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Sep 22, 2016 6:52 AM ET

Archived: Crowdability: StartMart Cleveland – Coworking space for startups

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 22, 2016

StartMart Cleveland

Coworking space for startups





Professional Services


Cleveland, Ohio

The genesis of StartMart Cleveland is a result of many years working with early stage companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. We identified distinct challenges companies faced when establishing and growing their ventures. Surprisingly many of these points of “friction” had to do with workspace: inflexible 3-5 year leases, need for expensive equipment, high costs, and disconnected locations.We established StartMart Cleveland in October of 2015 and created a robust atmosphere where people have the flexibility to grow into their workspace, share resources and be part of a fast-paced business community.

“Magic happens when customers = shareholders.” – Charles Stack, StartMart CEO/Founder.

The concept of ‘member-owned’ has immense value. Since the culture and composition of a coworking community are affected by its membership base, we engage shareholder members in active business development. Alignment and incentives take on new meaning, as shareholder members help shape the culture, curate new members and benefit directly from their growth efforts.


Charles Stack – CEO

Charles Stack is founder and CEO of StartMart, Inc. Charles is a successful serial entrepreneur. After graduation from Case Western Reserve University Law School, he formed Parallax, Inc., which developed and marketed a PC-based networking case management software system for asbestos litigation to national law firms and corporate law departments. In 1992, Charles started Books.com, the first online bookstore. Charles pioneered many of the features we now take for granted in today’s internet retailers. Books.com offered millions of books, comprehensive searching, collaborative recommendations (patented), shopping carts, price comparisons (patented), real-time credit card processing, affiliate programs, and introduced many other now standard Internet retailing concepts. Books.com was acquired by CUC, Inc. in early 1996 and subsequently by Barnes and Noble. At CUC, Charles designed and launched groundbreaking sites for online music sales, movies, gifts, computer software, and games. In 1998, he founded Flashline to address the new opportunity in software components and web services. After navigating Flashline through the technology meltdown of 2001-2003, Charles focused Flashline on the expanding web services management market and created the leading web services repository solution with multiple patents. BEA Systems, Inc. acquired Flashline in 2006. BEA was acquired by Oracle in 2008 and the Flashline product remains the core offering in Oracle’s web services suite. Charles has mentored, advised, and/or invested the first money in several notable start-ups including OnShift, DecisionDesk, eFuneral, Skritter, and iGuiders. In 2000, Charles won the Infoworld E-Business Innovator Award for his contributions to Internet Retail along with Tim-Berners-Lee (WWW), Dr. James Gosling (Java), Jeff Hawkins (Palm Pilot), Richard Stallman (GNU), Times Howes (LDAP), and Phil Zimmerman (PGP). Charles won the Ohio Venture Association (OVA) Venture of the Year award in 2007 and serves on the OVA board. He has mentored and/or been a judge at numerous business plan and start-up competitions including the recent Startup Weekend Cleveland and the 11 regional University iDeaLabs competition. He is a very frequent speaker at investment, start-up, and entrepreneurship conferences as well as regularly sharing his experiences with classes of students at nearly every university in the region.

Shannon Lyons – COO

Shannon Lyons is the COO of StartMart, Inc. Prior to joining StartMart, Shannon served as Chief Business Development Officer and Managing Partner at LaunchHouse, a tech accelerator and coworking space. In that role, Shannon secured over $650,000 of investment capital, developed a agile 12-week accelerator program, and invested in over 30 startups. Shannon became an entrepreneur in 2007, when she founded Innovatree, a strategy and innovation firm. She was influential in pioneering the first for-profit Accelerator partnership with NASA in order to discover alternative methodologies for technology commercialization. Shannon holds a Bachelor of Science from Youngstown State University and a Masters of Organizational Development & Analysis from Case Western Reserve University.

Jennifer Neundorfer – CBD

Jennifer Neundorfer is the Chief of Business Development for StartMart. Prior to StartMart, Jennifer was Director of New Business Development for Fox Networks Group, where she launched a scalable mobile broadcast network called Dyle Mobile TV and initiated partnerships with major content owners including NBC, ABC, and CBS. Before joining Fox, she launched the Promoted Video ad product (i.e., Adwords for YouTube) at YouTube/Google, which provided the foundation for YouTube’s monetization efforts. Prior to YouTube, Jennifer was a consultant and Team Leader at Michael Porter’s Monitor Group, where she helped build the new media and technology practice and advised companies on how to leverage technology as a strategic advantage. Jennifer holds a BA from Harvard University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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Charles Stack

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