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Sep 23, 2016 3:04 PM ET

Genieme: The new way to search and book travel. Make a wish. Make it happen.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 23, 2016


The new way to search and book travel. Make a wish. Make it happen.


You want to go on a trip. So you start your search and you are excited about the possibilities.  And then… you hit a wall: after hours of searching, you found a ticket that fits your budget but it does not leave when you are available. Sigh.

Finally, you think you are almost there: the price works, and it is within your travel dates, but the travel time in the air is obnoxious. If you choose this ticket, you would arrive, be able to eat and then immediately start your return flight to make it home in time. Argh!

How is your pain factor now? Pretty high but you do not give up. You find a flight (kind of like a cheap pair of shoes in a size too small but you can still walk..) Yes!

But wait! Travel is about exploring the world. Where else can you go? You have only searched one destination. You start the process all over again with another destination in mind. Lacking inspiration? Tough. It is all on you to find and refine. Before you know it, hours have gone by.

And then, you have (like we all do)  the need to cross check. You go to another site, just to cross-reference and make sure you got the best deal. Days go by. Prices go up.

Your time has utterly been wasted. Hours and days. (This is not considering the amount of time gone due to multiple crashes of the travel website on your mobile phone.)

Does any of this sound familiar?

Ps. Tell me something: in the end, did you ever leave? Or did you stay home?

Now you do not have to. Anymore. The pain is over. The frustration gone.

Genieme is here.


The travel process today is the exact opposite of how it should be: the searching is painful, fatiguing, misleading, and prices are susceptible to change. Hours are spent on cross-referencing different websites — it is a huge pain and often results in minimal action, if any at all.

Spontaneous travel? Forget about it. This is a complete non-starter. It takes longer to search than it does to travel.

The existing online travel search and booking process is the antithesis of what travel represents:  exploring the world, meeting new people, soaking in the sites but most of all: experiencing life and making memories.

Who does not want that? Travel is truly living life.

Everyone wants to travel. If there were no hoops to jump through, if the world was at your feet with destinations galore to choose from, and you could afford all of flights and they all worked with your calendar – who would not be on the next plane?

Genieme uses the power of technology to find destinations just for you: made to fit your budget and your time. Genieme makes it happen for you: using the simplicity of design to hack the booking process to 3 easy steps, so that within minutes, you can start packing.  

Why is reinventing the travel search process so important to us?


Make a Wish
​Genieme introduces multi-dimensional search. There are 3 elements that are mutually exclusive if not met, thus creating painful frustration in the search for travel.

The Genieme search starts with the 3 most important elements of life and travel, that define every decision we make:

Our algorithms will then find destinations which meet all of your requirements. The choices. Where to go? You can go anywhere now. When you start with what is important first, the world of travel opens up to you.

Make it Happen
With Genieme, there are only 3 easy steps to book. We hacked the value chain: from 11 to 3. Using delightful design, the booking process is fast and efficient, taking only 5 to 10 minutes from search start to travel booked.

Genieme is the world’s first mobile-only travel search engine. We designed Genieme with you in mind, focused on the overarching goal to make your user experience easy. We want to transmit the magic of travel to your fingertips. It is made for you: the on demand, on the go generation.

No Gauntlet
On Genieme, you will not find any advertisements, hidden caches, fees, upsells, or add-ons. We are not here to strip you of every penny. We respect your time and your money. (Our values are trust, easy, and magic. Besides making your experience easy and magical, we want that you trust us too. Our intention is to earn it every step of the way.)

Travel is not just about flights. Genieme syncs with your calendar provides in-app messaging as well as booking of an Uber to take you to and from the airport.

For more than 50% of travelers who do not know where you want to go but know that you want to travel and get away: Genieme is perfect for you. It is as simple as:  “I have $300; 3 days this weekend; I do not want to fly more than 3 hours, and take me somewhere warm”. You can book on a Friday afternoon, be on your way to the airport 15 minutes later and within a few hours be enjoying your dinner at an exotic location.


Following launch, we will start working on the hotel and accommodation product offering in addition to the social recommendations and rating integrations. In 2017, we plan to release a dashboard for group travel and concierge services, as well as rail and car reservations.

Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile to see how you can help develop the story of Genieme!


Christina is a global senior business executive with a background of building large and successful multi-million dollar companies from scratch in media, advertising, and in finance. Her 18 years of experience includes the Managing Director (BNY Mellon France), Vice President (Royal Bank of Scotland Asia), Journalist and Field director in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East (The Times, Telegraph, USA Today). Christina is also an accomplished entrepreneur, having founded Magnolia Consulting (Paris and London), Phoenix PR Consulting (Cairo), and the charities Rosetta Finance (Hong Kong) and Magnolia Microfinance Fund (Dar es Salaam).

From running large financial institutions in Asia and Europe, being a journalist in Africa and the Middle East, starting a private bank in China (Hong Kong) and a PR company in Cairo — travel is something she has done her entire life. Christina takes planes the way most people use their car — and that is just for business. For pleasure, she travels almost every weekend.

Why Build Genieme?
Given all of this experience, Christina knows better than anyone of the frustrating and painful travel booking experience: cross-referencing, high cognitive load, continual upsells, and absence of service.

One winter while working in Paris, she finally decided to take matters into her own hands and change the travel booking industry for the better. To escape the cold for the weekend, she simply wanted to book a short flight to somewhere warm. But then the frustration sets in – the hours of search, multiple search sites, cross-referencing, and endless refining to find a solution that fits her calendar. She ended up not going anywhere. This was the final straw.

Christina believed in Genieme so much that she taught herself everything to get a prototype off the ground. Having a prototype and a vision, Christina sought out Matt and Andy to develop the team, which would bring the technology and design to the next level.

Matt is an international award-winning technologist, author, and entrepreneur whose past work in advertising includes notable brands such as Coke, Nestle, and Sony. He has an 18-year track record of developing successful, large-scale projects and solutions for Fortune 100 companies. Most notably, Matt was one of the founding team members at MySpace where he was architectural lead.

Matt provides assistance and guidance to various startups as an advisor and board member. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Foreign Media, a global consulting firm that specializes in assisting venture capital firms and private investors with startup investments and acquisitions.

Andy has been part of creative digital design since the beginning in Hollywood. Having worked with Oscar winning directors and producers over the past 22 years, Andy is deeply comfortable with using digital design to create a beautiful experience and to delight audiences of any age. Sony, MTV, Microsoft, Time/Warner, Comcast, Adobe, and The Discovery Channel along with many other top brands have benefitted from Andy’s creative design and digital experience.  He has carved out a reputation as a leader in the creative design industry, and has won several prestigious Broadcast Design Awards. Andy is also an accomplished entrepreneur, having been a member of several founding teams including Foreign Media.

Bjorn is currently the CEO of Reloaded Games. Prior to this, Bjorn held positions of esteemed technology firms as their CEO, CTO, and COO, besides having led 3 individual companies to a successful IPO. Besides his technical expertise, Bjorn also brings his 16 years of strategy, management, funding, and legal expertise to Genieme.

Contact Information:

Christina Peters

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