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Sep 20, 2016 5:18 PM ET

Archived: Poseidon Saltwater Systems, Inc – Increase economic value in the oil & gas industry by reducing the cost of disposing of production saltwater

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 20, 2016

Poseidon Saltwater Systems, Inc. Logo

Poseidon Saltwater Systems, Inc.

Saginaw, TX 76179, US
Oil & Gas Production & Processing

Increase economic value in the oil & gas industry by reducing the cost of disposing of production saltwater. The process utilized by Poseidon Saltwater Systems will allow oil & gas producers to dispose of production saltwater in a manner that is more economically advantageous and more environmentally and politically acceptable than the method most commonly utilized at the present.

Products / Services

Evaporative Saltwater Disposal

Poseidon provides a service that is a necessity for every oil and gas producer: production saltwater disposal. Poseidon utilizes its patented evaporative process to dispose of the saltwater that is produced in large quantities by every oil and gas well. The traditional method of saltwater disposal relies on injecting the saltwater back into the ground via a “disposal well.” Poseidon, in contrast to the traditional disposal well, will not inject the saltwater back into the ground, but instead will rapidly evaporate the saltwater through mechanical means.

Oil Recovery

Recovering residual oil from the production water


Salt recovered from evaporation of production water. Sold back to the drilling industry.



Chief Executive Officer
Dennis Hudgens

Dennis Hudgens, Poseidon’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, has approximately 25 years experience in the oil and gas industry. He invented and patented the process whereby production saltwater is disposed of through evaporation. Through his experience in the oil and gas industry, Poseidon has been able to reach key contacts and decision makers within the oil and gas industry. Poseidon has cultivated these key industry players to jump start its sales and marketing efforts.

Chief Operating Officer
Mike Marcy

Mike Marcy, Poseidon’s Chief Operating Officer, has successfully led and managed his own dirt work and development company for over a decade. Mike grew up around the dirt work and development industry, learning the family business from his youth. He is currently the principle of his own company and is also Poseidon’s COO, where he will oversee all contractors and construction activities. He will also compliment Poseidon’s CEO, Dennis Hudgens, in setting a strategic course for Poseidon’s operations and overseeing Poseidon’s daily operations.

General Counsel/Legal Officer
Pete Rowe

Pete Rowe, Poseidon’s General Counsel and Finance Consultant, holds both a Bachelors and Masters of Business Administration and Juris Doctorate. He has practiced law for two years, focusing on corporate and contract law. Prior to entering the legal field, he worked in finance for eight years at a Fortune 100 company located in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. Pete manages his own law firm and has served on the Board of Directors of a public-interest law firm devoted to Constitutional Law and matters of national security and sovereignty.


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Contact Information:

Dennis Hudgens

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