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Sep 25, 2016 2:09 PM ET

Archived: Idiom Brewing Co. is Frederick, Maryland’s newest addition to the rapidly growing craft beer scene, started by a passionate brewer with plans to produce handcrafted recipes that depart from the norm

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 25, 2016

Idiom Brewing Co.

We believe craft beer is a form of expression. We use these expressions to create new experiences.

Idiom Brewing Co. is Frederick, Maryland’s newest addition to the rapidly growing craft beer scene, started by a passionate brewer with plans to produce handcrafted recipes that depart from the norm. We’ve worked hard honing our skills and have invested all of our spare time and energy toward making this dream a reality. We hope you join us by making a contribution, or spreading the word! Every bit counts!

Who is Idiom Brewing Co. and what are we about?

Idiom Brewing Co. is Frederick, Maryland’s newest addition to the rapidly growing craft beer scene, started by an avid brewer with a plan to produce handcrafted recipes that depart from typical approaches to the styles.  We’ve worked hard honing our skills and have invested all of our spare time and energy toward making this dream a reality.  We have a few lease options currently at our disposal, which we hope to finalize by the end of September.  We are currently working with a local bank on a SBA loan and hope to have that approved in the near future as well.


Our goal is simple —

We want to bring people from all walks together, to enjoy themselves and each other. Whether you seek out explosively juicy IPA’s; are adventurous and looking to try boozy, sour or complex flavors; or just because you’re looking to enjoy traditionally styled beer.


Handcrafted beer is considerably more than the sum of its parts, and today’s consumer is much more discerning and engaged in their selections.  Idiom Brewing Co. believes that brewing is a form of expression.  Our ‘Expressions in Beer’ will allow us to create new flavors, and new experiences, for our customers.  We strive to innovate by utilizing new and/or experimental hops, local ingredients, and unique flavor profiles in an attempt to stretch the limits of our imagination, and that of our customer’s palette.  We hope our customers leave the brewery with a new found appreciation and knowledge for what possibilities still exist for craft beer.


Opening a brewery comes with a hefty price tag. Because we have done this all on our own (up to this point) through our savings, we are left with a longer list of items than we have cash to support.  We know that many of you are passionate about beer (and us) and will consider becoming a supporter of this campaign.  


We are a brewery with the intention of being a platform for advocacy, collaboration and community re-investment.  Your contributions will not only validate our mission, but your desire for more options and more flavor.  Ultimately your contribution will also help us realize our goal of being a local contender in Frederick, MD.


We have been blessed to have some awesome friends and family that have helped us along the way, but we need additional support, from you, to make this dream a reality.


To find out more about us, our philosophy and a little about our beer, visithttp://www.idiombrewing.com.


What We Need & What You Get!

Idiom Brewing Co. hopes to increase its working capital to allow for the addition of 6 x 3.5 barrel stainless steel fermenters, and 6 x 3.5 barrel stainless steel serving tanks, to service our location in Frederick, MD.  Idiom Brewing Co. also requires additional funds for transfer pumps, a glycol cooling system and licensing. Any contributions above and beyond our goal, are extremely appreciated.

  • Idiom Brewing Co. requires an additional $35,700 in funding to acquire additional equipment to streamline production and offer quality products to our local customers.
  • Funds contributed from this campaign will first be used to purchase additional 3.5 barrel fermenters (approx. 6) and 3.5 barrel serving tanks (approx. 6) for our location in Frederick, MD.  Any additional funds collected from this campaign will be used to offset licensing costs, a glycol chilling system and transfer pumps.   



As a result of your contributions, you’ll receive some pretty interesting, and rewarding, perks!


Some of those perks are in the form of physical items, such as stickers (for your car, mirror, guitar case, beer fridge or anything you feel needs a little decoration):


To t-shirts (to show your love for us and what we do):


Or growlers (to carry that sweet nectar home with you):


And glassware (to enjoy the nectar once you get there):


While some will be from the fruits of our labor (*vouchers* for growler fills):


Or membership in clubs that grant you reduced prices on future purchases (wallet sized membership card that can be used to open bottles too):

All items in ‘Perk Packages’ will be shipped, minus Growlers and Pint Glasses.  These will either need to be picked up at the Brewery or special arrangements made for shipping them (due to size and possibility of damage).


The Impact:

Your contributions will not only impact the ability for Idiom Brewing Co. to become a profitable business, but you’ll also impact the local craft beer scene.  We plan to introduce some new twists on existing styles, as well as pioneer the creation of new styles or flavors.

  • Idiom Brewing Co. believes that creativity shows no boundaries, and that our only limits are those set by our imaginations.
  • We have been innovating new recipes for the better part of a decade, incorporating new hops, and new flavors, to provide unique experiences.
  • Idiom Brewing Co. will collaborate with other local breweries, distilleries and businesses to build a customer base not only for ourselves, but for other community businesses too.


Risks & Challenges:

There are always hurdles in business. Whether it be licensing, Local, State or Federal Government regulations, regional competition from big Corporations or the perception of the customer, there are always challenges. We believe, however, that challenges are meant to be overcome and that we have the skills and drive to do so.


Other Ways You Can Help:

Some people just can’t contribute money, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help…

  • If you are unable to contribute financially, don’t fret. Spread the word! We need all of the support we can get. Whether via word of mouth or referrals from friends, every little bit helps!
  • Consider contributing skills/resources to our build-out! We will need skilled/licensed plumbers, electricians, carpenters and the like to help out. Anywhere we can get quality product, for less than expected cost (or FREE), is a boon to our business.


Just as much as local customers need more options, we need the help of local customers.  As such, please reach out to us with ANY ideas regarding our business, or this campaign, no matter how small or large. We are willing to listen!

Contact Information:

Idiom Brewing Co.

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