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Sep 21, 2016 6:03 PM ET

Archived: Xeron Oil & Gas, LLC: We have a major discovery in Utah; our studies show that we have over a trillion cubic feet of natural gas and estimate over a billion barrels of Oil.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 21, 2016

Xeron Oil & Gas, LLC

St. George, UT 84770, US
Oil & Gas Production & Processing

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We have a major discovery in Utah; our studies show that we have over a trillion cubic feet of natural gas and estimate over a billion barrels of Oil.
The project area is 170 square miles, and we have 5 year leases on this project with an option for another 5 years. We have secured over 25,000 acres, giving our investors very little to no risk.
We are an analogue to the Anschutz Project in Utah which is 59 miles from our Project, and they have produced over 3 trillion feet of natural gas, and over a billion barrels of Oil, and our project is larger.
We are raising $900,000.00 for securing additional leases, seismic, and Magneto Telluric tests in order to pin-point where we will drill. The units are $60,000 and you must be an accredited Investor. We have several Oil and Gas Companies who are interested in our project.

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Oil & Gas Exploration

We have a huge plot of land in Northern Utah that we have proven has an immense store of untapped oil. We are raising funds to tap into the reserve so we can pull it out and sell to Chevron, with whom we already have an established relationship.



Consulting Engineering
Dennis McMurdie

Dennis is a Registered petroleum Geologist in California, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. He has over 35 years experience of educational, geological, geophysical, and managerial experience in the Earth Sciences of oil, gas, geothermal, environmental, and mining. His geological work has resulted in finding vast reserves of oil, gas, and geothermal fields. He worked with the petroleum engineer involved in the discovery and development of the largest single producing oil field in the US offshore at Long Beach, California. As a certified Petroleum Geologist of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Dennis’ publications have changed major interpretations of tectonic and subsurface geology in Texas and the geology of Japan and Brazil. His work led to the drilling of the deepest wells in Central Texas. Recently, Dennis’ identified 2 to 4 billion barrels of oil of sub-thrust oil in California. He will act as lead geologist for the Company.

Consulting Science/Scientist
Robert Dunbar

Robert has over 40 years of experience as a petroleum geologist and geophysicist. From 1956 through 1972 he was employed as a junior, intermediate, and senior geophysicist at Amoco Petroleum Company (now part of British Petroleum), and from 1972 through 1982 he was the geophysical manager and regional and district geophysicist for Diamond Shamrock Corporation. He has worked in almost every oil and natural gas producing area in the continental Unite dStates, kand has been credited with discoveries in many of these areas. For the past 23 years, Mr. Dunbar has been self-employed in geophysical consulting and raiometric surveying. Robert has assisted the Company in seismic interpretation and radiometric surveys. He is a member of the American Society of Petroleum Geologists and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists.


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9 years, 8 months0Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration


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Robert Osborne

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