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Sep 24, 2016 12:31 PM ET

Archived: Peru: Suritex – A loan of $25,000 helps to buy solar panels to power an alpaca fiber plant, creating jobs to local women and increased income in rural Peru.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 24, 2016


Lima, Peru / Weaving
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Suritex’s story


Around 170,000 families in Peru are small- and medium-sized producers of alpaca fiber. Many are not able to generate enough income to support their families and live in extreme poverty.

Suritex is a social enterprise started by Gregor (pictured inside factory), a chemical and textile engineer, who is helping ensure the alpaquero communities in the Junin region of Peru have the opportunity to earn fair income for their work. The company produces and sells high-quality alpaca clothing and blankets.


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Suritex lowers the cost of processing the raw fiber through solar-powered technology and passes on the savings by buying the fiber from the alpaqueros at fair market price. On average, each community sees a US$6,000 increase in income per month when working with Suritex.

Suritex also offers training programs and employment opportunities to women in the communities. At the production site, they learn skills to work in processing, knitting and manufacturing. They are then paid fair compensation for their work. Currently, Suritex directly employs 36 women.

Your Kiva loan will help purchase and install new solar panels that will allow Suritex increase its fiber processing capabilities, ultimately contributing to an overall production growth of 2.5 times its current levels.

The improved processing facilities will allow Suritex to more than double its sales and improve the lives of 25,000 people over the next five years – giving them a way out of poverty through a dignified and reliable source of income. 

This loan is special because:

It supports businesses that are too big for microfinance but too small for banks. 

Kiva staff

More about this loan 

About NESsT:

NESsT is a nonprofit organization that supports social businesses in emerging market countries with seed funding, business advisory services, access to business mentors, and performance management tools. NESsT operates in Central & Eastern Europe and Latin America, with global headquarters located in the United States.

NESsT believes that all people have the right to live and work with dignity. It works to alleviate poverty, income inequality, and other social challenges through entrepreneurial solutions. Since its launch in 1997, NESsT has gained vast experience developing social businesses that provide employment to at-risk communities—either through job creation, job placements, or sustainable income streams generated by improving production processes and market access. NESsT’s portfolio has generated more than 30,000 employment or income opportunities for people with disabilities, disadvantaged youth, ethnic minorities, low-income women, small farmers and producers, and other marginalized communities.

A loan of $25,000 helps to buy solar panels to power an alpaca fiber plant, creating jobs to local women and increased income in rural Peru.

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