is about architecture that is close to the roots, or close to essential.


We are constantly drawing and creating lines that mean something or create something…create space. We create spaces with the lines that we draw on paper and similarly with our eyes when we visit a place. Is it possible to inhabit a drawing? How can we inhabit a line?

This concept is explored in the design of LINE the pavilion. The narrative of the line has been translated via rope to explain an architecture that attempts to define what is essential to inhabit a place.


The line creates shadow, shelter, intimacy and community.


The composition of the lines gives the space its functionality.


The spaces are perfectly clear, yet perfectly ambiguous – from different distances, the visibility and comprehension of the line is altered. When standing in the pavilion the visitor is able to perceive the spaces that the line creates. When looking at the pavilion from afar, the line becomes blurred.


The thinness of the material requires the visitor to actively engage with the pavilion.


The line is in search for space. The line is creating space. The line is full and empty at the same time.


Lisbon Architecture Triennale



The world is transformed through architecture. The Form of Form, the fourth edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, is curated by André Tavares and Diogo Seixas Lopes. It aims to address current trends and explore the possibilities of architecture as a cultural device for producing built forms, exploring the ways in which architecture is able to transform the world.


Founded in 2007, the Lisbon Architecture Triennale is an open platform for debate, research and promotion of contemporary architecture. Its fourth edition comprises 67 days filled with 4 main exhibitions, 7 Satellites, 3 Awards, 1 Competition, 1 International Conference, 14 Associated Projects, and much more. This extraordinary set of events will highlight the diversity of Lisbon’s urban landscape, inviting the public to explore unexpected places, discovering newpaths in the city and its surroundings.

The Team


We are four architecture students all currently completing our Master’s degree at the University of Western Australia. 


It is rare for students’ work to be showcased in built form, let alone on an international stage – this is an amazing opportunity for all of us, as well as for Australia to partake in this international exhibition. We are all extremely excited about the potential of this project!


Throughout this journey we have been lucky enough to have the assistance of Lisbon architecture firm,EMBAIXADA Arquitectura, who have offered up their time, support and guidance to help bring our project to life.

(Left: Charlotte Lane, Katarina Schnell, Anne Plunkett, Julia Kaptein, Charlotte Smail
Right: Katarina Schnell, Charlotte Smail, Charlotte Lane, Julia Kaptein, Jorge Mealha, João Pires Antunes, Kirill De Lancastre Jedenov)

How The Funds Will Be Used

Together we have funded the initial supply and testing of materials and fixings on site. 

We need your help to make the rest happen!


All of the funds we raise will go towards the materials needed to construct the pavilion. 

Any additional money raised will go towards the manpower required to construct the pavilion.

The Challenges

We have a short time to make this happen!

The 4th edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale is fast approaching. 


The opening for the pavilion is scheduled for the 5th of October!! So it is now or never!

We are relying on your generous support to help build our pavilion, so please, if you are able to donate, do so now before you forget!


Contact Information:

LINE the pavilion

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