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Sep 26, 2016 5:13 PM ET

Archived: Automated Fingerprint Identification System: Ultra speed verification (1:1) and identification (1:n) of fingerprints using genetic programming.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 26, 2016

Automated Fingerprint Identification System

Ultra speed verification (1:1) and identification (1:n) of fingerprints using genetic programming.

Ultra speed verification (1:1) and identification (1:n) of fingerprints using genetic programming.

About this project

Project of Biometric Engine development started out as a security application of my research in automatic object recognition, especially for Automated Fingerprints Identification Systems (AFIS).

System is designed for different operating systems, Linux based, MAC OS and Windows.

My research is focused to Genetic Programming based feature for fingerprint classification. Genetic Programming is used in a novel manner to discover composite operators and associated features that are evolved from combinations of primitive operators and primitive features. Primitive features, based on the orientation image, allow the incorporation of domain knowledge into the evolutionary computational process.

A biometric engine for Automated Fingerprints Identification System is the core program that controlls the different hardware and components of a biometric system. The biometric engine controls the enrollment, capture, extraction, comparison and matching of biometric data from a user.

It is based on a set of special algorithms that facilitate the steps in the recognition process, as well as the intermediary processes like image enhancement, determining quality and the extraction of distinguishing features.

It is the efficiency of this engine that dictates the quality of the system. Even with state of the art hardware, if the biometric engine is not functioning correctly, then the system will get many errors and false readings or identifications.

The biometric engine will also enhance the data taken, enhancing images and clearing out noise so that what is left is clear data. Thus, the data becomes easy to match whenever an enrollee needs to be authenticated.

System is not using commercial databases for biometrics storage and searches. I developed special memory based database, especially designed for fingerprint templates. System is open to extend for another biometrics, such a Face and Iris.

Risks and challenges

Biometrics is most required area. I’m working closely with big companies as subcontractor on projects for biometrics verification of identity, and in last three years I worked on lot of improvements of third party identification/verification systems.
My goal is to use new technologies, and use this system for small applications, such a biometrics single sign on or fast fingerprints verification/identification in lot of identification systems.

Risk exists, of course, but I’m working for end-users, with special requirements, which are not included in “standard big AFIS systems”, therefore my solution will be cheaper but still robust for all security requirements.

I believe in my success, it is fact, based on experience during last three years in the field, and more than 20 years of software development.

Contact Information:

Rudolf Novicky

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