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Sep 21, 2016 10:14 AM ET

Archived: Crowdability: iHaulit Incorporated – Uber for Hauling

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 21, 2016

iHaulit Incorporated


Uber for Hauling





Transportation Services


Boston, Massachusetts

The goal of the company is to own the market on a global level. We are filling a need with a product that is timely. We are also creating jobs and employment for people with trucks, SUV’s and Trailers that could not otherwise get involved with the current rideshare programs.

Our focus is to employ veterans, I am a veteran and it matters. We also enable this to be a great way for college students to earn money while in school. These drivers purchase their vehicles to earn money. As there are countless times in a day that people need or want items that are too large for their personal vehicles, from estate sales, yard sales, thrift stores and department stores. This is also great for college students to drive for and to use the service, moving from dorm to dorm, apartment or home.

This provides a safe and viable solution as all drivers are fully background checked and are licensed and insured. We help the seller when often times the sale is lost due to the inability to transport the item from point A to point B. The company earns $15 per haul and at 100 hauls per day nationally, the company quickly sees numbers that only begin to show how staggering this is poised to become.

At 1000 hauls per day GLOBALLY, now it gets REAL! One of the key things that is of the utmost importance is BRAND recognition and speed to market. This “need it yesterday” and internet commerce world we live in is very fast moving and any hesitation could be detrimental to the goals.

Contact Information:

iHaulit Incorporated

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