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Sep 22, 2016 5:30 PM ET

Archived: Proximat- The Virtual Reality Spatial Proximity Mat (VR Mat): Know where you are, and in what direction you are facing when immersed in virtual reality. Improves safety and VR experience.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 22, 2016

Proximat- The Virtual Reality Spatial Proximity Mat (VR Mat)

Know where you are, and in what direction you are facing when immersed in virtual reality. Improves safety and VR experience.

About this project

In Space, no one can hear you scream (when you run into a wall).

The best sponsorship level you could provide is to spread the word via Twitter, Facebook and sharing with a friend that may be interested. 

ProxiMat Logo
ProxiMat Logo

Experience with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift has shown huge promise with both entertainment and practical uses. When exploring many of the titles available, we noticed that on the games you need to stand while playing, you tend to drift from your original location and become disoriented with where the physical objects are, like your desk, chair, wall, etc. Not only that, but we’d take the headset off and would find ourselves facing a different direction than what we thought.

Always know where you desk is!

Always know where you desk is!

One night after work I got out our radial cutter and created prototype mat in varying sizes. I found that the 24″ and 36″ diameter mat were perfect for standard room sizes. The definable safety zone is considerably larger than the diameter of the mat because it is designed to allow for 1 foot on and one foot off when stepping away from the center of the mat. 

The 24" is for 6'x6' to 8'x8' rooms and the 36" is for 8'x8' to 10x10' playing areas.

The 24″ is for 6’x6′ to 8’x8′ rooms and the 36″ is for 8’x8′ to 10×10′ playing areas.

The next step was to create a more definable center of the mat which we call the “Home” locator, this was accomplished by using a harder rubber that is taller than the matting itself without creating a catch point or something that could hurt you if you stepped down on it. The choice was a translucent red urethane for the black mat and a translucent blue urethane for the gray mat which were chosen for aesthetics and how well they worked. We are looking at alternatives for the buttons on the final production.

Large enough to feel without getting in the way.

Large enough to feel without getting in the way.

 The best result after a month of exploring options was the 24″ and 36″ diameter, 3/8″ thick industrial grade ribbed anti-fatigue matting with a home and true north locator. It works great with VR programs that require you to stand with knowledgeable and limited movement. 

Provides Comfort

Provides Comfort





Cleans Easily

Cleans Easily


And It's Portable!

And It’s Portable!


We will be working with Goodwill of Akron, Ohio, who will be assembling the mats and packaging them for us. Goodwill Industries is an ISO 9001:2008 company and we work with them on other jobs.

We love the VR proximity mat and you will too. It is a perfect tool for knowing which direction you are facing, where dead center of your starting point is, it will help protect you and your controllers, it is designed for extended standing, and lets you know when you’ve strayed off the mat. This makes a great gift for you and your favorite VR person too!

If this mat saves you just one broken controller, the mat will more than pay for itself. It will also help prevent you from pulling on the cables out of your computer.

Please support our project!

A review of the ProxiMat! Thanks, Caleb!

Music: Techno by willowen100 : taken from – https://soundcloud.com/willowen100/technoAuthor: willowen100 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Risks and challenges

You will specify which color combination Black/Red, Grey/Blue and other special combinations [Hint: stretch goals] if available when the KickStarter campaign is over.

We have the production capabilities, purchase direct from the manufacturers, and have the facilities to fabricate. Ship dates should be met without issue.

The matting and clicker dies are made in the US. Nothing is sourced from outside of the US that would prevent delays in product availability.

My apologies about freight, but it is out of our control. International shipping is really expensive. We will be shipping by USPS international priority shipping, tracked and insured. US shipping will be by USPS, UPS and/or Fedex.

This mat is protected under a provisional patent number # 62/366,220

I also found a great list for the Oculus Rift games that identify standing games here:


and here:


a great source for recently released VR tools and games can also be found at:


Contact Information:

Tony Price

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