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Sep 22, 2016 9:43 AM ET

Archived: Vireo Labs – C’reer is the only mobile app that matches people with careers and college

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 22, 2016

Vireo Labs

C’reer is the only mobile app that matches people with careers and college…


C’reer is the only mobile app that matches people with careers and colleges. Our adaptive vocational assessment, job placement database, and chat functionality serve as the matchmaking and connection features for C’reer. We believe that C’reer will reinvent college recruitment marketing as well as the process of searching for colleges.


There’s a problem though.

Only half of 4-year colleges in the US have mobile websites, making it nearly impossible for prospective students to research colleges and connect with representatives on devices that are part of their daily lives. This also results in inefficient recruitment marketing, with colleges spending an average of $2,433 to recruit each student.

Once students and colleges finally manage to connect, there’s still another problem.

When considering colleges and degree programs, many students still don’t know what they want to be “when they grow up.” To figure this out, many students switch majors several times, which results in increased education costs and time in school – with no added benefit. This scenario is also a financial mess for schools.

Students need a way to find the right career path and college. C’reer makes it possible.


C’reer was created by Vireo Labs as a career matchmaking mobile app that lets students match their interests with degree programs that have produced professionals working in those fields. Our app features an adaptive vocational assessment built specifically for mobile. C’reer also offers a chat function that empowers students to initiate conversations directly with admissions reps. The chat function is especially important, as the online economy is becoming more chat-based.

Our team believes that every student should have the equal opportunity to answer the question: What do I want to be when I grow up? That’s why C’reer is free and mobile-friendly.

C’reer also helps colleges by narrowing the marketing funnel by prequalifying candidates – saving time and money. Our app gives schools direct access to the students who are most likely to apply to their programs. It also gives colleges access to a mobile environment, without having to build it themselves.

C’reer is a win-win for everyone.


There’s clearly a gap between prospective students who use mobile devices to research schools and colleges that use outdated marketing methods.

There’s also another gap. One between students of varying income levels. Currently, most available career and college exploration tools are subscription-based, so only students from higher socio-economic levels can access them. We don’t believe that’s right. We believe that everyone should have the equal opportunity to answer the question: What do I want to be when I grow up?

C’reer solves both of these issues by offering a free app that matches prospective students with careers and colleges. Our slick user interface is free for all users, allowing all students to get the information they need in a mobile format.


We established C’reer in August 2015 and our team has been busy building our product ever since. We started developing our vocational assessment in November 2015, creating our job outcomes database in January 2016, and building a mobile version of C’reer in June 2016.

During this time, we have built an impressive list of accomplishments.

C’reer has already had a great deal of success. Imagine what we can do going forward.

Request access to the business plan tab of this profile to see where C’reer is going and how you can help us get there.  


Jose Mallabo, Co-Founder and CEO
Jose started Vireo Labs with Ian to build things that help people thrive. They decided to develop C’reer to make college and career exploration accessible to everyone. Jose now leads corporate and product strategy, fundraising, channel sales/marketing, partnership development, and manages the board of advisors. He has extensive experience in eCommerce, social media, and mobile from his work at eBay, LinkedIn, and GSI Commerce. He also has experience leading recruitment marketing for a large university.

Ian Leslie, Co-Founder and CMO
Ian shares Jose’s belief that career exploration should be available to everyone, regardless of income level. In his role as CMO, Ian oversees product and corporate marketing programs and channels, sales development within colleges, and works closely with the CTO on C’reer product development and marketing. He has success in managing demand generation across digital and mobile platforms within a large university. Ian also has strong experience in creative design and data analytics to drive user growth.

Wally Holt, CTO
In his role as CTO, Wally designs and oversees the technology stack serving and hosting the core logic, database, and UX/UI of C’reer. He is a proven consumer-facing software developer for Amazon.com and AT&T Wireless. Wally has architected a consumer-facing eCommerce solution that has been deployed on massive scale for Amazon.com.

Contact Information:

Jose Mallabo, Co-Founder and CEO

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