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Sep 26, 2016 12:21 PM ET

Archived: emere is positioned to be a disruptive business in retail with a unique mobile commerce solution that shrinks the supply chain and simplifies the payment model, enabling more direct interaction between supplier and consumer

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 26, 2016

emere, inc.

Houston, TX 77289, US
Business Products & Services

emere is positioned to be a disruptive business in retail with a unique mobile commerce solution that shrinks the supply chain and simplifies the payment model, enabling more direct interaction between supplier and consumer. With our patent pending system and process, emere can eliminate or reduce transaction fees for retailers and offer an improved purchase experience for consumers, removing barriers for use and enabling a tighter relationship between supplier and consumer.

Our initial target is the $20+ B retail vending and mobile food market with expansion into general retail. With emere tools, retail vendors can drive sales and push market special offers enabling expansion into non-traditional vended products like fresh foods or healthy foods. This market will allow us to focus on the vending retailers with a low cost, no risk solution and allow each machine to pull initial consumers as we advertise promotions.

With an initial focus on universities and the surrounding communities we can overcome the early ramp up challenges of focusing on broad, general markets. Universities are ideal ecosystems for emere; concentrated progressive consumers who are intimately tied to their phones, willing to use new technology, and a large appetite for promotions and discounted products.

As consumers opt in to receive special promotions and offers through their mobile device, emere can provide a mechanism for retail vending operators and their suppliers to communicate directly to the consumers in a market that historically has no communication with end consumers.

emere offers retail vendors a mechanism for targeting of consumers based on individual buying patterns, purchase history, or location, providing the ability to drive sales of all products or specific products. Never before have retail vendors been able to drive sales easily nor target offers to individuals or groups. emere will help retail vendors drive their business while reducing costs, increasing

Products / Services


emere interface device sold to vending operators. This device will serve as a communication interface between an unattended vending machine or kiosk and a consumer with a smart phone application. The eID will be a low cost device sold to vending companies and sold through vending manufacturers.

Mobile Commerce

emere business model includes one of two service options. If a retailer desires a fixed cost model, a monthly subscription service is available where a small fixed price per interface device or downloaded application will be charged with no per transaction fee. If a retailer wants to operate under a tradition transaction fee, a small (3%) fee will be charged per transaction.

Retailer mCommerce App

An application for typical cash retailers to download and run on a smart phone to be able to tack cashless transactions. There is no planned cost for this application download, retailers will sign up to a monthly fee model or a per transaction model. Simple to use with daily close and transfer of funds allows daily access to cash without cash handling costs.

Target Offers

Targeted offers is a system for retailers to use to push offers directly to consumers; either discounts or free product offers. These offers can be location based or across all emere enabled systems. Offers can be targeted to specific groups or individual. This capability can open up new avenues of commerce for vending operators allowing them to keep track of inventory and push specific products that would otherwise not be able to be sold in a vending environment. Such as fresh food or other perishable products. Consumers must opt in to receive offers.

Private Label offering

For targeted large retail product companies a turn key, private labeled system will be available. This system will consist of a smart phone commerce module that can integrate into existing mobile applications or a full commerce application that can be foundation of 360 degree offering to consumers. This application would allow direct communication to consumers and include necessary hardware and behind the firewall server applications to manage the commerce. This system would be licensed on a contractual basis with world wide licenses.



President Executive Officer
Kirt A. Scott

Scott is an experienced entrepreneurial business executive with 24 years experience, 16 years running high achievement software and systems development teams, 15 years General Management-including P/L, and 5 years retail and vending systems. Kirt most recently served as EVP/CTO at the premier B2C retail and vending solution in the downstream energy space where he had sales, financial, strategy, and technical responsibilities. Previous to that Kirt was SVP/CTO at FuelQuest where as a founding team member of this start up he helped build the company from inception to a $55M exit in eight years.

Prior to FuelQuest, Kirt served in GM leadership roles at several large and early stage companies where he was successful in driving revenue and managing the P/L. His advanced sciences and technology experiences began at NASA in the Space Shuttle Program; where he managed space flight and payload mission planning for a diverse set of science, R&D, DOD, and spaceflight technology experiments.

Senior Vice President Strategic Planning
Kumar B.

Seasoned strategy executive, merger acquisition, capital raise, broad industry experience, internationalization expertise. Former senior consultant at McKinsey and partner at IBC. Founder and owner of own international solutions company serving retail and energy. Successful raise of over $3.5M.


Contact Information:

President Executive Officer - Kirt A. Scott

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