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Sep 21, 2016 5:30 PM ET

My FoodBids: The First Online Food Auction Marketplace for Surplus Foods. Think Ebay for foods.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 21, 2016

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My FoodBids

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, US
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The First Online Food Auction Marketplace for Surplus Foods. Think Ebay for foods.

My FoodBids offers a quick and easy way for food manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers to sell their surplus food inventory anonymously, through an online auction-style marketplace. It is a safe way to purchase and is free to list and buy.

There are many problems with the current structure of selling surplus inventory. Companies that need to sell “surplus”, find it to be chaotic, difficult, frustrating and extremely time consuming. This is because there is no organization or central site to expose and sell surplus deals and because sellers sell surplus outside of their normal sales channels.

My FoodBids solves all of the industry’s problems in one easy-to-use online marketplace.  

My FoodBids’ most important advantage is that sellers can achieve higher profits for their products vs. their current marketing methods. It also provides buyers with more choices and direct access to surplus sellers which will result in greater savings and faster sales for them as well.

Presently, there are no other online auction marketplaces for the sale of surplus food inventory. Surplus inventory is currently sold directly by the merchant, through a broker or to contract buyers. This is inefficient and time consuming and does not maximize the value received by the seller because of limited exposure of their product.

Throughout the food distribution system, many things can happen which affect inventory, creating surplus inventory opportunities.

Food Manufacturers, Foodservice Distributors and Food Wholesalers end up having surplus inventory for of a variety of reasons, including:
irregular sizing 
package change 
product specification or menu changes 
discontinued items 
incorrect ingredient 
cancelled contracts
warehouse damage
distressed products 
Insurance claims 
and many other reasons.

Products / Services

Surplus Food Sales

My FoodBids is the most logical solution to sell and buy wholesale surplus and avoid the food industry’s chaos. It is a marketplace for sellers to instantly list their surplus and other inventory. There is no cost to buyers and sellers pay a standard 10% commission on a successful sale. The actual contract for sale is directly between the seller and buyer.

Now, instead of sellers receiving low-ball offers or dumping their surplus, My FoodBids marketplace is structured for sellers to get a higher sale prices and faster sales than selling it themselves. My FoodBids auction-style marketplace, is designed to encourage higher bid prices, through open bidding and without any pricing caps.  

My FoodBids auction marketplace also keeps sellers “surplus” listings anonymous, protecting their normal sales channels. And, it also offers buyers a safe way to purchase these “opportunities” with various payment options and escrow services.

Surplus Donations

One of My FoodBids missions is to be socially responsible to help food waste and food hunger. Some food surplus items have little or no monetary value, can’t be sold for a number of reasons or is donated for tax benefits. Rather than dump these food items, The marketplace will make it easy for any company to donate their surplus by listing it on My FoodBids.

My FoodBids marketplace will have a dedicated section for “Food-Waste Donations” to help food banks and organizations such as Feeding America. Companies who are looking to donate their food surplus will be able to list their food items easily. This will also encourage companies that normally dump their waste, to instead donate it. Organizations who are looking for food donations can see available inventory and with “one-click”, accept the food donation.

Some non-profit organizations who receive donated foods, sells the items, to convert it to cash. Using My FoodBids will make it easy and fast for them.



David Bawarsky

David BawarskyDavid has over 15 years in wholesale food manufacturing and food distribution. David also has over 35 years in business and technology development. He has been an entrepreneur his entire life, building and managing technology-related companies. David has extensive background in Internet development, and advertising and marketing. Many of his past companies have received numerous awards and recognitions. David has previously been CEO of a publicly-traded, technology company for over 5 years. He is also an author and current contributing blogger for Digital Signage Connection, a leading digital signage trade-publication.

Executive Vice President
Barbara Zicherman

Barbara ZichermanBarbara has extensive background in surplus foods brokering and trading. She has been the President of her own food surplus brokerage/trading company since 2009. She has extensive background working with sellers and buyers of all types of fresh, frozen and canned surplus foods. Barbara was previously a Vice President of a division of a publicly-traded company for many years with extensive background in businesses development and management.

Bret Roth

Bret RothBrett is an attorney with Fowler White Burnett in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Brett focuses his practice on insurance coverage disputes, and commercial litigation. Brett earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Florida Levin College of Law , where he graduated Cum Laude, and obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree, Cum Laude in Political Science from University of Florida, where he minored in Communication and Environmental Studies.


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