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Sep 21, 2016 7:17 PM ET

Make Your Dumb Appliances Smarter: VOME lets you control your sockets with your voice

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 21, 2016

VOME Make Your Dumb Appliances Smarter

Vome lets you control your sockets with your voice, simply say ”turn lights on” and Vome turns on your lights

About this project

Vome™ Turns things on and off with your voice!

We have become so used to remote controls in our daily lives that we rarely give them a second thought, voice control on the other hand is another matter and until now was the stuff of science fiction when it comes to our homes. 

Vome is about to change that, soon you will be able to say 

“Turn On The Lights” and Vome will do that and other functions too.

It’s just so easy!

Vome™ Lets you switch on your sockets with just your voice,

simply ask Vome™ “turn on the lights” and Vome™ will turn on your lights.

Connect anything you want to the Vome™ Socket strip and Vome™ will control it with your voice, It really is as simple as that.

Release Version
Release Version

 Vome™ works with SIRI.

A few things Vome™ can do…

When you get home, Tell Vome™ to turn on your lights, . 

 When you wake up, Tell Vome™ to open the curtains. 

 When you want to watch a movie, tell Vome™ to close the blinds switch off the lights, and play the movie. 

We have a lot ideas for Vome™, but limited time to develop. 

With more funding, we can invite more members to the team, which can develop more functionality!

It just works…

When you plug it in, Vome™ already speaks directly to Siri and home kit and is accessible on all your iOS devices, Use as the power source to your home appliances, it connects to your entertainment systems and electrical electrical devices. if it has a plug and is rated under 10amps it will work. Vome™ is the living hub that intelligently connects everything in your life.

Vome™ works with…


While this sounds like magic, it’s actually science: Vome™ includes 4 universal plug modules that power on various electrical items, all integrated together in an intelligent and easy-to-use device with state-of-the-art speech recognition known as SIRI™. And to make sure we don’t miss out on your older devices and television sets.

There’s an app for that…… NO NEED!!!

Because there are a lot of devices used out there, and new ones being released every day, Vome™ works with SIRI™. So you can continuously use your VOME ™ system without it ever needing an update.

VOME™ is self contained, so you don’t have to worry about privacy and safety.Our system remains local to your devices and home network

Vome™ talks to all iOS devices using various wireless technologies.

Do I have supported products? Yes, you have! Vome™ already works with the most basic devices at home, such as your older, TV set. NO Need to go and buy expensive bulbs/hubs/connectors…..

VOME™ Just works.

Out of the box When you use Vome™ for the first time, it already knows how to talk with Siri™ It makes itself available within 2 minutes.

Setup is simple ,

1.Plug it in ,

2.Connect to an ethernet port on your router,

Then Just open your HomeKit app and all four devices will be visible. Enter the secret PIN(supplied) and rename the devices!


That is it! VOME ™ connects and does the rest!

Multi-language because not everyone is a native English speaker, Vome™ is multi-language. We support any language that Siri works with.Alternatively you can use the manual controls built into HomeKit™

For the geeks, developers, hobbyists

Technical specifications

Vome™ utilises a Micro computer and some super cool wizardy on our software.

Works safely with any power source from 5v-240v (up to 10A on each socket) Raspberry Pi 4- way relay unit The Brains of the VOME unit The Brains of the VOME unit These are all connected to a Raspberry Pi Compute Module, which runs our custom software. Vome™ runs on a node.js server. Vome™ works with a 5V usb adapter, we will ship with a usb cable so it will work in any country or region.

The VOME ™ unit is 13 cm deep 13 cm in circumference. In the middle you will find 4 plug sockets (universal), The unit has 2 cables 1 for power and 1 for ethernet for connecting directly to your home router.

Once connected it takes just a couple of minutes for everything to be set up.

The Vome™ uses the Native HomeKit™ App which will be available on all iOS10 devices from September 2016

History, Current state and Timeline

Vome™ has been in development for the past three years as both a hobby and personal project. In the hobby phase, the speech recognition used was a hybrid between Siri’s Voice control and the power of the raspberry Pi, combined with a display for visual feedback. Shortly after, the project was rewritten for the kickstarter project with use of Siri’s speech recognition, added with our own sauce of intelligence.

We have developed the hardware and software and are now ready to roll out to assembly and distribution of our first version

We are sure that an intelligent home will never work without support for all your devices. That was why we chose for an open platform, that allows everyone to contribute, based on running on the Raspberry Pi.Then, all modules will be hooked up to it, and finally put it all in the VOME casing.

We have secured a supplier for the casings and once funded we will place our first order for the required units.

Once we receive the stock of units we will begin assembly and testing and shipping the units.

We are also further developing the intelligence for the Vome™ system.

Jump in and contribute!

We want to bring Vome™ to the world, to make the lives of everyone easier and more fun. And you can help us make that goal a reality and be a part of the future of homes.

Pledging  will get you the home of the future. Talk to it and control your home! 

Your Vome™ includes support for 4 devices to set you off in minutes. Vome™ backers will be given the opportunity to suggest apps and functionality that we just can’t miss. We will always listen to you. Your feedback is taken into consideration very carefully to make sure Vome™ stays at the very top. timeline timeline Other ways to contribute

Spread the word!

Maybe you can’t kick in on one of the options above. The great thing is, to help Vome™ succeed, there is more you can do: Like this Kickstarter page, post, tweet, blog and pin (about) us, email your friends, talk to your co-workers, convince your family and cat or do whatever you do best to share us with the world. Also, while you’re at it, you can find us on Facebook over here. Go on, click that Like button! and share share share.

Donate brain cycles We have tons of ideas of how we can use Vome™, but you sure have many too! Getting input from everyone is very important for us to make Vome™ the very best, like no tech ever was.

Have some thoughts on Vome™?

Ideas for supported devices?

Awesome apps?

Cool scenarios?

Post them in the comments or send them to us by the medium you like: email, Facebook, twitter, postcard or carrier pigeon.

Risks and challenges

Risks and challenges

== Overwhelming demand == To handle overwhelming demand, our perks will be released in batches, each with its own estimated delivery time. This is to prevent early backers to receive their product much later than anticipated, and to give every backer a clear indication of the estimated delivery time for their product.

This is of course the only problem we’re hoping to face ;-)

== Supplier delays == Since we are incorporating many different technologies in one device, we have to deal with a lot of suppliers for all the components. Although we have multiple options for each part, communication with suppliers or delays can cause for unexpected delays in the process, especially since many electronic parts are manufactured in Asia nowadays. We will keep you updated on our progress and take reliability and reviews into account when ordering to minimise this risk, but not all can be prevented.

Contact Information:

Mark Van Der Spuy

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