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Sep 23, 2016 3:44 PM ET

Archived: Hexer – an awesome story of magic, betrayal and friendship: Being named the chosen one is wonderful – unless you’re trying to balance it out with friendship, dating, and a crushing case of imposter syndrome.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 23, 2016


We’re a very passionate team desperate to give representation to people who don’t normally get it in mainstream media while also telling an awesome story of magic, betrayal and friendship.

About The Project

Being named the chosen one is wonderful – unless you’re trying to balance it out with friendship, dating, and a crushing case of imposter syndrome. Oh, and the feeling that the people who chose you are keeping some serious, potentially dangerous secrets.


What’s the story?
A female chosen one is picked every 25 years to learn hex magic. A group of friends deals with life after one of them is chosen to be the Hexer – because this year a boy is chosen instead, and the group becomes more and more suspicious that they are being lied to.



Creating the Show


Having a diverse cast and crew is hugely important to us. Progress towards fully diverse characters in mainstream television is slow, and we’d like to skip ahead – create a show with more than one token person of colour, or a LGBTQ+ character whose whole storyline revolves around their sexuality or gender. We are working hard to give good representation to minority groups, as well as giving accurate portrayals of mental heatlth issues like depression and anxiety. These are areas we have often been disappointed by in other series – and we are determined not to disappoint you.


Between the three of us we have studied writing, acting, and filmaking, and are supported by a large network of other filmakers. We have all been a part of the YouTube community for many years and have experience in filmaking on a budget. We all live and work in Cardiff, Wales, which is also where the series is set.



Character Bios


Freddie Gibson


Freddie begins as a stranger to the rest of the characters – she’s involved in the suspicious behaviour of the previous Hexers, and she’s not happy about it.


Reuben Krail


Rue is 100% not expecting to be named as the Hexer. He takes up the role with great caution and ever-increasing suspicion that no-one’s being especially honest with him.


Poppy Syed


Rue’s childhood best friend and now-flatmate, the sudden introduction of Hexer pandemonium provides her a solid distraction from figuring out what she wants to do with her life.


Len Woodshal


Enters the group to pursue Sarah, ends up dealing with Hexer-related chaos with great enthusiasm.


Anna Stewart


Anna is 100% hoping to be named as the Hexer. When it doesn’t happen, she turns to investigating the suspicious circumstances around Rue’s naming.


Sarah Langley


Creator of parties, make-out enthusiast and Poppy’s drinking buddy. Exercises the mantra, ‘Don’t touch my friends.’



Edith Palmer


The Hexer-before-last, Edith is standoffish at best – and secretive at worst.


Florence Knight


Florence is the last Hexer drawn before Rue. Friendlier than Edith, she teaches Rue the ins and outs of Hexing.



Current Team


About This Team

  1. Matthew Ekberg

Series Creator, Co-Writer, Actor

Matt has been developing Hexer for the last two years, and is a driving force of enthusiasm for the show. He has studied film and documentary, acted in several shorts and has been making videos on YouTube for the last five years.


Olivia Carass

Co-Writer, Actor

Olivia began work on the show a year ago, and has helped it progress hugely. She has acted in a number of short films, studied creative writing at university in London, and is excited to create something that she would have benefited from seeing when growing up.


Alice Evans


Alice also studied creative writing at university, has co-created several short films online as well as making regular YouTube videos for the last three years. She is passionate about providing minority characters a story beyond their minority-ness.


Erin Stewart


Erin is the most recent addition to the team. She does producer and director work on regular projects and is currently concluding her studies in BA Film at university. She is excited to be a part of the team and the whole production process.


L. M. Langley

Assitant Producer/ Script Editor

Lina is the most accomplished of the team. She is a published author with her book ‘The Whole Trying Thing’ and has written a 58k word visual novel ‘Talk to Me’ that Matt is helping edit. She is always keen to help and give knowledge on how to improve the scripts so that the writing is the best it can possibly be. 

Contact Information:

Matthew Ekberg

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