Ettore Bikes - Most affordable folding Electric Bike ever! We've built the best affordable folding eBike ever made. Fully featured, fully assembled at an unbeatable price point. - iCrowdNewswire

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Sep 26, 2016 1:52 PM ET

Ettore Bikes – Most affordable folding Electric Bike ever! We’ve built the best affordable folding eBike ever made. Fully featured, fully assembled at an unbeatable price point.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 26, 2016

Ettore Bikes – Most affordable folding Electric Bike ever!

About this project

Ettore Bikes – The best, most affordable folding eBike on Earth.





The Ettore Folding eBike project was created to build a stunning looking electric bike that is extremely reliable as well as cost conscious. It includes a completely hidden electric drivetrain system and it’s fully loaded with features to create an incredible riding experience. Not to mention, it’s by far the best, most affordable folding electric bike out there.  We invite you to compare our specs to the competitors – we built this to rule the folding eBike market once and for all.



  • The best bang-for-your-buck in the market, including free shipping to the US/EU/UK.
  • Folds in a matter of seconds.  Anyone can easily fold it!
  • 250W Motor – delivers up to 20MPH speed silently, hidden from sight
  • Over 35+ miles real world tested range with our PAS (Pedal-Assist System)
  • Extremely water-resistant & weatherproof design
  • LCD dashboard with MPH, battery life and trip computer/odometer
  • Removable battery – can charged inside and outside of the bike.  Additional batteries (not included) available.
  • Designed in and shipped from the USA


Become a backer of Ettore Bikes and choose a reward. You will essentially be pre-ordering an Ettore eBike. You’ll get a special discounted price, and be one of the first Ettore Bike owners in the world, well before it’s offered anywhere else.







Fully Foldable in Seconds!

Completely foldable in a matter of seconds!  The Ettore Bike is designed to be super easy to store and travel with.  Take it on a train, take it camping, take it to work and fold it under your desk while it charges; the possibilities are endless.  The frame also has a handle subtly designed into it, to make carrying upstairs into your office that much easier.


Battery & Drivetrain

A removable hidden Samsung cell 36V/8AH battery powers a 250W in-hub motor, and the battery can be recharged inside and outside of the bike for convenience.  You can swap the battery in a matter of seconds without any tools, so carrying a spare easily doubles your range making sure the fun never ends.  Everything’s completely hidden to the eye, unlike competitors with unsafe and unattractive exposed battery placement.  We’ve built the battery to slide out of the bike frame, and it locks in place with an included key for extra security.  It looks much more appealing that way, and it’s extremely water resistant.

Extremely Water Resistant & Incredible Build Quality

The Ettore Bike is designed to withstand bad weather and rough roads.  It’s extremely resilient, weather resistant, and built to last a lifetime.  Featuring a high-strength lightweight aluminum alloy frame and double aluminum alloy wheels, we made this bike to take the abuse of riding it to work every day.  It feels solid, strong and ready to take on the road.

LCD Dashboard 

A backlit LCD Dashboard is standard on the Ettore eBike, and is the center of control for your riding.  Monitor your battery life, switch between Pedal Assist System / full eBike mode, and even log your rides with a full fledged trip computer and odometer. All are standard features on the Ettore eBike.

Pedal Assist System & eBike Mode

Our pedal assist system (PAS) seamlessly takes over to give you that extra kick you always wished you had when riding a bike. You pedal, and the motor seamlessly joins in, giving that boost you always wanted. We also have a full eBike mode which means on-demand power with a simple twist of the throttle.  You can always pedal the bike even if it’s turned off or out of battery, just like a regular bike.  In pedal-assist mode, we’ve reached over 35 miles of real world range.

LED Headlight & Horn

We wanted to include in our list of standard features a LED headlight and horn, so you’re ready to hit the road the minute you unbox your bike. These accessories are controlled right from the handlebars, and work off the main battery so there’s no need to ever replace additional batteries.


  • We back our product with a two year warranty on the bike and battery. If you have a defective product within that time frame, contact us and we’ll make it right. As biking has normal wear & tear, this does not cover tires, brakes, chain etc. 
  • 14 day money back guarantee – we know you’re going to love what we’ve created, but if you’re not satisfied for some reason as long as the bike is new/resellable condition, we’ll refund you, no questions asked. 
  • US Customers: We plan on having the bikes shipped within the USA. Our price includes everything to get it to your door – no surprise duty/customs/shipping fees later on. We realized shipping a bike and battery from overseas isn’t cost-effective, so we are shipping within the USA.
  • EU/UK customers, we are delighted to serve you!  You are responsible for all taxes/duty on the bike, so check your country’s import duties before purchasing.  Check this list for more details.






 Photos are taken on a closed course.  Wear a helmet when riding.  Check your local eBike laws before purchasing.

Our vision for Ettore Bikes does not end here – it’s only the beginning. The future for Ettore Bikes spans various models and types of bikes.  We’ve already begun designing a high-performance version of our current offering, as well as sketches for a unique folding mountain/all-terrain bike for outdoors. We plan on building a full brand and cultural movement behind our bike company, and we’re excited to have you sit alongside us for the ride.

We wholeheartedly appreciate all of the support our backers have provided in helping us bring the dream of Ettore Bikes to reality.  To each and every one of you, thank you all.

– Don & Pat

Risks and challenges

Our team comes from a logistics and technical background, and we’re prepared to deal with the challenges that come with manufacturing and delivering to the customers. We will have 100% transparency through the entire project, and will keep customers as well updated on the project as we are.

The prototype shown was manufactured at the same factory we’ll use for the final product for consistency. We simply require the financial backing to close the gap in producing a large amount of them. To ensure consistency, we are planning on sending some of our team to oversee the manufacturing process to ensure consistency and a high level of quality control.

We are ready, excited and prepared to deliver our eBike to you!

Contact Information:

Don Skotnicki

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