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Sep 20, 2016 4:46 PM ET

Archived: Multi-Function Pet Bed: A new kind of product that will help the 56 percent of dog owners that let their dogs sleep with them

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 20, 2016

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Multi-Function Pet Bed

Apple Valley, CA 92308, US
Consumer Products

Linda Bledsoe . I have designed a new kind of product that will help the 56 percent of dog owners that let their dogs sleep with them. I have a very large dog that sleep with us and he was all over the bed. So I made this design and it keeps him in a specific area of the bed and that is awesome. This can help the pet owner get a better night sleep.
Mine was just the cylinder. My co inventor suggested add flaps and it works great. Not only does this help keep the pet in a specific area it also help keep the bed clean and it can help some dog owner who have had pet fall off the bed keep them from falling off. I have researched and some dogs have fallen off the bed and caused injuries to them selves. This can also have many different fabric patterns to match their bed or bling can be added for those who like that kind of thing. In photos the one shown with the dog on it this was the first one made so it was a little small for the dog but it shows the purpose. We have had a lot of positive feedback. We have a Pat Pending . Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

We have a new website.

You can contact me at MultiFunctionPetBed@outlook.com
Yesterday I sent out some test product for reviews on our new product and the reviews are great!!!!!!!!!!!!

Products / Services

Multi-Function Pet Bed

This product is designed to help pet owners who allow their pets to sleep with them. This helps keep the pet in one area of the bed instead of all over and keeps that area clean.



Linda Bledsoe

A native Californian. A very hard worker. I love thinking of new ideas, my friends says if they could see inside my mind it would look like the energizer bunny because it never stops. I have many very good idea that I want to get market but show this one so I could share with my friend. One is a restaurant invention that will someday change the way are flatware is cleaned. I am a strong person who has overcomes many tragedies in life. One of the biggest is the death of my only child at the age of six. I am a God loving person who hopes to one day be able to start a program to help seniors have a wish fulfilled, kinda like a Make A Wish for Seniors that could not afford it.

Administrative Development
Debbie Stuart

Debbie is the co founder of this doll and a very good friend of mine. Every morning we go for a two mile walk. She too is a very hard worker and also a native Californian. A breast cancer survivor. She is also a God loving person, a mother, grandmother and a great grandmother. One of her grandchildren loves the saggy pants fashion . So this inspired her to help with the making of this doll. She also wants to help seniors make a wish before they leave this planet.



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Linda Bledsoe

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