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Sep 23, 2016 3:54 PM ET

Archived: Crowdability: Newe Real Estate & Energy Holding, LLC – Producing Energy from Waste

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 23, 2016

Newe Real Estate & Energy Holding, LLC


Producing Energy from Waste





Energy Efficiency


Newark, Delaware

A German-developed process called CTC (Catalytic Tribochemical Conversion) enables us to produce high-quality synthetic diesel fuel or heating oil out of processed waste and/or renewable materials.

CTC technology – diesel from waste:

The CTC technique has been economically optimized for a wide range of biological and organic input materials. The following raw materials can be processed using this method:

– Plastics of all types, including those containing PVC

– Processed municipal waste, mixed industrial and commercial waste

– Waste oils, waxes, and fats of all types, including transformer oil and hydraulic oils

– Agricultural waste, animal waste products, spoiled food, and hospital waste

– Crude oil (petroleum), with 80 % to 90 % of the petroleum input being recycled, as well as refinery waste, such as bitumen, tar, etc.

In addition to its usability with a wide variety of organic starting materials ranging from renewable raw materials to mixed plastics, the benefits of this process include:

Starting materials nearly inexhaustible

– No starting materials that are also needed for human nutrition are required

– No consumption of water

– No additional cultivation areas are required

– Utilization of energy potential contained in the input materials with unprecedented overall efficiency

– Storage of energy in the form of liquid, storable, and versatile energy carriers

– Low process temperature prevents the formation of pyrolysis gases

– Significantly reduced environmental load due to binding of harmful substances

– Single-stage process – can be used in small, decentralized units

– The process has been tried and tested over many years

– A new proven technology for converting waste has been developed for the market.

Contact Information:

Newe Real Estate & Energy Holding

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