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Sep 20, 2016 9:43 AM ET

Archived: Social Network Creating Entrepreneurs Connecting Mentors – Ignite the spark is a non-for-profit social network and mentorship platform to create entrepreneurs connecting mentors globally

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 20, 2016

Social Network Creating Entrepreneurs Connecting Mentors

by Farid Premani


Ignite the spark is a non-for-profit social network and mentorship platform to create entrepreneurs connecting mentors globally.

About this project

Ignite the Spark is a US registered 501c(3) not for profit organization. We are a group of professionals having more than decade of experience in the area of microfinance and capacity development working for poverty alleviation projects globally. Having seen globally ultra poverty and unemployment which is increasing in this recession economy there is tremendous need to create jobs and empower people to enter entrepreneurship increasing their chances for success. To date, there is no portal and voluntary approach conducted to reach masses creating such an innovative and institutional like body.

While conducting our market research and focus groups it came out that 87% people fear to fail to take initiatives and die frustrated of not daring to test what they dreamt of. The failure rate in the USA and Canada combined itself is 82% while in developing countries where there is no government support it’s more than 94%. Hence we have gather seed money from our savings, friends, and family and launched this transparent not for profit organization to develop a social technology platform to connect entrepreneurs and mentors from around the globe helping each other grow and reach the finishing line creating micro-entrepreneurs.

The amount we are raising is highly required at this point to expand these chapters in the US, Canada enrolling mentors and Pakistan, India, Africa, Central Asia Tajikistan and areas of turbulence to empower youth, women and men under poverty with no hopes of life and opportunity to grow their standards of living thus making them self-sustainable with financial knowledge and most important motivational pat on the back support from successful and established mentors who would be both working professionals and established businessmen.

Major cost will be spent on cloud and servers procurement

Software optimization to enhance traffic uptake

Creation of mobile app for Apple and Android phones and tablets

Fundraising and marketing initiatives, spreading literacy awareness in rural and semi-urban areas

Printed manual and training material

Opening 5 chapters in these countries with basic administrative staff to help people learn and register this platform providing facilitation and administrative access

The Internet is also a major problem in core rural areas.

A small team is in place to help verify and enhance content initiatives. 

We really look forward to Kickstarter community support in taking this initiative to masses where very few people can reach! 

Good luck and stay blessed.Any amount or blessings are welcomed regardless of your financial support we also need mentors in diverse areas.

Risks and challenges

As such we don’t foresee any risks since we have initiated many things putting our seed money and experimented pilots creating physical workshops in Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Central Asian belt conducting more than 57 training sessions and five live radio shows on air mentoring, entrepreneurs.

People are really excited and our responses are too good, We presume this organization to be next generation buzz brand in every phone serving bridge eradicating poverty



Contact Information:

Farid Premani

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