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Sep 21, 2016 3:15 PM ET

Archived: GoHuey – Professional profiling tools that connect users to career and job matches

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 21, 2016


Professional profiling tools that connect users to career and job matches….


Introducing GoHuey – an innovative solution and market connection for individuals, employers, schools and community development organizations. Each deal with the overwhelming feeling and difficulty that comes with trying to achieve personal & professional growth.  As an individual: whether you’re trying to get into school, after a better job, or just trying to find out about yourself, our unique personal assessment digs deeper and uncovers data that other platforms can’t, as to “Why you feel and act” the way you do!.  You may have had an assessment or been “tested” before and have been told something about yourself that rang true but, you’ve never known “Why!”  Huey helps you self assess and find out why you do, act, react and process things the way that you do.  Once you have generated your profile, Huey then gives you the additional self paced learning and other tools that help you decide what is the right path to self fulfillment, at home, work, school, & socially.  Finally, Huey has Business, Schools and Organizations that you can connect with, where you can match with activities, education, and careers where you know you are “hard wired” to accel and succeed.  As a Business, School or Organization, you use the same assessment and a technology suite of software to create the ideal model for the individuals you are looking for, so you get the right person for the right opportunity.

Over 160,000 assessments have been done to date – Huey says you’re next!


Try and perform any meaningful task online these days, and you’ll often find yourself quickly lost in the digital masses.  From social networks to SaaS programs, many popular tech platforms are becoming increasingly more difficult to benefit from due to increasing user bases and the correlated overwhelment of information.  The problem lies in a lack of user personalization – namely from the absence of useful user assessments that help differentiate people, beyond the standard education and past experience.  What people and organizations alike want, is to match the right person to the right spot!.  Plenty of commonly-used assessments succeed at uncovering your strengths, but very few dig deeper into why you’re strong in certain areas and why you behave in certain ways.  Furthermore, they fail to use the assessed data to social advantage – and relying on like-minded people for support is a huge part of growth and success.

This can limit the value of otherwise useful services to a waste of time.  Take the job market; finding a job is tough enough, but enter the highly-automated methods used in today’s hiring world and you may as well play the lottery.  Undergoing more cognitive, in-depth assessments would do wonders for both individuals and businesses on a variety of platforms; but unfortunately, we’re forced to deal with unflattering norms and remain lost at digital sea.


What if I told you that this awesome personal assessment was right at your fingertips – and that it would automatically integrate into every platform you ever needed for personal & professional growth?  This is right around the corner from becoming reality with GoHuey.  We’re a “Free & Forever” personal & professional development tool that uses social media interaction to help build positive self image, better communication skills and improve relationships.  A true innovation in the field, our personal assessment starts by pinpointing the top 5 motivators behind your core inspirations and personality.  Then it gets even deeper by breaking down 5 “Natural Talent” categories, and revealing to you the specific components that you are motivated by, that makes you a natural fit in those general areas and pinpointing exact matches for jobs, education and resources you are a natural fit for, and finally helping you to see where you need to concentrate your efforts and searches.

The resulting information tells you – as well as schools, employers, peers, and other success-drivers – why you act the way you do and why you excel in certain areas. Armed with this data and the ability to model their existing users, those who can influence your growth now have a clearer picture of who you are and how you fit – and you have a clear path to personal enrichment.  Because of the way Huey’s technology is laid out, the success drivers of the world can find you and know what they need to know, before they even know your name!  This is when you get that unexpected and exciting contact request from them saying they have an opportunity for you, because they know you already fit their needs!

So how is the Huey personal & professional development system structured? Picture Yahoo or Google, but smarter and focused solely on helping people grow and connect to opportunities that fit; GoHuey.com is the main site that acts as a “funnel” to the rest of our very valuable web portals.  Recruiting, hiring, personal development, and our other services (which you’ll learn more about in a minute) are all housed under these web unique and specific portals – which all utilize the same assessment that individuals use to design job & career matching criteria from their most historically successful staff.  Huey is not just technology, it is supported by a national network of professional consultants, that bring the value added training to companies, schools and organizations, as well as having public seminars & workshops on a regular basis.

It’s time to identify your true natural motivations, place yourself in the best possible position for success, and stand out with GoHuey! Visit HueyMe.com and enjoy your free and forever profile!


True, the GoHuey system is all about #A1: the individual.  We’re incessantly focused on uncovering the best version of you, both personally and professionally. That being said, we can’t achieve this goal without bringing in the universal connector:relationships.  How you interact with family, friends, work, school, and even yourself are all a central part of GoHuey – and we utilize P2P networking technology to help you to optimize these relationships.  They’re featured throughout our various web portals, some of which are designed to help individuals, some businesses, and other educational facilities and community development organizations. Let’s learn more about them:

HueyMe.com (for individuals) – Our main personal development portal that takes the shape of a social network.  We combined individual personal development with social media.  It’s the basic functionality of Facebook with a focus on self-discovery, thanks to our assessment.  You’ll be connected with others to truly share your most influential personality traits and motivations.  Instead of airing your dirty laundry, you get to learn what’s great about each other to foster stronger and better relationships as you become stronger and more confident.

HueyPlan.com (individuals) – It’s the far-reaching power of an online job board combined with our unique assessment, putting other more “random” solutions to shame.  Businesses, schools, and organizations can now measure their own needs against the feedback your advanced profiles give, creating the most mutually-beneficial matches.  Currently, managers waste over 37% of their work day dealing with dysfunctional employee behavior. HueyPlan was designed to ensure your opportunity to hire the best employees – getting you back to the important things.

Honesty Pulse (individuals) – It’s a matchmaking site that isn’t focused solely on pairing people up.  Instead, Honesty Pulse uses technology and exercises to “marry” profiles – and then goes from there, to help couples enrich their relationship and form better bonds.

HueyHire.com (businesses) – A benchmarking and recruiting system designed to scout and hire the best employees, HueyHire also helps businesses with development and training.  It’s the first and only platform where employers can find pre-assessed candidates as well as those who qualify but aren’t online.  The core of our business service suite, HueyHire also relies on our innovative assessment to pinpoint ideal candidates and career matches by measuring the most successful people by job type and company culture.  When an employer can find the right person for the right job and do it without sifting through thousands of applicants, they save money recruiting, and reduce extreme turnover costs.  With Huey, everybody wins because both the employer and the employee understand why they fit together.

HueyHelp.com (community organizations) – Has all the tools of HueyHire, but also includes the ability to write grants and provide additional training.  HueyHelp allows the organization to onboard their members and leverage these people and the development tools to qualify for almost any grants related to community development.  With Huey’s built in “Grant Writer”, they can also instantly connect and apply for the grants. Ideal for nonprofits.

HueyEd.com (schools) – Geared towards schools, HueyEd combines all tools of the previous two websites with unique educational tools.  This toolkit is highlighted by a student-teacher registration tool and also relies on peer connections between students, teachers and even parents, to foster great interpersonal development.  In early child development stages, Huey helps foster acceptance between kids.  When it’s time to focus education on a future and career, Huey helps the students identify and understand the areas they need to focus on that will result in them finding both a successful career and happiness, because they will “Know Why!” they need any particular education.

HueyBiz.com (businesses) – This portal manages GoHuey’s consultants and resellers through an easy-to-use administrative dashboard.  Our resellers can perform all of their marketing, sales, administration and tracking at HueyBiz, while also using it to assist their customers.

HueyMarket.com (businesses) – A marketing tool that can increase customers and sales for businesses of any kind.  Relies on our personal assessments for marketing insight.  Customers using HueyMarket use the same profiling methods for their best customers to build a model for finding new ones by searching all of Huey’s website platforms.


HueyWhat.com (businesses & academia) – An accessible database of beneficial consumer demographics and information.


But alas, there’s so much more!  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more detail on our web portals and individual services at GoHuey.com.


The reality is that our team has been working on the GoHuey idea for two decades now.  Though it began with a different name and slightly different model (manual personal development and consulting), the core idea has remained – and is being custom-fitted for the digital world.  Since 2008, we’ve been hard at work on a user-driven, portable tech platform that we’re right on the cusp of finishing.  Take a look at some of the top milestones we’ve reached since then:

Proof of concept established.  The original manual assessment we created in 1996 has been embraced and used by hundreds of small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, schools, and more.

Up and running.  Two of GoHuey’s driving elements, HueyMe.com and HueyHire.com, are live, active, and in full beta as development perfection continues.

Users are rolling in.  They’re going crazy over GoHuey.  We’ve completed over 160,000 assessments and 10,000 personal interviews since starting out, which we’ve used as validation and the basis for the instant online results users and organizations get.

Businesses are taking notice, too.  We’ve also accumulated an impressive list of potential partners and customers to add to original customers including Miller Electric, Kimberly Clark, Boeing, Dean Foods, and numerous others.

We’re primed for generating revenue.  Once funding is secured, we’ll be ready to roll.  There are already over 25  waiting resellers/consultants in six states committed to selling our package.


The main way we’ll accomplish this is through the continued development and improvement of our various web portals, which is a nonstop endeavor, and the ongoing recruiting, training and certification of resellers to support the growing demand  Aside from this crucial focus, other elements that we’ll address in the near future include:


Though we’ve gained significant momentum and support since our inception, the GoHuey revolution was spawned from one man’s idea – President and CEO Dennis Pritchard.  The trials and tribulations he’s endured throughout his life – including his parents’ divorce, betrayal, and health issues – have provided the motivation and determination to turn GoHuey into a global success.  Dennis’s past experiences include consulting for or positions in management at places like Hyatt Hotels, Chicago & Las Vegas Convention Centers, Springer-Miller/Hilton Property Management Systems, a CPA & Consulting firm Partner, other Hotel Management Companies, even founding and operating his own construction business.  He’s also a seasoned software designer – and our full-time business developer, author, and culture crafter.

Included in our future development plans is the rapid expansion of our team to over 40 plus employees, mostly to fill key development roles.  For now, Dennis is backed by these key executives:

Helen Schultz, Vice President – A healthcare veteran of over four decades, Helen’s been with us since the beginning.  Besides being a key financier, she also corporate administration and finance for us.

Anvar Babakulov, Director of Tech Development – Our development guru has been crafting web apps for over a decade with Light Tech Creative, which he operates.  He’s got full control over GoHuey tech development.

Brad Royce, Director of Fulfillment – Brad Royce has been a member of Huey since it’s inception in 1996.  Brad has an independent product and services marketing company in Appleton, Wisconsin.   In addition to being a Master Coach and Executive Reseller with Huey, Brad will provide cost effective products and delivery services to our customers nationwide.

Jet Castro, Managing Member of Solutions Resource, Bellevue Washington – Jet and his development team developed, manage and support the GoHuey.com marketing portal, to drive traffic to the commercial consumer websites that Huey provides

Angie Vuittonet, Director of PR – A project management expert, Angie’s been around since 2010 and is in charge of PR and media development.

Thomas Drysdale, Director of Corporate Relations – Thomas brings over 30 years experience in the executive level as a Financial Investment Banker and as a Business Developer over the last 10 years.  Thomas’s worldwide connections and knowledge of business will help lead and direct the development of all corporate sales and reseller efforts.

Ronald B. Chappell, Community Outreach Advocate– Ronald and his dedicated group of a dozen plus community leaders will be a primary source for outreach to register both nonprofits and individuals to Huey as well as Certified Master Coaches.

Sandra Marcum,  Director of Educational Services. – New to Huey – Sandra has spent her entire career in the Education field and is past President of a Christian School in Indiana.  She will be leading efforts in Indiana and helping with ongoing development and delivery of Educational components to be delivered nationwide.

Edward Fernandez, Caricature Artist Developer – Edward is the original creator of our caricatures used in Huey and will direct all future development of strong company training graphics, that will require a team.


We also receive support from a Board of Directors, comprised of a mixture of our current executives and proven outside business experts.  Additional seats will be given to certain investors who partner with us.


Contact Information:

President and CEO Dennis Pritchard.

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