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Sep 21, 2016 8:19 EST

QxC Communications, Inc : QxC – fiber-optic Internet & phone service for cable-company like pricing

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 21, 2016

QxC Communications, Inc

QxC Communications, Inc

QxC – fiber-optic Internet & phone service for cable-company like pricing.



  • 47% Yr/Yr Revenue Growth, Black YTD EBITDA on a shoestring budget
  • Estimate 2016 Revenue $750k, $200k EBITDA
  • Recent Federal Contractor certification … huge potential!


QxC is a Network Engineering firm that designs/deploys high quality Internet Access, Point-to-Point & WiFi connectivity & leading edge VoIP service to SMB at cable-pricing. 47% Rev growth, Profitable.



Why We Started This Company

Demand for bandwidth is growing exponentially due to the shift towards VoIP, Video and Cloud Computing, especially so for Small & Medium sized businesses (SMB). These commercial customers struggle to run their businesses on the poor Quality-of-Service provided by incumbent residential-centric, consumer-grade, legacy providers such as Comcast and Uverse.

QxC provides high-quality, carrier-grade, telecommunication services via Fiber, Fixed-Point Wireless and VoIP Phone service to the underserved SMB commercial marketplace.

QxC focuses on gaining multiple customers in the same multi-tenant building which allows QxC to offer Comcast-like pricing for QxC’s far-superior quality product while actually increasing total Gross Contribution from that building.

QxC’s quick installation times and customer service gives us additional sustainable competitive advantages over other telecom providers.

What Sets Us Apart

QxC-Fiber and QxC-Wireless bandwidth connectivity is architected for the high quality-of-service demands of SMB and large commercial accounts and large HOA residential buildings and communities. Unlike “best efforts” residential coax systems, QxC’s network and services are build with best-in-class design and engineering specifically focused on high-quality service delivery. QxC’s network is very “clean” (fewest number of hops to get from the customer premise to the Internet) and very fast (as measured in milliseconds … the smaller the number the better). Since our VoIP platform is hosted in the same data centers as our fiber termination QxC’s VoIP customers’ calls never have to ride on the Internet and be subject to the problems and fluctuations accordingly. QxC-Voice has industry-leading functionality and provides crystal clear phone conversations. It is also well positioned for future developments in mVoIP (mobile VoIP) and WebRTC (browser-to-browser) communications.

Success Stories

Business started in late 2011 and have grown revenue every quarter. 2015 was our first profitable year. YTD 2016 QxC is growing EBITDA quarterly. QxC receives many new referrals from our happy customers! QxC’s business development process is highly accurate and is supported by our customized and highly automated CRM system – we have more prime targets to go after than we have staff to pursue them!



Funds will be used to for Marketing, Sales and Order Fulfillment:

  • Develop additional video content like what is currently posted on our Facebook page
  • Additional website development & SEO funding
  • Hire 1 additional Sales Rep
  • Hire 1 additional Technical Support / Installer


John Von Stein
QxC Communications, Inc is a network engineering firm that provides Internet and Point-to-Point connectivity via fiber, fixed-point wireless and WiFi. QxC also provides leading-edge phone service via our own VoIP platform to commercial accounts and the US Federal Government. As the founder and CEO, I am a strategically minded, analytical, hands-on, results driven C-level leader with multi-industry experience in the US, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. My experience has spanned Financial Services (Securities, Derivatives, Commodities) Information Technology and Telecommunications and General Management success has been built on a strong foundation of experience spanning Sales, Operations, IT, Product/Service Development and Big-4 Consulting.
Contact Information:

John Von Stein

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