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Sep 23, 2016 10:36 AM ET

Archived: MonitorTech Corporation LLC: Environmental monitoring equipment, process monitoring equipment, and environmental audit and reporting services

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 23, 2016

MonitorTech Corporation LLC

MonitorTech Corporation LLC Logo

JUST RECEIVED A $1.3 MILLION ORDER IN NATURAL GAS INDUSTRY. JUST RECEIVED A $100,000.00 ORDER FROM GSA. JUST INFORMED I WILL RECEIVE A $350,000.00 ORDER IN NATURAL GAS INDUSTRY. Environmental monitoring equipment , process monitoring equipment, and environmental audit and reporting services. Utilizes WEB based technology to for review, trouble shooting, maintenance and reporting.
I developed and installed our unique new technology at over 50 sites . All our systems meets and exceeds EPA requirements.
This unique equipment is
*half the price,
*half the cost to install
* Takes as little as 10% of the space that other systems require.
* more accurate.
* WEB BASED maintenance and reporting.

We support the clients with required quarterly on site audits and yearly accuracy audits, using our computer and WEB ASSISTED TECHNOLOGY. I have over 37 years experience in smoke stack environmental monitoring and services.

Our process monitoring is used in various site for process control.

Our clients are natural gas, utility, ethanol, biomass, bio diesel, gas turbines, etc. Our clients are international.

Products / Services

Environmental and process monitoring equipment and services

Our unique continuous emissions environmental monitor is :
1.Compact requiring less than 1/10 the space, energy, and installation cost.
2.Can be monitored, modified, repaired, maintained, fault analysis for local repair, and report generated for in-house or agency compliance ALL VIA THE WEB. 3.More reliable.
4.More accurate.
5.1/4 the spare parts cost
6.Lower operational cost .Than our competitors.
Also,on line and WEB based support service.
Quarterly and yearly audits as required by law.

Process monitoring systems based on our unique instruments, combined with OEM products.



Robert Mullowney

Robert MullowneyI have over 37 years experience in air pollution monitoring. I introduced new technology from Europe in 1985 that sold over $300 Million by 1994. I hold two patents on environmental monitoring equipment. I have been on many of the EPA’s stake holders committees including the 1990 Clean Air Act, Credible Evidence Rule, Medical Waist Incinerators, IRRC, and others. I have owned and ran air pollution business since December 1994.


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Robert Mullowney

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