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Sep 20, 2016 10:02 AM ET

Archived: myCOI – A complete, cloud-based system to simplify vendor insurance tracking

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 20, 2016


A complete, cloud-based system to simplify vendor insurance tracking.


myCOI is the easiest way to protect your company against underinsured claims, costly litigation and failed audits. Our world-class cloud platform and dedicated team of insurance professionals simplify COI tracking so you can get on with the business of running your business.

Nobody likes insurance tracking.

Except us. We love it.

In a market in which billions of Certificates of Insurance are issued every year—and seven out of every ten of those COIs are non-compliant—myCOI is a lifesaver.


Most businesses use old organization tools to try to keep up with COIs. Excel. Some internal accounting system. 

And on and on the list goes.

But the problem isn’t organization. It’s the simple fact that tracking COIs is still a matter of manually inputting information as it comes in.

So every single time a COI is needed, someone is on the phone or writing an email to get it.

Then comes more phone calls and more emails to try to fix the fact that 70 percent of those COIs will come back to them non-compliant.

That’s headache enough. But add the fact that most of this time-consuming work is done by someone that has no insurance qualifications to begin with, and we’ve ventured into dangerous territory.


Ask your risk manager or CFO how much sleep they lose worrying about claims and lawsuits.


Risk managers spend countless hours trying to keep track of their liabilities. They oftentimes have to wrangle together all of the necessary documents (certificates of insurance and endorsements), which adds a substantial amount of hours to their already full, workload.

myCOI solves a tedious and mundane problem that contract administrators face on a daily basis- one which consumes countless hours of their schedule. myCOI is a software platform to simplify and automate the process of tracking COIs, which in effect provides 30% cost savings to these individuals.

With myCOI, contract administrator’s no longer have to spend all of their time keeping track of the liabilities and the proper documentation. They finally have a useful tool to assist in the process, and put more time in their hands, which will allow them to spend more time on compliance issues and contractual matters.

myCOI combines unique expertise as insurance professionals and sophisticated technology to deliver a powerful, meticulous cloud-based framework that helps businesses collect, review and track COIs.

We Know

We’re not just insurance specialists, and we’re not just software developers.

We’re both.

So when we set out to create the perfect COI tracking platform, we did so with the explicit intention of solving the most frustrating aspects of COI compliance.

Our industry experience is built right in.


The myCOI platform was built with three key missions in mind.

Certificate Hub. The Certificate Hub eliminates paper trails and manages everything COI-related in one central repository. Certificates. Requirements. Vendors. Documents. It’s all here.

Communications Director. The Communications Director is the most robust and knowledgeable online workflow out there. It’s a rule-based engine that uses industry logic to automate the COI communication process.

Risk Insights. Insights are crucial to maintaining your compliance. Risk Insights works in real-time to create centralized dashboards, reports and app features to give you fast, at-a-glance insights into your compliance.

Insurance Agent Portal. When time is of the essence, the Agent Portal is a revelation. Agents can receive informative, personalized emails and reports so they can take immediate action on behalf of their clients. COIs can even be uploaded directly to myCOI for review and tracking.

Compliance Manager. For our ‘Essentials’ customers, the myCOI Compliance Manager provides guided assistance and an endorsement library for faster, simpler, more accurate reviews.

Open API: Seamlessly integrate with your accounting software, to ensure compliance is checked before payments are made.

An Entire Team of Professionals at Your Side

Our team of experts is there whenever you may need them, with just the right amount of support for your organization’s needs.

And with myCOI Insurance Pro, our Certificate Management Team is your personal, extended compliance team. It doesn’t get more reassuring than that.

With three levels of protection available, myCOI has just the right amount of lockdown COI protection for any risk manager or business owner.

Essentials | Pro | Concierge

Stop worrying about compliance. myCOI is the fastest way to seamless days and restful nights.


Pepco Holdings, Inc., one of the largest energy delivery companies in the Mid-Atlantic, saw a 200 percent increase in compliance and a 66 percent reduction in cost after switching to myCOI.

“At first, we had ~30% compliance. Now we’re at about 90% and that’s a huge measure of success for us.” Joe Navarra, Financial Manager at PHI

“my COI is about a third of the price of a full time employee. But you’re not only getting a great cost savings—you get an entire team of experts.”
Joe Navarra

“We haven’t had a recent claim for legal, but we feel confident now that if a situation arises documentation can be pulled easily—and will be compliant.” JP Newell, CPCU, ARM, MLIS Risk Manager at PHI


Kristen Nunery, CEO
An entrepreneur at heart, Kristen started her first business in college. After moving back to Indianapolis, she began a career in real estate, eventually deciding to partner with a local insurance agency owner to found myCOI in 2009, at age 27.


Doug Hobson, CTO
Doug is the former Director of Software Engineering at Aprimo, where he oversaw the development and maintenance of their enterprise-level flagship product.


Kathleen Moffat, Director of Client Services
Now overseeing all of myCOI’s client services teams, Kathleen previously served as Store Team Leader at Target.

Contact Information:

Kristen Nunery, CEO

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