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Sep 22, 2016 8:11 PM ET

Archived: goBudget – Personal Budgets On The Go

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 22, 2016
Designed on the "envelope" system of budgeting, it's perfect for anyone that is always on the go.
Designed on the “envelope” system of budgeting, it’s perfect for anyone that is always on the go.
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About this project

My newest project is the goBudget app.  This is the 1st in a series of apps specifically designed for those on the go.  Who either don’t want to, or don’t have the time to set up another one of those budgeting apps.  It’s completely dynamic and based on the “envelope” budgeting system.  Still in the development stages, the app gives the user so much money to spend per day.  When the user makes a purchase they will generally just have to open the app, enter the amount, and go.  Then when they are ready to process the transactions, they will be able to sort through their “quick entries” and enter individual items or just categorize the whole transaction.  items, Locations, Categories, Sub-Categories will be easily found by starting to type… if the item isn’t found, the program will then add it to the master database which will be regularly monitored for abusive language.  The basic usage of the app will be free.  Income will come from reporting options purchased by the user.  

The app will also use the gps functions of the users phones to locate nearby businesses the user may have been at when they entered their quick entry.  This will enable for a much quicker processing of quick entries.

All money raised will go towards the advancement of tosco(rs)2’s technology in the form of servers, computers and design work (I’m a coder, not a designer) to make this first project in a series of life/business efficiency apps designed for those that are on the go.

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge that I have today is insufficient technology and capital to move forward. And did I mention that I’m a terrible designer, definitely my biggest area of opporunity.

goBudget and tosco(rs)2 is designed to be an ever changing and evolving project, so the risks and challenges will change quite frequently.

Contact Information:

Scott Taylor

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